Who knew that Jill Chambers was having an affair with Vernon Jones…

…And that’s why she’s against the city of Dunwoody.

Yesterday, I was listening to the debate on S.B.82 and I almost died laughing when state Rep. Chambers took the House floor and said, “Jill Chambers, you’ve slept with Vernon Jones; that’s why you don’t support the City of Dunwoody.”

Now I know it isn’t funny to make light of a situation where someone’s reputation and character is being sullied, but sometimes you do have to laugh at some of the stuff that people come up with over the internet. Apparently some bloggers (not me or any of the esteemed folks here at Peach Pundit) have savaged Chambers over her opposition to what would become Georgia’s newest city by spreading slanderous filth like that.

There’s a way to disagree without being disagreeable and the fact that Jill Chambers had to speak publicly about internet fairy tales shows that some of the proponents of the city of Dunwoody are both disagreeing and being disagreeable. I think that both sides of the Dunwoody cityhood issue should do as Joe Friday said and stick to “Just the facts, ma’am.” No personal attacks; no salacious rumors about who’s sleeping with who; just the facts.

Now, on a slightly related note, who wants to bet that the Georgia Gang’s Dick Williams will have something to say about this on his show Sunday?


  1. AubieTurtle says:

    There is nothing new under the sun. Using the internet to spread such rumors is somewhat new but using such rumors to attack someone who had a different view point probably goes back to Tog and Tor fighting over who should be elected cave opening monitor.

    I’m more interested in the real reason why Rep. Chambers is against cityhood for Dunwoody. I can certainly see many reasons for and against it, but it does seem a bit out of the usual that she would come down on the against side. Anything has to be better than the troubling township proposals that have been floating around.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Tog & Tor? I’m detecting a racist tinge to your analogy, Aubie. Are you a closet racist? Perhaps you need some sensitivity training offered by our resident Judge of Comments, Rugby_Fan!

  3. John Konop says:


    Rugby fan is at a beer tasting contest as Supreme judge. For a fee I could get him to judge your comments if needed. We do require at least 50% up front.

  4. AubieTurtle says:

    The show with the cavemen from the Geico commercials isn’t being set in Atlanta, so I’m not worried about anyone from the CFA (Caveman Fairness Alliance) making a complaint. Then again, this could be a chance for some smart cross marketing for Peach Pundit.

  5. Icarus says:

    Speaking of marketing Peach Pundit, what happened to those Macon spa ads that were on here once upon a time?

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Well, I guess this means we should NEVER send Rugby to a negotiating table.

    He’s like Kramer on Seinfeld when Kramer (and his lawyer) were suing the coffee company for serving too hot a coffee…and Kramer jumped up and accepted the first thing out of their mouths.

  7. Bill Simon says:


    Which comments? You mean the ones from weeks ago with you whining to me about how “racist” my comments were on joking about Andi’s camel-sleeping habits?

  8. Tea Party says:


    Joke as you will folks, but this costly bit of legislation will go to the people for a vote, perhaps as soon as this July.

    And since Dick Williams is no Dick Pettys, his local paper will provide subjective information supporting cityhood as it has in the past. Mr. Williams will not pay cent one in city taxes as he does not reside in Dunwoody!

    The real story is nobody is getting good information, bits and drabs from a few blogs, and an occasional Pendered piece from the AJC. Oh yeah, pro-city channel 46, but who listens to them anyway?

    The legislature is allowing people to vote on a tax increase and more government, because as I understand it, it is not their job to prevent bad bills from going before the public.

    So in the absence of any real data, people will vote with their heart, and in their heart, they don’t like the CEO.

    Wake up, people, the government is printing money faster than the ink can dry on it. I remember 22% inflation.


  9. Rick Day says:

    I do believe Ms. Chambers should take that offender, (another Chambers?), whether it is true or not, and give him a right good asswhupping. And not the fun kind, either.

    The Center keeps a St Andrews Cross around for (cough) just such events.

    I respect Ms. Chambers, and as a Texan, take great offense to allegations of ‘snuggleness’ while debating bills on the floor.


    I am beginning to believe that most white men folk on PP are plain jealous of Mr Snuggle’s political power, prestige, and ability to plow and seed the boudoirs of our fair skinned wimmen.


  10. Tea Party says:

    Try threats as a reason for Rep. Chambers viewpoints.

    Joke as you may, there are serious threats being made to those who oppose OR EVEN QUESTION incorporation.

    I know, I have been threatened.

    Big joke, until you KNOW what’s up. And you won’t read it in The Crier. Or hear it on GA Gang.

    Who knows, maybe you will see me on GA Gang this Sunday.

    Ugly and wrong, power is as power does.

  11. AubieTurtle says:

    Tea Party, do you live in Dunwoody? The reason I ask is that if you believe that this will not be a good thing for Dunwoody and you live there, you certainly have every right to be upset and oppose cityhood. And you are right, there is very little good information going around. People are voting on emotion rather then logic but then again, isn’t that usually the case with the vast majority of voters?

