Attention County Republican Parties

As you all know, tomorrow the local Ron Paul Brigades are going to attempt to take over your local conventions.

Just remember this little bit of advice: your rules for the convention are not yet cast in stone. You can stop a lot of what they want to do just by tightening up your convention rules, e.g. restrict floor nominations, stack your nominating convention with party regulars, force challenges to be person and precinct specific, etc.

I’ve always heard a quote attributed to Alexander Hamilton, “If I write the rules, I will win by the rules each time.”

Hell, let me throw Joe Stalin in for good measure and to inflame the sensibilities of the already paranoid. “The vote does not matter as much as who counts the vote.”

We need not let this band of pseudo-constitutional purists, hard core libertarians without a party, neo-nazis, anti-semites, Christian fringe true believers, and nutters wreck havoc at party conventions trying to undo a legitimate vote of the people.

And yes, for you Ron Paul people, these conventions really are for show. Gone are the days where you can swing conventions. State laws now require you to vote for the vote getter in your district. You are just for show. We all are. Get used to it.


  1. ikester8 says:

    If it was the case that the convention is just for show, why bother with the expense of traveling to St. Paul? Why not just phone it in, or use a Diebold machine in your own state? I’m guessing the rules are there for a reason.

    Yes, delegates in Georgia are bound for up to two rounds…mostly for nominees who have already dropped out.

    “this band of pseudo-constitutional purists, hard core libertarians without a party, neo-nazis, anti-semites, Christian fringe true believers, and nutters”

    Got libel?

  2. IndyInjun says:

    “You are just for show. We all are. Get used to it.”

    I could not have summed up the total corruption that is the GOP any better than this, nor could I have made a better case than for all Independents to vote Democratic Party than the words which preceeded it.

  3. Erick says:

    It so totally is for show. The outcome is foreordained for John McCain.

    Georgians are bound for up to two rounds and when do you think it will get past the first round? The only reason that language is there is in case someone does not have the total number of delegates needed by the time the convention shows up.

    John McCain has total pledged delegates sufficient, so you’ll never see beyond the first round.

    The only time it is not for show is when no one has enough votes going to the convention. That hasn’t happened since the public primary system became the required way to pick the candidate without back room deals.

  4. Erick says:

    Jason, it’s not libel. People who know no better, though, like to throw around words like that to silence those with whom they disagree.

    Mention Asian spas being havens for prostitution and human slave trafficking and the same thing happens.

  5. Burdell says:

    IndyInjun beat me to it. Erick, saying we should just “get used to it” is what’s wrong with not just the Republican party, but politics in general.

    The fact that people have “gotten used to it” is why all that crap has been going on in the General Assembly, why guys like McCain, Huckabee, and Romney were the “front runners,” and why voter turnout is usually so low.

    The fact that you had to quote Hamilton and Stalin to make your point shows just how despotic the whole thing is.

    I for one, will not get used to it. Get used to that.

  6. Chris says:

    I see the Ron Paul supporters have found this thread. The big question is will they act in a respectful manner proving proving my point or act like jerks proving Erick’s…….

  7. AllForChange says:

    “And yes, for you Ron Paul people, these conventions really are for show. Gone are the days where you can swing conventions. State laws now require you to vote for the vote getter in your district. You are just for show. We all are. Get used to it.”
    So this party has been highjacked and is being controlled by other than the people? We can’t get it back? Why don’t you just call it the communist party and get it over with.

  8. ikester8 says:

    Libel is a written defamation. Defamation or “defamation of character,” is spoken or written words that falsely and negatively reflect on a living person’s reputation.

    Or pretty much everything you said above. And yes, we believe in free speech, unlike you RedStatists.

  9. Donkey Kong says:


    The Dems are as bad or worse in this particular regard, and are many times worse on policy (except balancing the budget, but really that’s a republican issue that our party decided to abandon). So, yeah, that makes sense — let’s leave a party with some problems for one with worse problems.

    It’s like a woman leaving her husband because he yells at her to marry a man who beats her.

    Just doesn’t make sense.

  10. Doug Deal says:

    I think Erick’s tongue in cheek paranoia could be much more damaging than Ron Paul supporters trying to crash a party.

    Being a Gwinnett transplant, I would be an unknown face in Bibb County, does this mean if I haul myself out of my infants house early Saturday morning that I would be viewed with the suspicion of being a Ronulan?

    Shutting people out with fear mongering sounds like a great idea on the surface, but you risk alienating people who just want to be part of the party. It is a recipe for permanent minority status.

  11. Jason Pye says:

    So you are denying that Ron Paul took money from and had support from neo-Nazis and racists like David Duke?

    Everything else he wrote was his opinion and is not libel.


    I don’t blog at Red State and I am not a Republican.

  12. IndyInjun says:


    The Dems are not the worst party, not by a long shot.

    That distinction is now clearly the GOP’s from this vantage point.

    I direct your attention to the 4 or 5 fold increase in contributions for Bush in ’00 and ’04 over those for Clinton in ’96 and then to the Wall Street fraudsters at the epicenter of the world financial crash we are in.

    The GOP is utterly corrupt and has done unspeakable damage to the USA under false conservatism.

    It gives me supreme pleasure to see that fellow citizens are in concurrence with my position in both Hastert’s and DeLay’s formerly “safe” GOP districts, that the Dems have 5 times the funds for Congressional races, and that those identifying now with the Dem party is now up to 43%, with the GOP soon to be sub-30%.

    BTW, there should be some front page blogger here willing to put up a topic on Isakson’s proposed $15,000 rebate for home buyers, which totally exposes him as a moron.

