NCAA Tournament Open Thread

It’s not Georgia politics (and I know Bill Simon will be doubly displeased, since it’s that school up in Athens that’s in the tourney this year), but it’s current — and, doggone it, I picked my alma mater (who is leading 35-26 at the half) to ride that SEC championship momentum to the Sweet 16 in every one of my brackets.



  1. Icarus says:

    Every one of yur brackets Jeff?

    How many OTHER tourneys did you have time to enter, other than the one here?

    I’m hurt.

    Deeply, deeply hurt.

    Good thing that the dogs are up 9 at the half, or I might be mad, as well.

  2. ksuowls81 says:

    How much did you put down on your brackets cause your team may have just cost you some money.

  3. StevePerkins says:

    It’s not Georgia politics…

    For some reason, college FOOTBALL threads on a political blog get on my nerves… but March Madness BASKETBALL threads feel perfectly okay. This is despite the fact that I’m a bigger football fan.

    Actually, maybe it’s *because* I’m a bigger football fan! College basketball involves a high level of play, whereas college football is barely even football.

  4. Donkey Kong says:

    Oh shoot!!! I forgot to join the PP bracket!! I joined others and have my bracket made…is it too late to join???

  5. Donkey Kong says:

    You could say the same about NCAA basketball, yet you don’t. Plus, in college, its for the love of the game. I am an NFL fan, don’t get me wrong, but the pure passion in NCAA football cannot be matched by the NFL (or any sport, IMHO).

  6. StevePerkins says:

    Oh poo. I don’t care which college sport you’re talking about… that whole “love of the game” myth is just that. How many guys aren’t there with hopes of making the NFL/NBA/whatever? How many athletes would be playing without a full-ride scholarship? For that matter, in the SEC particularly, how many “student”-athletes would even qualify academically to ATTEND their school if they hadn’t been recruited for sports?

    Even on the pro side, the mercenary aspect is overblown. Bret Favre could have left Green Bay for more money at any time. Randy Moss just re-signed with the Pats for far less money than he could have demanded in free agency, because winning a ring next year is worth more than the additional cash. Players short-change themselves all the time to create salary cap room for their teams in hopes of winning a championship. That sounds like “love of the game” to me…

  7. Donkey Kong says:

    UGA’s basketball team, Steve — none will make it to the NBA, and they all know it. UGA’s basketball team also is seen as one of the strongest academic squads in the NCAA.

    I’m not calling the NFL players mercenary by any respect, just that most NCAA players will not make it to the NFL/NBA and yet play their hearts out on the field/court.

  8. StevePerkins says:

    Yeah, but I said that I LIKE college basketball. I’m just offering a response regarding college football. Most of the better teams (with the most rabid fans) ARE heavy favorites in the NFL draft, and they’re the least likely to have academic standards.

    The nature of UGA’s basketball team kinda makes my point. They aren’t NBA-bound, and few fans watch them. Almost ZERO college baseball players are MLB-bound (because baseball has its own farm system), and I don’t know anyone who really follows college baseball. College football fans talk about the “love of the game” factor, but tend to be the most rapid for teams where that applies the least. That just strikes me as lame, is all I’m saying.

  9. ksuowls81 says:

    I would have to go out on a limb and say that college baseball players probably have a better chance of going pro then any other athlete. They are the only athletes that can sign a contract and still go to college.

  10. TPSoCal says:

    As a Gator, let me be the first to say how truly sorry I am the puppies were bounced in the first round.


    Darn, I almost made it through the post without……. hee hee………laughing.



  11. TPSoCal says:

    Hmmmmmm. I am sorry, but you do realize we WON the last two NCAA Championships, don’t you? Well, since pretty much the entire team was able to enter the NBA, we need a little time to rebuild.

    So, you REALLY think you can make fun of the team that WON the last TWO, count ’em, TWO NCAA Championships. Call me when UGA matches that feat, then we’ll talk.


  12. Icarus says:


    Yes, Yes I can make fun of you today. We were there, you were not.

    Last year, next year, whatever.

    Today, for one entire half, we were there.

    Had there been a tornado in D.C., I’m sure we would have fared better….

  13. Icarus says:


    Please feel free to update the group in my absence. I’m way late for my customary Friday copious amounts of alcohol, which I’m having today because of that whole “showing up at good Friday services drunk embarasses Mom” thing.

  14. TPSoCal says:

    That is true. And congrats on winning the SEC. Y’all came out of nowhere.

    I did my undergrad at Baylor, no University has had more….ummmm…….issues, with the basketball program. I was THRILLED they made it into the NCAA big dance. They lost to Purdue, but for 40 minutes, they were in the Big Dance. I have never been prouder.

