Fleming camp goes after Broun, says he mixes up numbers.

From a press release:

“It is unfortunate that Congressman Broun must use his own polling to legitimize his campaign,” said Fleming Campaign Manager Cam Kirbo. “With the nature of political polling, unless the complete poll is released it is impossible to know how accurate the results truly are.” Kirbo added.

It is interesting that in the release of this recent “poll” Broun finds ways to mention how the results should encourage people to contribute to his campaign. With a history of financial problems, a campaign that is more than a quarter million dollars in debt, and a growing gap in campaign fundraising, this recent “poll” begs the question how desperate is Paul Broun, and how far will he go to raise money?

And this:

Every time Paul Broun makes factually absurd statements about our country’s problems he will rightfully be attacked, especially by liberals determined to undermine conservative principles. In order to effectively initiate conservative changes, the 10th District needs a Congressman who knows the facts and does not set back our cause with statements that become the subject of ridicule. The people of north-east Georgia deserve true, effective, conservative leadership. Barry Fleming has shown that he can provide just that. In the General Assembly Fleming has proven to be a leader who can successfully pass legislation that calls for fiscal responsibility, tough penalties for those who break the law, and strong family values. This is the type of effective leadership that needs to represent Georgia’s 10th District in Washington.


  1. bowersville says:

    What is this? The umpteenth time in two weeks the Pundit has had Broun on the front page. Plus twice on the front page at Redstate? And all in the last two weeks.

    Talk about media coverage, Broun’s getting it. What’s this crap about Broun speaking about water issues at the Eggs&Issues breakfast sponsored by the Hart Chamber of Commerce in the Hartwell sun.

    Can you believe Broun was in Habersham a week or so ago speaking at the Newcomers’ Academy and speaking to the ESOL students?
    I wonder if the parents of the English to Speakers of Other Language Students heard about Broun being in Habersham and praising the progress of the students? And in case they didn’t, there was Broun’s picture plastered on the front page speaking to the students and accompanied by a R BOE chairman.

    It’s got to be a media conspiracy with Broun getting all this free coverage. BTW, where’s Fleming’s polling data to counter Broun’s? Fleming is beginning to protest too much without establishing his own credibility outside of Columbia/Richmond.

  2. Jason Pye says:

    Every time Paul Broun makes factually absurd statements about our country’s problems he will rightfully be attacked, especially by liberals determined to undermine conservative principles.

    I have to wonder…is Fleming talking about himself here?

  3. Donkey Kong says:

    His own poll? I thought it was conducted by Tarrance…perhaps Monsieur Fleming should check his own facts.

  4. rabuncountyman says:

    Paul Broun will whitewash both Barry Flemming (Glenn Richardsons right hand man) and Nancy Schaefer in the race. He is a true conservative. Nancy doesn’t have a webpage up yet for her congressional race.

  5. rabuncountyman says:

    Broun’s Four-Way Test

    I am committed to protecting the constitutional rights and pocketbooks of every American. I will apply the following four-way test to every piece of legislation that comes before the House for a vote:

    1) Is it Moral / Right? 3) Is it Necessary?
    2) Is it Constitutional? 4) Is it Affordable?

    Sounds pretty conservative to me.

  6. Holly says:

    Ah, DK, Tarrance did an internal poll for Broun, and I know you’ve been around politics long enough to know all about how those work. This wasn’t an independent poll.

  7. rabuncountyman says:

    Considering Barry has raised $500K I would guess he has run some type of poll. Why doesn’t he release the results. We have all been in politics long enough to know if you have good internal poll numbers you release them. I look forward to seeing Barry’s (and Nancy Schaefer’s) poll numbers. I do have a guess why we haven’t seen any numbers from either. I was told by someone who was polled Nancy has run some type of poll.

  8. IndyInjun says:

    Fleming is a lot weaker in Columbia/Richmond than is being indicated. People are not in lock step behind him.

    He is hardly without his negatives, some of which have been pointed out here.

    Broun and he are for the lamentable Fair???tax.

    Narrow, personal interests say I should support Fleming.

  9. Donkey Kong says:


    Narrow, personal interests say I should support Fleming.

    Narrow, principles say otherwise.


  10. IndyInjun says:


    I am wincing…….not one, but TWO Fair????taxers!

    Maybe the one who drops it – as both of them should – will be the choice.

    Wincing and flinching…….I must be getting too old. It is not my ‘style.’

  11. bowersville says:

    “Fleming is a lot weaker in Columbia/Richmond than is being indicated.”

