Obama’s “Heros” Ad

Seeking to negate John McCain’s military service issue and change the subject from Reverend Wright, Obama has a new ad up that, oddly enough, is also playing in the metro Atlanta area.

[UPDATE:] I’ve been told that the metro Atlanta area airings were only cable buys, not broadcast, and that they have now been pulled. Pennsylvania and North Carolina, however, are getting slammed with this one and several others.

You can check it out here. I’ll give Obama this: his use of thin line sans-serif fonts really is setting a new standard in campaign design. It’s all very web 2.0 graphically.


  1. drjay says:

    i sensed an april fools joke–but it appears unfinished–was there suppose to be a hard break to the soulful crooning of rick astley or was that just my computer??

  2. Tea Party says:

    I think that Vern, Jill and Dick Williams should be congratulated for getting this video together.

  3. Ronin says:

    Ugh. I think that is the first time I didn’t pick up on the Rickroll before watching. Nice work.

  4. Tea Party says:

    Thanks Ms. Midtown.

    Lest we forget that when people ARE TAUGHT to hate their enemies more than they love their children, we see resultant videos.

    We will change the teaching paradigm, we will empower the women. It will take time. No war is ever popular. To appease enemies, is to abdicate freedom.

  5. boyreporter says:

    The perfect rickroll would be to have the music video appear whenever W is introduced — any time, any place. It would be mercy.

  6. PegM says:

    I ‘m nonplussed. I didn’t get it and was bored silly. I even had difficulty understanding the lyrics. the singer is no Bocelli either LOL.

    S’plain it to me folks.

  7. boyreporter says:

    Okay, I get the guys being clueless hereabouts, but what’s the female equivalent of pocket protectors, green teeth, short-sleeve white shirts and big glasses?

  8. Icarus says:

    Erick, our own Sweedish Chef, used to have a sidekick named Beeker. We had been wondering what he was up to. Now we know:

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