Sunday Sales

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Rocky Patel said business at the Rossville Thriftway convenience store slows down on Sunday.

That’s when he sticks a cardboard sign to the beer cooler reminding customers they can’t buy alcohol.

“On Sunday, things die around here,” Mr. Patel said Thursday as a customer purchased two six packs of Budweiser Select beer.

Georgia lawmakers last week took back up debate a move that could change that.

Rep. Roger Williams, R-Dalton, added his old bill to a new one that already passed the House. If the bill passes, his amendment would give local voters the decision on whether to allow Sunday beer and wine sales in convenience stores and grocery stores.

Georgia is one of three states now with a prohibition on all Sunday alcohol sales. The others are Connecticut and Indiana.

The measure faces an uphill climb, though, with church groups rallying against it and Gov. Sonny Perdue hinting at a veto.

I love the name “Rocky Patel.” That is a great American.

By the way, any truth that Sonny, while in the legislature, voted in favor of a local option on Sunday sales? Also, I remain convinced that the arguments against are without merit.


  1. Chris says:

    Erick – 1996, SB585 – I can’t find a recorded vote online, and haven’t had time to call the Secretary of the Senate’s office.

  2. Bill Simon says:


    Here’s the difference that YOU should really consider:

    1) If a guy goes to the ballpark on Sunday, drinks beer and then DRIVES HOME, he is driving under the influence of alcohol and putting other people’s lives greatly at risk.

    2) If the same guy was allowed to go to the package store to buy his beer, take it home, watch the game (or, a NASCAR race), drink, and NOT have to “go home” afterwards (because he was already there), WHICH method of a person consuming alcohol on Sunday would produce a safer outcome for the public?

    See, this is where Jim Beck of the Christian Coalition has it so grossly incorrect. DUI accidents won’t increase as a result of allowing package sales on Sunday, they will decrease.

    Why? Because people will be allowed to go out and buy their alcohol to bring back home to consume in the privacy of their own home as opposed to going to a bar and then having to drive home after consuming alcohol.

    Get the difference, Harry?

  3. Icarus says:


    I’m sure with Bill’s combination of charm, grace, tact, and unfailing sense of humor that he could get elected to the State Sen….oh, wait. Nevermind.

    Ever thought about running for Tax Commissioner, Bill?

  4. Bill Simon says:


    Me? As a candidate for “anything?” Oh, puh-leeze. That would be granting all of my enemies their greatest WISH!. I cannot have them getting happy over that prospective race. 😀

  5. Donkey Kong says:


    “I’m sure with Bill’s combination of charm, grace, tact, and unfailing sense of humor that he could get elected to the State Sen….oh, wait. Nevermind.”

    He could run for Congress in Dekalb. Cynthia was soooooo tactful and charmful. And she kept getting re-elected.

  6. Icarus says:



    Bill is still missing a certain…….


    give me a minute.

    No, I got nothing.

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