Atlanta BBQ and Tommy Irvin

Rick Day informs me that the Atlanta BBQ Club held a lunch for Tommy Irvin today. He says agricultural hemp production was not discussed. You can check out pictures here. Sorry I didn’t get this up before the event. I was flying to Chicago, where I now sit with beer, pizza, and snow.


  1. juliobarrios says:

    The man is a relic.

    I see Coleman in the background. I wonder if the former Speaker thinks he can eventually takeover the Agriculture Department without anyone noticing.

    Can you imagine a Tip O’neil, Tom Foley, or Denny Hastert becoming Deputy Secretary of anything – after being one of the most powerful figures in Washington?

  2. Romegaguy says:

    Victor you cant call him councilman until he gets sworn in…. Same reason as to why you cant call Paul Broun congressman

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