    I suspect Fleming knows that and that is why he spent this past week end addressing the Columbia and Richmond GOP.

  12. Donkey Kong says:

    What’s your beef with the Fairtax? Sure, I think the flat tax is a more realistic and feasible idea, but the complexity of our IRS code (surely as an accountant, even though not a tax accountant, you see the massive volumes of code we’ve written) has created way way too large of a burden.

  13. IndyInjun says:

    Fair???tax is promoting generational warfare. Understandibly the younger folks are all for it, for they see SS as a dead-loss, which it is. Older folks have paid SS on their savings and don’t have enough retirement money to pay SS again at high rates on purchases. This proposal sets the young against the old.

    Me, I understand and would like to see SS phased out, gutting the primary attraction for younger citizens.

    My biggest objection to FT is that I found 15 public companies with $200 billion in deferred income taxes on the balance sheets as reported within SEC Form 10-K. These ‘back’ taxes on yesterday’s income would be forgiven upon FT passage, while feeble old folks get a new 30% tax on their nursing home care. I do not call this “FAIR” in any sense of the word.

    The FT hits rapidly inflating costs of energy and food severely relative to the income tax on more slowly growing wage income.

    I don’t like the exploding costs of my private health insurance and could not pay another 30% on top of 20 to 30% annual increases. One thing rarely explained, too, is that this tax applies to employer paid health insurance. Who pays that tax?

    Any public official at the state and local level supporting the FT should be asked about the awful effects of state and local government having to pay the 30% Federal tax, losing the lower financing rate from muni bonds afforded by the current system, and losing sales tax revenues from competition with the Federal sales tax. Another question is how the states can afford a 30% tax on Medicaid, which cost them $825 billion last year.

    Any state official who says he is for the FAIR tax has not read HR 25 or cannot understand tax legislation.

    It “sounds” real good – it did even to me – but taking the time to read the bill and analyze it in light of existing state sales taxes paints a very harsh picture indeed.

    Forget tax reform, the liabilities of the US government were $600,000 for a family of four, before the currently unfolding $3 to $10 trillion nationalization of the financial system. There ain’t a tax system known to God or man that can collect that kind of revenue from an average family making $50 to $60 grand a year.

  14. Donkey Kong says:

    “before the currently unfolding $3 to $10 trillion nationalization of the financial system”

    *Cough*. Mr. Injun, not sure where you are getting this. The government has certainly taken *risk* onto their balance sheet of late, but for the moment they have not simply given cash. They loan it at cheap rates with bad collateral, yes, but its still a loan and they expect to be paid. Until they outright purchase MBS, I don’t see how this could be considered an explicit nationalization, only an implicit guarantee against failure (by providing funding as they did for JPM purchase of BSC).

    Your other points on FT are valid criticisms. At some point, though, we need to bite the bullet and some people will lose money. I’m fine with that being me, as long as I know my kids won’t be sucked into this maelstrom of colossal loss. Life isn’t fair, and for the sake of our government’s solvency and our own economic vitality, somebody will get screwed at some point. Let it be my generation if necessary. Fine. But if its not your generation, and its not mine, eventually the government will be unable to persist with such a heavy burden, and our economy will be stifled because one generation was too selfish to take the hit that was necessary for the long term economic vitality of our great nation. What a shame.

  15. abi04 says:

    Yeah, FLemming really showed leadership in defending decent guys being thrown under MARTA by the schoolyard bully speaker. He makes a very good Glenn lapdog. Richardson’s fund.raiser for Flemming should have said PS Or Else!!

  16. IndyInjun says:


    By what fiction are the IB’s, the CB’s, and PB’s going to rectify the situation in 28 days? The ‘loans’ will be rolled over in perpetuity and everyone knows it. This = BAIL-OUT.

    The ECB has doled out $500 million worth of euros to similarly prop up its banks and has been rolling the loans over. This = BAIL-OUT.

    This mess is so huge the US Government will in effect have to nationalize the entire financial sector.

    The cost will certainly be in the $trillions. The debacle is still in its early stages and the total sums already exceed a $trillion.

    Forget the FT. What are the masses going to do when they realize that a substantial portion of their futures have been looted?

    Like the Washington’s Post’s E.J. Dionne, I want to hear no more about ‘free markets’ from CNBC or any Republican. After Isakson’s loony $15,000 gambit, I don’t want to hear that the GOP is conservative either.

    I say let the free market sort out the mess it has made and I say let’s go for a flat tax, a proven and workable system.

