Sailor fired.

And the Church wants the money back.

Lawyers for the Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church said Monday night the church has fired former state Rep. Ron Sailor Jr. as pastor. Lawyers also said they are hopeful they will be able to recover the $250,000 Sailor obtained after secretly mortgaging the church early last month.

“There is a good chance they are going to get their money back,” said Brian Lee, one of two lawyers on the case. Lee would not elaborate.


  1. juliobarrios says:

    Good luck to the church in getting their money back. But I have a feeling that if Sailor was so desperate for $250,000 that he was willing to steal from his church, it might be a little like trying to squeeze blood from a stone.

  2. gatormathis says:

    The “church’s” money???????

    They need to disavow “their” money, as it was Sailor who got the money.

    This would be an entirely “the bank” versus Sailor problem in my eyes. I surely wouldn’t want to be trying to claim the money(debt) as mine, I’d let them smart ass bankers and that legislator worry about it.

  3. Max LeHighlands says:

    Tip of the iceberg. There is more coming on this one. Too much of a coincidence using Vernon’s house for collateral on the original 80K loan.

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