Speaker at it again

Speaker Richardson Strips Senators of Committee Assignments; Earl Ehrhart Named New Lt. Gov.

In what is seen as the boldest move yet in the ongoing struggle between the Georgia House and Senate, Speaker Glenn Richardson (R-Hiram) has stripped several members of the Georgia Senate of their titles as Senators and appointed key House allies to their posts.

“I was quite surprised when I got back to my office after the Senate adjourned to find the door locked, the locks changed and Earl Ehrhart’s name on the door,” said former Lt. Governor Casey Cagle. “I’ve been told my new office is 321 in the Coverdell Legislative Office Building.”

A spokesman from the Speaker’s Office said the move was in response to the Senate’s slow response in taking up veto overrides the House passed early in the session.

Former Senate Rules Committee Chairman Don Balfour said as he packed up his office to make way for incoming Senate Rules Committee Chairman Rep. Ron Forrester that this new move by the Speaker will not do anything to improve the tension between the two chambers.

“This sets a very bad precedent,” commented Balfour as he prepared to move into the new office the Speaker had assigned him, a former janitorial closest under the north staircase. “I’m not sure if this is even legal!”

The only Senator who did not seem too shaken by the news was North Fulton Senator Dan Moody. According to Moody, he really didn’t have a problem with the invasion of House members, “just as long as they don’t try wearing blue jeans into the Senate Chamber.”

The Governor, currently on a trade mission to China, had no comment on the move except to say, “I better not find [Richardson] sitting at my desk when I get back.”

(Credit goes to My Gnome Under the Dome, Lt. Col. Sheppie)


  1. Icarus says:


    The tip off would have been the paragraph that was redacted:

    “Speaker Richardson stated ‘The move will enable the house to complete the mission upon which we were elected: To return the people’s money back to the people.’ Lt. Gov Ehrhart refused to answer questions at as he left his new office as to whether or not the people believed their money would be returned in the form of a gas pipeline and a home, car, and monthly payments to a divorcee in Hiram.”

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