Fox News Too Offensive For Even Fox News

Fox News Jr. Anchor Boys’ and Jr. Anchorette’s idiotic babbling went on so long and so loud that it woke-up even Fox News senior staff. Their Obama-badmouthing was so off any sensible, factual mark, they got sent to Principal Chris Wallace’s office… for a typically ineffectual talking-to. 

Just be glad Chris Wallace chose to be a news personality when he grew-up, and not a person with any actual authority.

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  1. Derrick says:

    HUSSEIN Obama will get worse treatment. He wanted Imus fired for a joke, but keeps his racist pastor for wanting to kill white people.

    HUSSEIN Obama should cease his campaign and seek out tolerance courses.

  2. Tea Party says:

    Ouch, Derrick!

    I think the technical term for Mr. Obama’s current dilemma is:

    “Screwing the pooch”

  3. TPSoCal says:

    Argh! I am so tired of all the Fox is biased crap. I worked for Fox for many years. They are anything but conservative. There may be more conservatives there than at other networks, but it is still about 90% liberal. Just because they don’t tow the liberal line and actually at least allow the conservative point of view to see the light of day, does not make them biased. Get over it, move on.

    They should expose Senator O’Bama’s negatives, because boy, you won’t hear anything except “head up the behind” praise from any other news organization. The MSM is too afraid to criticize him for fear of being labeled racist. The Clintons are finding that out.

  4. BubbaRich says:


    Did you work at FoxNews or Fox Entertainment? They are quite different cultures, although FE owns FNC, and most of the stuff the FNC talking heads whine about in the degradation of TV is worst on Fox Entertainment.

    If you really worked for FoxNews, then you are either in a great daze or some kind of idiot.

    The phrase is “toe the line,” BTW, and Senator Obama isn’t Irish as far as I’ve discovered.

    Chris Wallace’s main problem with the Obama bashing at FNC was that it was taking time and attention away from FNC’s founding principle of ALL CLINTON BASHING.

    So, to make this clear,

    1) Did you work for FoxNews?
    2) Are you really saying that FoxNews is not conservative?

  5. TPSoCal says:


    First, yes I did actually worked for Fox, both Entertainment and more of a corp group. I know what both cultures are like.

    Second, yes, I am saying Fox News is not conservative. It is, however, more conservative than any of the others.

    Third, yes, I make typo’s, so sorry.

    Fourth, maybe you should drop the snotty attitude.

    Have a nice day.

  6. joe says:

    Calling FNC conservative is like calling the GOP conservative. Both want us to think that they are, but neither is.

  7. BubbaRich says:

    “Fox” is either FoxNews or Fox Entertainment, as far as I can discover. They’re owned by NewsCorp, if you worked up there.

    What does FoxNews do that’s “liberal”? (I’m not asking you, Bill Simon)

  8. TPSoCal says:

    Actually, FNC also falls under Fox Entertainment. Both are then under News Corp. This is the group that used to be traded seperately. NewsCorp used to own 80% of “Fox”, which included FNC. Then News bought out the remaining 20% and now owns a full 100% of Fox Entertainment. Hope that explains. If you want more info that I am not comfortable posting on a public site. Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. I will be happy to answer any question.

  9. TPSoCal says:

    Sorry, to answer your other question. I guess I don’t look at it as doing lib or con things. Most of the writers and reporters are fairly liberal. Also, I think Shep, Greta & Allen are fairly liberal. Also, I think the present both sides by having people represent both sides of each story. Ferraro, Estrich, etc. are contributors and present the left leaning side. That is my point.

  10. rugby fan says:

    CNN also has commentators who represent both sides, would you say that makes them balanced?

    While FNC may have more liberal journalists than ones who are conservative, I think it is fairly easy to see conservative editorial stances.

  11. TPSoCal says:

    My opinion is that CNN is not as liberal as conservatives think and FNC is not as conservative as liberals think. Both are in the business of money. They go where the audience is. Now MSNBC is a whole different story in my book.

  12. jamiro says:

    Conservative or not: Fox cable news has forced a focus on the national media’s news programming.
    That is good for the country.

    It hurts to think that the source of our news over the last half century has been gradually tainted by a media agenda. The agenda might not have been political in nature, but it certainly appears so.

    Cesar’s wife.

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