1. bluemcduff says:

    I can’t see why this would be useful to his constituents–are they really that starved for information?

    Then again, I can’t see him causing too much mischief if he’s constantly telling people what he’s going to do without actually getting around to doing it.

  2. kevpriest says:

    I disagree bluemcduff. I’ve met with Councilman Hall on many occasions with issues related to my old neighborhood, and I’ve always found him extremely responsive and dedicated to following through. He’s usually blunt about the prospects of how long and how difficult some things will be, but he doesn’t let that stop him from trying.

    I’ll further note that his Chief of Staff is extraordinarily helpful in working the Atlanta beauracracy.

    I didn’t support Councilman Hall during his first election, thinking that Al Caproni would be a better fit. It turns out I was wrong, and Kwanza has been very active for the areas he represents.

    His use of technology to communicate with his constituents is actually of a piece with his background as an IT consultant and executive.

  3. bluemcduff says:

    Thanks for the local information, keypriest–you make excellent points.

    I’m glad that you mentioned that he follows up and through because there are many politicians who lack that essential skill.

    Since I hold a Bachelor’s in IT, I appreciate the fact that he’s embracing the use of technology instead of just using for the sake of using it.

    Once again, thanks for clarifying the situation for me and I’m sorry if that came off somewhat flippant.

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