Give peace a chance.

There may be a way to avoid war with Tennessee, and since I was once named a honorary Lt. Colonel in the Georgia National Guard, I’m all for avoiding war:

Georgia, though, could launch another legal attack. Federal land —- not controlled by Tennessee —- lies between Georgia and the river. The Tennessee Valley Authority, a federal agency that manages the river, owns the half-mile slice of largely untrammeled property separating Dade County, Ga., from the river.

TVA policy allows adjacent landowners to cross its property to reach the Tennessee River. Georgia, conceivably, could bypass a spat with the state by dealing directly with the federal government.

“We have a strong argument to the entire disputed area, but we have a stronger argument —- the strongest —- for the areas that are federal land,” said Atlanta attorney Brad Carver, who has been advising Georgia legislators on possible legal tactics. “The state is going to have a lot of different strategies to look at.”


  1. Rogue109 says:

    If all this talk of war keeps up, Sonny may get the idea to invoke O.C.G.A. § 38-2-71! Then Buzz’s honorary title may be made official and a valiant charge up Lookout Mountain will be organized.

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