Snuggles wants to raise taxes.

He’s reversed course and supports a tax increase proposal:

Ellis introduced his proposal in response to another by commissioner Larry Johnson, who wanted to raise property taxes to give the same 4 percent raises to just police officers and firefighters.

Commissioners Connie Stokes and Lee May said they supported Johnson’s plan.

With elections pending for several commissioners this year, both sides alleged the other was playing politics. Commissioners complained of competing fliers that were mailed out to sway public sentiment.

About 30 people spoke at Tuesday’s meeting. The vast majority favored a tax hike for police pay raises, although some complained about the county wasting money.

Jones said he supported Johnson’s proposal. He said he would not veto the tax hike if the commission approved it at their March 25 meeting.

That was a change from Jones’ previous position. In December, when he unveiled his slim budget proposal, he said it would have been “irresponsible” to recommend a tax increase while people were struggling with a rough economy.