Can We Talk About Traffic Gridlock?

Six Georgia legislators representing northwest Atlanta have agreed to attend the next meeting of the Northwest Community Alliance (NCA).

When: Wed, March 19, 7PM

Where:  Senior Center, 1705 Commerce Drive, Atlanta Ga.30318.


Senator Vincent Fort

Senator Horacena Tate

Representative Kathy Ashe

Representative Ed Lindsey

Representative LaNette Stanley-Turner

Representative “Able” Mable Thomas


They will make up a panel discussing smart growth, development and the role of neighborhood involvement, with Q&A afterwards. Alert the media.

Why should we be citizens of Atlanta be there to press these folk on traffic issues? CBS46’s Adam Murphy shows us the ugliness in this report from the NW corridor of Atlanta here.


  1. jttraino says:

    Dude! 7pm on a week night! Do you know how hard it is to get down to Atlanta from Roswell at that time of day?


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