1. ksuowls81 says:

    This is why our children are wimps. I understand trying to legislate scuffles between middle schoolers and high schoolers, but to legislate punishment when a 7 year old calls another 7 year old a “doodie head” is ridiculous

    Sometimes with all the crazy legislation that we have coming out today I wonder how we all made it out alive. Parents, I got an idea tell your kids to grow a pair and stop being so sensitive. Bullying is a part of life, and while it is never pleasent it will happen to you your whole life. Not just in the pimary school level.

  2. Chris says:

    My prediction is that this will make zero-tolerance policies that much worse. You’ll have kids suspended from school for accidently bumping into other kids in the hall.

    Zero-Tolerance has demonstrated that school administrators are lazy, and dumb. They won’t care about finding the culprit or even determining if the bump was accidental or bullying. They’ll just suspend everyone involved.

  3. bowersville says:

    MDJ quote: “this bill would outlaw ‘person to person’ bullying…bullying could happen between students, between a teacher and student, or between administration and teachers.”

    Watch the accusations of bullying begin to fly against teachers from parents of unruly children and against administrators from under performing teachers.

  4. eburke says:

    Will this bill apply to the Speaker or will the General Assembly exempt themselves from anti-bullying legislation?

  5. ksuowls81 says:

    Just to let Jace know. This is a pretty bi-partisan bill. People are supporting it across the board.

  6. Jace Walden says:

    Just to let KSUOwls81 know. I don’t give a f*ck.

    The GOP runs this show in Georgia. As much as most of you would like to blame crap on the dems still…

  7. ksuowls81 says:

    I understand. I agree with what you say, but I was just saying that I was at these hearings and both Republican and Democrats were for this bill. Didn’t mean just to let Jace know, meant “Just to let you know Jace”. I think that this bill is a joke too.

  8. the simpsons says:

    I would like to clarify several things about the bill, because the news story really doesn’t give the whole picture. This bill is more about the child abuse reporting mechanisms for when children are sexually harassed or assaulted by persons (janitor, lunch lady, busdriver) …you know to crack down the gaps of this nonsense. We just had 2 educators charged with criminal conduct toward special ed kids in Newton this week. We have no law mandating georgia public schools to report child abuse or child endangerment to authorities. And many of these schools are not reporting abuse to authorities at all. And then when an educator reports something they witness, they get fired. Sooooo, with that said, this is not just about ‘doodie head’. That is NOT bullying.

    There should be heavy sanctions placed on schools for failure to report child abuse to the investigators, to notify the parent and the GA doe. Many of the states have laws that stop under reporting. Georgia doesn’t have such a law….yet

  9. bowersville says:

    SB 461, the anti-bullying bill has nothing to do with “child abuse reporting mechanisms.”

    The bill defines bullying and directs the Ga. Dept. of Education to develop a model policy regarding bullying. Nothing is stated in the bill about “child abuse reporting mechanisms.”

    Unless of course you are defining one child hurting another childs’ feelings as abuse. Or maybe you are defining a teacher reccomending alternative school , based on a child’s behavior as child abuse. But I get it, you are talking about the adminstration bullying a poor performing teacher.

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