    Broun has a clue that the FT won’t work, for he campaigned for a NRST at a 12% rate. We should pine for the days when 12% would fund government spending.

    Perhaps Fleming has seen the light, but I doubt it.

  17. Donkey Kong says:


    That point hasn’t come yet where the Fed forgives the debt, or rolls it over in perpetuity. Until that happens, the Fed still has a receivable on their balance sheets, and the banks a payable. It’s a loan. The only way I can consider this a bail-out is that the rate at which the Fed is loaning is below the market rate (think of it in terms of accounting for troubled-debt restructuring — the test is based on a lowering of the effective r ate). Even then, the Fed hasn’t given dollars to the banks except as a loan. Thus, I don’t consider it “nationalization” and hardly even a bailout. In particular, when the credit crisis is over and the Fed aggressively raises rates as they say they will (and will be forced to do via currency markets), they will be pulling this money back out of the banks and retiring the debt. It’s standard Fed policy: when you cut the rates, you inject $$ into the financial system. When you hike the rates, you pull $$ out of the financial system. As long as there are still those payables on the banks balance sheets, I don’t consider it a nationalization or a gift. Preference via unnaturally low interest rates? Perhaps. But not nationalization or a gift.

  18. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Is there any question that Broun fudges numbers?

    He was labeled “Worst person in the world” last week for that very reason.

  19. bowersville says:

    Being labeled “Worst person in the world” by Kieth Olbermann at MSNBC is probably closer to a red badge of courage than it is to a scarlet letter.

  20. Donkey Kong says:


    It’s like being called the Scallywag of the Week by Creative Loafing. If the dirty communists hate you, you must doing something right (no offense, Andish).

  21. IndyInjun says:


    The banks receiving the funds have no forseable means to pay the loans back in anything like 28 days. 28 months of near zero rates on deposits might recapitalize the banks, but a lot of folks will transfer their money out of the USA. I see the intent is clearly to bail-out the banks through extended loans matched extended theft from savers.

    If you are a saver in the USA, you are now officially a fool.

    The community banks are raising hell over this. Good for them.

    Then there are the capital-deficient, $trillions in losses GSE’s, whose own receiver said they were already maxed out, yet today they are now authorized for another $200 billion in credit.

    These are not only mad excesses, they are destroying the last filaments holding our society together. The crooks and irresponsible folks are rewarded while the frugal, honest and responsible are punished. The latter group are not fools and will alter their (our) behavior accordingly.

  22. IndyInjun says:

    Broun or Fleming have their work cut out…..according to Barron’s you now need $10 million to safely retire.

    How did we get to this point? Which 10th District candidate has the best grasp on the reason and how to best return hope of the 20 to 45 age group that they can ever retire?

  23. Donkey Kong says:

    $10mil to safely retire?? Do you have a link to the article? I’d be interested to read.

    Broun does. You may disagree with him on the FT, but he has the spending side of the equation down better than Fleming does.

  24. Goldwater Conservative says:


    No he doesn’t. There is a difference between intelligent spending and no spending.

  25. Donkey Kong says:

    I assume you’re referring to earmarks.

    Well, agree to disagree. It’s a start in the right direction.

  26. IndyInjun says:



    The old Soviet Union fell due to corruption, excessive debt, cronyism, and managed economy.

    Somehow the USA and USSR exchanged positions and the folks who are now managing the economy are by no means any more competent.

    They madly steered us into a debacle and now have floored the accelerator…no worries, we have AMBAC insurance….its mascot is a DEAD duck.

  27. Donkey Kong says:


    You are too young to be this cynical!!!

    Honestly, things are terrible here. I wake up each morning with the realization that things could not possibly be worse…

    …except for everywhere else in the world.

    Oh, and AFLAC has the duck. AMBAC has…”Financial Peace of Mind” Ohhh the irony…

  28. bowersville says:

    We know Broun’s position, “no earmarks.”

    Would someone that has heard Fleming care to elaborate on his earmark position?

  29. Holly says:

    Bowersville, I’d email or call the campaign if you haven’t seen anything come out on the issue.

  30. bowersville says:

    I haven’t seen or heard anything as it directly relates to “earmarks.”

    Both have been here in Hartwell. What I did hear is money for veterans concerns by Fleming. I didn’t understand whether that meant an earmark or not.

    I should have spoke up with a question.

  31. bowersville says:

    Holly, I just went to the Fleming website. Somebody has put some trash in the comment area in the blog area under Haberham County GOP.

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