  15. Icarus says:

    Results after day 1 of the Peach Pundit tourney:

    Three way tie for first:

    Rugby Fan
    Driving Buddah
    Buzz Brockway

    (is it O.K. to have discussion of a 3 way on Peach Pundit and leave Snuggles out?)

    There are 5 folks with one less correct pick in 2nd place:

    John Konop
    And GSUWarriors2008, who aptly named his team the “Frigtard Richardsons”, then forgot to pick a winner for the Championship game.

    Demonbeck’s “General Knowledge and His Privates” is alone in 9th place.

    JeffW124, Headin South, and Icarus are tied for 10th.

    BlueMcDuff, Doug Deal, and ykymfer are hoping for a better day today.

  16. Donkey Kong says:

    “If you lose, sure, you can enter, but if you win, you are disqualified.”


    Chances are, I’d lose anyway. Didn’t have a great day yesterday…

  17. Holly says:

    Oops, I forgot to fill out a PP bracket. But my work one already doesn’t look so good, so that’s probably best. πŸ™‚

  18. bluemcduff says:

    I hate being dead last–losing Winthrop hurt a little and losing Drake hurt a lot.

    I did try to take some risks as I know the chalk doesn’t always win–and it didn’t work for most of them.

    However, since I only have one second round game where I’ve incorrectly picked both teams I feel I’ve got some chance at getting back to respectability.

  19. Icarus says:

    Standings in the Peach Pundit Tourney after round one (Name/Points/total possible points):

    1. Driving Buddah/27/183
    2. Cefstration/25/179
    2. Buzz Brockway/25/179
    4. CarpeForem/24/180
    4. Rugby Fan/24/180
    4. John Konop/24/178
    4. Icarus/24/174
    4. Demonbeck/24/174
    9. South/23/177
    9. Doug Deal/23/177
    9. Ed Hula/23/175
    12. GSUWarriors2008/21/143
    13. JeffW124/20/174
    13. Ykymfer/20/166
    15. BlueMcDuff/19/171

  20. The Driving Buddha says:

    Notice that The Driving Buddha picked three of the four Turmoil in Tampa upsets….

    May the second round go as good!

    Did that just jinx it?

  21. Icarus says:

    Well, you didn’t pick Duke past the first round either, unlike some people I know.

    (And when I say some people I know, I mean me. πŸ™ )

    For a brief moment in time, I’m in Third. This will probably be the last time I can claim I’m in contention. Best of luck to the rest of you, my fate appears sealed.

  22. Icarus says:

    Standings of the Peach Pundit Tourney going into the Sweet Sixteen Round:

    1. The Driving Buddah, 49/169
    2. Ed Hula, 45/153
    3. CarpeForem, 44/164
    3. Rugby Fan, 44/164
    5. GSUWarriors2008, 43/131
    6. JeffW124, 42/158
    6. Demonbeck, 42/134
    6. Icarus, 42/102
    9. South, 41/169
    9. Doug Deal, 41/133
    11. John Konop, 40/164
    12. Cefstration, 39/147
    12. Buzz Brockway, 39, 143
    12. Blue McDuff, 39/127
    15. Ykymfer, 32/148

    Icarus has lost his entire West Region bracket, and had Duke winning it all. We’ll see how long it take me to drop all the way to 15th place. That’s about the total entertainment value I have left in his.

    Best of luck to the rest of you.

  23. The Driving Buddha says:

    Does this lead mean that the mainstream media will start to refer to me as the “presumptive nominee”?

  24. Doug Deal says:


    Since you chose a scoring scheme that doubles each round, each round is equal to the same number of points. So, the only thing that really matters is if you picked the winner correctly, unless no one picks the winner.

    So I think this thing is going to the convention without a winner.

  25. Icarus says:

    I chose the default scoring system.

    However, Rugby and I will apply all points previously accrued or deducted based on prior comments from the final scores to determine the actual winner.

  26. The Driving Buddha says:

    If this is going to the convention, then I will insist that the points from the Florida – Creighton game be counted.

  27. Icarus says:


    I’m going to use the Clinton model. Only after I can see how I will most benefit will I determine what is the fair way to count that game.

  28. The Driving Buddha says:

    Is it now to the point I need to line up endorsements from coaches who lost in the first or second rounds?

  29. Doug Deal says:

    Since Icarus was punished for Duke losing (a North Carolina team), the real results are reflected in North Carolina’s performance.

    Besides, losing small states like Connecticut also shouldn’t count.

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