Will Sonny Veto This?

I doubt it.

Georgians would be able to order up to 12 cases of wine directly from wineries each year over the Internet or phone under legislation that won final approval Monday.

The measure now heads to Gov. Sonny Perdue, a Christian conservative who doesn’t drink, for his signature. Perdue has all but promised to veto other legislation allowing Sunday alcohol sales at package stores. But he has not stated an opinion on the Internet wine bill.


  1. Andre Walker says:

    So let me get this straight…

    If you order wine over the internet on a Sunday, that’s legal.


    …You can’t run down to Kroger and pick up a bottle of wine on a Sunday.

  2. ProfG says:

    No, you’re reading it wrong, Andre.

    You can’t run down to the Post Office on Sunday and pick up the bottle of wine that you ordered online last Sunday. Because, of course, the Post Office is closed on Sunday.

  3. Rogue109 says:

    One more question: does this legislation prohibit purchasing from online vendors which are distinct from wineries?

  4. JBC says:

    Actually ProfG, both FedEx and now our own United States Postal Service offer Sunday delivery.

    So actually yes, you can buy wine on a Sunday from your computer and then get it delivered on Sunday.

    Shocking the Guv’s being a hypocrite on this one

  5. bowersville says:

    It’s important to the small Georgia wineries that are basically cut out of the distribution market and limited to direct on-sight sales with a few limited exceptions.

  6. Demonbeck says:

    Does this mean we can buy wine from wineries outside of Georgia online now? Or is this only for those wineries located in Georgia?

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