Media Advisory on Paul Broun

Congressman Broun will be appearing live on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” at approximately 4:20 PM today.

The topic will be Congressman Broun’s efforts to enact a moratorium on earmarks and a follow-up to today’s event with Citizens Against Government Waste. This morning, Congressman Broun and Senator DeMint were speakers at the unveiling of the CAGW Pig Book.


  1. Annoyed Dawg says:

    While I applaud Broun’s efforts on earmarks, I wonder why that spending is bad, but apparently sending tons of mailers at taxpayer expense is not? Stop wasting our money! One mailer every month would be more than I needed to know. Two or more a week is overkill!

  2. rabuncountyman says:

    You two should double the layers on your tin foil hats. maybe put an airspace between the layers as well.

  3. rabuncountyman says:

    You will have to enlighten me to the Tanalach Media Conspiracy. Never heard of it and it does not google well. Double the layers on the old tin foil hat.

  4. Chris says:

    Icarus , Rugby- I just traced rabuncountyman’s IP Address

    He’s posting from inside the blog!!!!!

  5. Romegaguy says:

    and if he isnt sworn in you cant refer to him as Congressman. Just like you cant refer to Erick as Councilman

  6. bowersville says:

    I hate to GoPeach and double post but here goes.

    We that have been here a while understand the inside joke about being sworn in. That aside consider:

    The Republican party in the 10th is at a philosophical crossroads. Do we attempt to cut spending or do we continue down the same road and grow the budget.

    I watched the Cavuto interview and one thing that Cavuto asked sticks in my craw. Cavuto, “doesn’t your district want the pork?” Cavuto in my opinion was short with Broun. But the quetion remains, does the 10th want the pork in the form of earmarks?

    We all know that earmarks in of themselves aren’t the problem, but a congress that believes votes and constituants must be bought with them is a problem.

    Unfortunately, I as a voter of the 10th believe Broun will lose because of his stand aganst earmarks and that speaks volumes about the demise of the national Republican party.

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