    Sometimes people have to learn the hard way. The people of unincorporated areas will continue to whine and moan until they get a chance to run things themselves. If it fails or turns out things are worse, then they have only themselves to blame. I won’t feel sorry for them one bit but I will feel bad for those who have studied the issues, looked at the numbers, and are opposed but end up being out numbered.

    Cityhood is the trendy thing now. The last thing metro Atlanta needs is yet another government at the table making sorely needed metro wide cooperation even more difficult. But as long as people feel like they’re being held back, that cooperation isn’t going to be forthcoming anyway.

    The real problem is that county governments are structured to service rural populations. In my opinion, the state made a huge mistake when it allowed county governments to get into the business of offering city services. So what we have are unincorporated areas that by almost any measure are cities, even if they don’t have their own city government. Long term I hope that there will be consolidation among some of the cities while the counties are left to managing those small portions of the metro that are still rural enough to fit that governing model.

  12. Tea Party says:

    Aubie, yeah, guilty as charged I do live in Dunwoody.

    Your points regarding Balkanization make sense. As well, your last paragraph resonates, and I appreciate the points. DeKalb provides better services than Fulton, but we all recognize its’ unique governance issues.

    Beyond my comprehension is how the proponents of incorporation will rely on DeKalb County as a vendor for basic services such as, trash, water and sewer. That DeKalb County will sue the new city over HOST funds matters not. And the level of service will improve in this scenario?

    I am for local control, and even ‘done-right’ incorporation, but this bill is not the right way to go.

    You heard it here first, we’ll see in five to ten years. I honestly hope that Jan Jones DOES get Milton County done and that we are all swept up into a new County which takes into consideration your astute points.

    All in all, being able to argue upon one’s form of government, even more government, is a blessing.

  13. Ms_midtown says:

    Aubie, I like your post.
    “last thing metro Atlanta needs is yet another government at the table making sorely needed metro wide cooperation even more difficult”

    Very true especially on infrastructure.

    “county governments are structured to service rural populations”.
    Hence we have traffic planning in the middle of a metro area that functions like a rural town.
    Especially in a area like north Dekalb or a county like Gwinett, which could really benefit from a larger centralized municipal government .
    Dunwoody should join up with Doraville, but once you make a city no one wants to give up that power.

  14. Tea Party says:

    Ms. Midtown, Doraville is NOT a paradigm of what I would call a ‘forward thinking’ city and not even Dick Williams could sell that annexation.

    Currently, as in TODAY, Doraville may get Statehouse approval to annex a mosque, some very rough apartments, an adult-entertainment (full frontal nudity) establishment to assist in the Dunwoody incorporation.

    That said, your overall point is correct. Really Atlanta needed an Atlanta Regional Commission wtih teeth, about twenty years ago. We are essentially so far behind the 8-Ball at this point, keeping traffic at its’ current level, would be an accomplishment twenty years out. (That’s from an ARC exec…)

  15. Old Vet says:

    Jill also said a bloger threatened to post the details of her pending divorce, too. So goes the political discourse.

  16. chrisagain says:

    I heartily agree – JUST the facts please. Unfortunately the real facts would result in a defeat for the City of Dunwoody because it will cost A LOT more than the PowerPoints are indicating and the revenues are not going to be as high as they appear. Also some funds that are listed as General Revenues MUST be used for limited purposes (example: Hotel and Motel tax, forfeiture money). I can’t help but wonder why Dick Williams, who won’t live in the city, is such a strong proponent. What is his motivation?
    Rep. Chambers has never said she is against a city or against people’s right to vote. What she has insisted on is that the Proponents actually tell the truth. She has also asked that true impact on the rest of DeKalb County be revealed and somehow dealt with. She has been threatened, attacked, and backstabbed for this. In addition, her position has been deliberately mischaracterized in the press – and I am not talking AJC. It is worthwhile to look at the proposed city charter before and then after her changes were made. EVERYONE interested in this issue should watch the video of the Government Affairs Committee where the Committee votes NO – her questions – ALWAYS POLITE – were not answered satisfactorily and the Committee said No to the Bill. Then watch the Wednesday debate on the House Floor – if it is not on the archive it will be there soon. THEN decide which way you think this should go.
    Does anyone know whether there is a Group that is working to get the truth to the voters on this issue? If so please post contact information.
    P.S. to Spacey G – Vernon Jones is unmarried if you are interested.

  17. Tea Party says:

    Thank you chrisagain.

    What other ‘gentlemen’s agreements’ like the one between PCID and the proposed city are out there? The hastily done Vinson study is missing $500K in expenses that are not going to be paid by the County, that’s 50% of the contingency.

    Stay tuned to godekalb.com, spacey’s new blog, and even The Crier for news about opposition.

    This problem with opposing this effort is that this is a small community. Everyone knows eveyone else, and longstanding residents really do not want to ‘goto war’ with their friends and neighbors over this.

    Goto Jill’s own neighborhood blog:
    dunwoodynorth.com to see how they are treating her. Not very Christian-like, that’s a fact.

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