Broun kicks off campaign

Congressman Paul Broun is kicking off his re-election campaign with a town-to-town tour around his district. You can find the itinerary here. He also has a revamped website.

Here is the accompanying press release:

U.S. Congressman Paul Broun officially begins his re-election campaign tomorrow, Wednesday, March 26th. Over a four day period the Congressman will visit all twenty-one counties of the 10th congressional district. The district tour by motor home, along with other vehicles, is called Town to Town with Congressman Paul Broun.

“Since my election last July, I have repeatedly visited every county, keeping my word to serve every citizen and community, work with local officials, and listen to the people. Now I will be highlighting my record of promises kept, fighting for positive change in Washington, and my solid conservative voting record. Americans for Better Immigration rates me as the best member of Congress in fighting illegal immigration. Family Research Council, an organization started in part by Dr. James Dobson, rates my voting record at 100% and they recently presented me their True Blue Award. The National Right to Life scores me at 100%. I am a co-sponsor of the Fair Tax. The NRA scores me at 100%. And I have a 100% pro-economic growth, pro-business voting record according to the NFIB and the Chamber of Commerce. If the voters want a conservative Republican Congressman, they already have a good one,” Broun declared.

Broun begins the tour by visiting local businesses in Watkinsville on Wednesday at noon. There will be a 1:45 p.m. rally at the Varsity in Athens. Congressman and Mrs. Broun, along with staff members and guests, will then leave for Augusta. En route to Augusta the Congressman will stop in Crawford and Elberton for a handshaking tour of local businesses.

Congressman Broun will address the media about his campaign at an 8 a.m. event at Augusta’s Riverwalk on Thursday morning early.

Broun will spend the rest of Thursday visiting Harlem, Thomson, Washington and Lincolnton before attending a 5 p.m. campaign rally at the Justice Center in Evans.

Friday’s schedule includes business to business visits in Greensboro, Eatonton, Madison, Jefferson, Commerce, and Banks Crossing.

Congressman Broun wraps up his Kickoff Tour on Saturday. The day begins in Young Harris with an 8 a.m. awards presentation at Mary Anne’s Kitchen. The next stop will be the Clayton Café in Clayton, followed by a tour of the downtown business district. At 11 a.m. there will be a campaign rally at the First Georgia Bank in Cornelia.

Congressman Broun then campaigns in Toccoa and will view the Traveling Vietnam Wall Memorial at Toccoa Elementary School. Then it is on to the Hart County Courthouse for an awards presentation and business to business visits. The Congressman will proceed from there to Royston and Danielsville.


  1. Ms_midtown says:

    Looks like the man has been raising decent money. Hopefully his competition can still score a win.
    Not many congressmen open their website with a movie trailer.

  2. rabuncountyman says:

    Are you implying that Dr. Broun hasn’t been sworn in. I suspect Nancy will not enter the race. Broun will win again against the state establishment candidate. We need more men and women like congressman Broun in D.C.

  3. rugby fan says:

    “Are you implying that Dr. Broun hasn’t been sworn in”

    This is a well documented and established fact that the Tanalach Media Conspiracy don’t want you to know about.

    But we do.

  4. In the loop says:

    “Since my election last July, I have repeatedly visited every county, keeping my word to serve every citizen and community, work with local officials, and listen to the people. ”

    Note that he did not say “Since I was sworn in …”

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