Rumor from Tondee’s Tavern.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Another elected official has an infidelity problem. I’ve been told a certain elected official was being “serviced” by a staffer, and was interrutpted in his office by another staffer. WTF is wrong with these people?

Add this (if true) to the Ron Sailor scandal and the ongoing corruption investigation and this may turnout to be an embarrassing legislative session.


  1. Icarus says:

    “this may turnout to be an embarrassing legislative session.”

    As opposed to last year’s?

  2. Donkey Kong says:

    Was interrupted by another staffer? Ouch…

    For you older folks: was this just as common years ago, and did officials just not get caught? Or is this a relatively new epidemic?

    (JFK – Marilyn Monroe comes to mind…)

  3. bowersville says:

    No it was not as common that staffers would walk in, they kept it behind closed doors at the old Grady hotel.

  4. CobbGOPer says:

    Seriously, why pay for a high priced hooker when you can just go find a cute, wide-eyed intern to take advantage of, at no charge? At least, that’s what Mr. Clinton was telling Governor Spitzer…

  5. rugby fan says:

    Speaking of a pipeline…

    Three Italian nuns die and go to heaven.

    At the Pearly Gates, they are met by St. Peter. He says, “Sisters, you all led such exemplary lives that the Lord is granting you six months to go back to earth and be anyone you wish to be.

    The first nun says, “I want to be Sophia Loren.”

    And *poof* she’s gone.

    The second says, “I want to be Madonna and *poof* she’s gone.

    The third says, “I want to be Sara Pipalini.”

    St. Peter looks perplexed. “Who?” he asks.

    “Sara Pipalini”, replies the nun.

    St. Peter shakes his head and says, “I’m sorry, but that name just doesn’t ring a bell.”

    The nun then takes a newspaper out of her habit and hands it to St. Peter. St. Peter reads the paper and starts laughing. He hands it back to her and says.

    “No sister, the paper says it was the ‘Sahara Pipeline’ that was laid by 1,400 men in 6 months.”

  6. bowersville says:


    It was the Henry Grady hotel. I was in a conversation with an 80+ y/o political type when the intern issue broke nationally. He wasn’t upset other than where the incident was alledged to have occurred. He talked about the old Henry Grady suites, the white liquor, the poker games, etc. & that at least “they” had enough sense to take it behind closed doors. Due to his age, he was probably talking about the 50-60s.

  7. NonPartisanGA says:

    A close friend and ex-Georgia State Legislator (now deceased) once shared with me that all sorts of sex orgies and illegal activities take place on a regular basis in offices under the State Capital’s Gold Dome – with legislator’s privacy protected by the Georgia State Patrol.

    There are likely quite a few legislators telling their wives they are “in session” when they’re actually in someone else….

  8. fishtail says:

    Shades of Daufuskie Island and strippers from the Cheetah Lounge about 11 years ago. That trip ended the political career of State Senator Skin Edge, who was on track to be the next Lt. Governor. Another participant was State Rep. Alan Powell, a Democrat who is still in office….Powell’s story was that he watched but did not participate….worked for him, but I hear he got separated for a while.

  9. juliobarrios says:

    Come on now. If you walk into a room and a bunch of strippers ambush you, like a surprise birthday party, can you be held responsible.

  10. bowersville says:

    Can you be held responsible? No, you just stand back, watch and not participate. If it works for one it should work for all, right?

  11. liberator says:

    The Cheetah Rocks! Power and Sex go together like cold beer and hot wings at Hooters! Just ask Gene Simmons of Kiss fame!

  12. fishtail says:

    Buzz…tell me it ain’t so…shades of Pierre Howard…at least this time it’s a female staffer…

  13. fishtail says:

    or is it? stay tuned for a major scandal that will rock the Gold Dome for a long time. The Dems will love it, and I can’t blame them.

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