  13. ProfG says:

    Maybe some folks need to read these GOP principles again, outlined on the Georgia GOP website:

    Why I am a Republican

    I am a Republican Because…

    I BELIEVE the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored.

    I BELIEVE in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability.

    I BELIEVE free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought this nation opportunity, economic growth and prosperity.

    I BELIEVE government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn.

    I BELIEVE the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations and that the best government is that which governs least.

    I BELIEVE the most effective, responsible and responsive government is government closest to the people.

    I BELIEVE Americans must retain the principles that have made us strong while developing new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of changing times.

    I BELIEVE Americans value and should preserve our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.

    FINALLY, I believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.

    I’m down with that. And anyone else who is — regardless of who he or she supports for president — should be welcomed into the GOP with open arms, not by trying to rebuff them with Stalin quotes and name-calling threats.

    And those who stand in opposition to those principles… should be anathema. “Party for Party’s sake” is bull, and party hacks are what has made the base of the GOP sick to our stomachs. And it’s what is going to hand this country over to the Democrats if it keeps going on. Blech.

  14. Doug Deal says:


    The tin foil hat on your head is what tips us off to you being a Ronulan.

    Aluminum actually STRENGTHENS mind rays. Thats why the government ILLEGALLY created the rumor that it BLOCKS them to make more people use the wrong defence. The TRILATERAL COMMISSION created the rumor with the help of the BURGER BUILDERS to bring about the NEWER WORLD Order, which now includes THE MOON!

    Besides, THE REAL TRUE mind control ray BLOCKER is tinsel, but you have to swallow it. Thats why CATS are IMMUNE!

  15. Doug Deal says:

    An added note for the humorless *cough*Bill*cough, that was posted as a joke response to DK.

    But, it is surprisingly more fun to spew nonsense and use capitalization without any regard to life or limb than I thought.

  16. Doug Deal says:


    Hahaha, I didn’t realize that you posted in the short interval between my two posts, so it looks like I responsed to you in my second post. Actually I just anticipated 😉

    Anyway, dull razorblades are best sharpened with magnets. Pyramids are a hoax!

  17. liberator says: there will be a Libertarian alternative to McCain and Obama in November. We nominate our guy in May. Could it be Bob Barr who saw the light and jumped ship to the LP?

  18. Red Phillips says:

    “this band of pseudo-constitutional purists, hard core libertarians without a party, neo-nazis, anti-semites, Christian fringe true believers, and nutters”

    Erick do you really think that stringing a bunch of slurs together constitutes some sort of intelligent debate? Good grief, you are an elected official and are supposed to be some sort of respected voice of “conservatism.” Perhaps you should try and keep it a little more high brow than that. Name calling is childish and should be beneath you.

    Why do you pseudocons get so prickly when confronted by authentic conservatism? Tell me again just what it is you have against actually following the Constitution? When did following the Constitution become optional?

    Have fun supporting John “100 Years War” McAmnesty, and when you go to sleep at night just keep telling yourself he is a conservative and that conservatives ought to support him. It won’t make it true, but it might make you feel a little better as you sell your country down the river.

  19. liberator says:

    Don’t forget that Anti-Free-Speech bill McCain sponsored called McCain-Feinghold. But then the Constitution is nothing more than toilet paper to Neo-Cons like McCain and Bush.

  20. OldGOPConservative says:


    I can’t be certain if you’ve been exposed to what each individual state election laws require delegates to do at a National Convention.
    Generally speaking, they are similar in some ways, and very different in others, so you saying “State laws now require you to vote for the vote getter in your district.” is only part correct in the state of GA.

    True, national convention delegates are pledged by state law, but you have to look at more than one of the GA codes numbered in chapters 21-2 to get a sense of the “State laws..” that you’re talking about.

    Now I’m with you about wanting to send a message to a small minority. No problem there. But that message needs to go to the Huckabee camp and the Romney camp!!!

    Because what I’m commenting about is pretty strange since Huckabee was the majority in GA (getting district and bonus delegates) – not McCain. And not Ron Paul- who didn’t make a dent.

    Here’s the code I think you overlooked in your article: 21-2-197

    “Any delegate to a national convention whose presidential candidate withdraws after being entitled to delegate votes pursuant to this article shall be an unpledged delegate to the national convention.”

    Get our your calculator and do the math on how many unpledged national convention delegates per GA congressional districts there are right now? For Huckabee districts? For Romney districts?

    For that reason, I’d like your message also go out to all the hardcore Romnyer’s and Huckabee’ers who can vote anyway they want at the national convention if they come from an unpledged GA congressional district.

    To be fair, I’d say your article’s is right about districts if you meant.. pledged districts… since GA law in 21-2-196 tells them that if they’re in a pledged district they need to vote the way the law tells them too at the national convention.

    But there’s only a handful of pledged districts!

    For your readers who are up on the results…the primary results in GA showed McCain ain’t the boy the GA voters liked – now called “the presumptive nominee”. He’s got 4 pledged districts out of 13. Huckabee got 7 out of 13. Romney’s got 2 out of 13.

    So, it looks like its the die hard unpledged for Huckabbee and Romney camp you need to worry about.

    Am I reading 21-2-197 wrong?

    And my read of 21-2-196 says a pledged delegate can become unpledged if certain (unusual) things happen at the National Convention.

    (Just between you and me we know why the hardcore Huckabee and Romney camp might be problem right? McCain acts like a liberal democrat more than he does a Republican and the GA primary proved the voters know it too. Voters who are showing up at the conventions around the state.)

    Good article, but it needed to be aimed at a bigger target.

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