A vote to lose credibility

Given the indictment, the loan, etc., if the church does not fire Rep. Sailor it will have really lost some major credibility.

The 200-member Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church worshipped with a spirit of resolve and unity Sunday as it prepared to decide today whether to fire its pastor and former state lawmaker, Ron Sailor Jr.

A special meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the southwest Atlanta church, where congregants are still reeling from their recent discovery that Sailor secretly took out a $250,00 mortgage on the 2540 Campbellton Road property just days before pleading guilty in federal court to money laundering.

Prayers and remarks from the pulpit hinted at concern that members remain united despite the revelations. The Rev. Roger Boyd told attendees that “one person don’t stop no show.”

I’m all for forgiveness and rehabilitation, but they also need to send a strong signal that this abuse of the public and congregation’s trust is unacceptable.