Barr for President? The rumor is out there again…

The rumor has been out there for a while. He has denied it in the past. However, there is a story out that Bob Barr has publicly expressed interest in running for President:

Bob Barr for president?

According to the Washington Times, the former Republican congressman from Cherokee County confirms he is considering a run for president as a Libertarian.

“There is great deal [of] dissatisfaction with the candidates for the two major parties, particularly among conservatives, but also a great deal of Internet and other support for a candidate like Ron Paul who advocates libertarian and true conservative principles,” Barr, who is now a Libertarian, told the newspaper.

Paul, a Republican candidate this year, was the Libertarian presidential candidate in 1988. The Times said Barr declined to say whether he had been approached by Paul about a presidential bid.

You can read the Washington Times article here.


  1. Jane says:

    This is part of the Barr versus Bortz fight for the soul of the Libertarian Party. Bortz is supportive of the War on Terrorism, Barr is not as much. Bortz supported Linder against Barr. Personally, I do not think Barr will make much of a splash. He might even take some anti-war pro-privacy rights ALCU types away from Obama. While taking relatively few GOP votes, the Social conservatives never trusted him and the other GOP factions will support the nominee. I would be interested in hearing what the Liberty Caucus thinks.

  2. Chris says:

    Barr did impeach Clinton – which is why I’m suprised to see him running. You’d think he’d do everything in his power to make sure Hillary never had access to his FBI files again.

    These rumors indicate that Barr either thinks Obama has the nomination, or he’d going to make a valuable point about why we need the right to privacy, and why expanding executive privledge is such a bad idea.

  3. Jace Walden says:


    If the Holy GOP wasn’t such an intellectually and morally bankrupt entity, you guys wouldn’t have to worry about a libertarian candidate “stealing” votes or “swinging” the election.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    Maybe Barr can resurrect his “gooder” commercials and test them on a national basis.

    Hell, with 8 years of dumber-than-dirt Bush (whose Daddy paid for the Harvard MBA with cold, hard cash) running the country, Gooder Barr might just FLY!

  5. jsm says:

    “whose Daddy paid for the Harvard MBA with cold, hard cash”

    Typical conjecture with no basis in fact. You ought to know better than that, Bill.

  6. jsm says:

    “Going to a nice school doesn’t make you smart.”

    Graduating from one usually does. Although I don’t agree with much of what Bush has done, I’m honest enough to acknowledge that he’s much smarter than you, me, Bill, John Kerry, etc.

    Calling Bush “dumb” or “an idiot” is dishonest, irresponsible, childish, and futile.

  7. Jace Walden says:


    I’m not convinced that he is smarter than most of the people who post on here, including you, me, Bill Simon, GodHatesTrash, Bull Moose, and LINDA.

    If you can prove to me that he is, then I would love to hear it.

    Assuming that someone is “smart” because they were lucky enough to graduate college with a “D” average after getting to go in the first place as a legacy and was lucky enough to have a dad who had already been president is dishonest, naive, and a little starry-eyed.

  8. Icarus says:

    “I’m not convinced that he is smarter than most of the people who post on here, including you, me, Bill Simon, GodHatesTrash, Bull Moose, and LINDA.”

    Hey Rugby, should we be honored or insulted that we were left off this list?

  9. Jace Walden says:


    The people I listed are people who JSM may have been able to point out as “not smarter than Bush”. We are the ones on the border.

    The fact that you are not listed means your intelligence has never been questioned.

  10. Jace Walden says:

    A vote for Bob Barr is a vote for Bob Barr’s ‘stache. We haven’t had a full-fledged moustache in the White House since William Howard Taft. It’s high time we brought it back!

    Bobb Barr ’08!

  11. jsm says:


    I can’t “prove” to you that Bush is smart just like you can’t “prove” that he’s an idiot. I linked an article above that was written by his contemporary and states that he had to work for his MBA. Until you have some personal insight into Bush’s degrees that overshadows the information offered in the article, you have no argument. Are you getting your info from Jon Stewart?

  12. Jace Walden says:


    You’re the one who actually thinks Bush is smart. Until we had this discussion, I didn’t know that people like you even existed. I bet you actually “like” him too, don’t you? I’ll bet you’re in the 20% who think he’s doing a “good job” aren’t you?

    And you say I don’t have an argument. LOL. ROFLMAO.

  13. drjay says:

    iirc, w’s iq has been est. to be probably 125 or so–not to shabby–i admit to not know the criteria the est. is based on, but if you google prez iq’s there are several websites that contemplate it…

  14. jsm says:

    “I bet you actually “like” him too, don’t you? I’ll bet you’re in the 20% who think he’s doing a “good job” aren’t you?”

    Dude, you should learn to read. I’m not gonna repeat myself.

    And you have the nerve to call the President a “first class idiot.” Spare us…

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