I think we can say

If the county or MWA kill annexation it will by and large be because they think it will actually be successful.

Jones County officials are not the only ones allowed to carve the residents they serve out of Macon Mayor Robert Reichert’s annexation plan.

Bibb County commissioners and Macon Water Authority board members also have that option, and if they choose to exercise it, they likely would fire the fatal bullet into Reichert’s effort to expand Macon’s borders.

For annexation to move on to a referendum, Macon must secure the agreement of those government entities already serving the targeted areas.

So far, none of the commissioners or authority members have called for their respective boards to try to block the annexation proposal. Even those who have expressed reservations about the idea say they won’t necessarily stand in the way of letting residents vote on the matter. But they at least want to see more detailed financial plans.

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    I think we can say
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