Gwinnett to participate in 287(g)

AJC: Gwinnett OKs money to screen inmates’ immigration status

The program could begin as early as October under terms of a resolution approved unanimously by the commission after a tense discussion.

The resolution gives Conway the 18 positions he said he needed to begin the program, but requires that he trim vacancies in the department to 12 and have deputies enrolled in the training course for the federal immigration program before the positions are authorized. The department currently has nearly 40 openings.

“We’re ready to go,” Conway said. “I just needed the commitment, and I wasn’t getting that until today.”

The program has become a political issue between Commission Chairman Charles Bannister and Commissioner Lorraine Green, who has announced plans to challenge him in the July Republican primary.

Bannister has urged a cautious approach to the immigration program, saying he supports it but that the county’s budget is in a fragile state and that he would prefer to allocate money as the need arises.

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  1. JSBarrington says:

    Just another example of politics as usual. Another example of election year positioning.

    It should be noted that Charles Bannister has been the only leader in Gwinnett even mentioning 287(g) for over a year until the last couple of months.

    Bannister pushed for the Sheriff’s Department participation in 287g over a year ago in March of 2007. He was told no.

    Lorraine Green has opposed this program for as long as Bannister has supported. In fact, at a recent Gwinnett GOP meeting (February) she spoke on how she absolutely opposed the program because “Gwinnett didn’t qualify.” Which this statement of course was faulty.

    Just remember who the true leader on this issue has been (Bannister) and remember who the opponents have been (Lorraine Green).

    Lorraine Green just cost taxpayers a TON of money when the program didn’t require any to be initiated.

    Once again, political posturing has cost us big.

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