Dawn of the Living Sunday Sales

House Regulated Industries committee attaches retail Sunday Sales to the Gwinnett Braves Sunday Sales:

State Sen. Renee Unterman (R-Buford), the author of the Gwinnett stadium bill, urged the committee not to tack the Sunday sales measure onto her legislation. Unterman said Gov. Sonny Perdue has told her he would veto any legislation that would allow for local communities to vote on Sunday alcohol sales….
However, Rep. Allen Freeman (R-Macon), a member of the House committee, said Unterman was being hypocritical by urging lawmakers to approve Sunday beer sales at the Gwinnett stadium but opposing Sunday sales at grocery and convenience stores across the state.

I’m not keen on $15M of my tax dollars going to support a stupid baseball stadium, so the way I see it, either way the Governor goes I win.


  1. boyreporter says:

    Republicans? Hypocritical? Hahahahahaa…what a concept. Is there air? Is there gravity?????

  2. Bill Simon says:

    I cannot wait for a REAL Republican Governor instead of the “laws-on-alcohol-sales-can-be-unevenly-applied-as-much-as-I-see-fit” guy in there now.

  3. bowersville says:

    Is there gravity? Well I don’t know, but I predict there will be no high gravity on Sunday, not even at the stadium.

  4. ksuowls81 says:

    Is it a resolution or is it a bill. If it is a resolution the governor can not veto. If the house and senate decides to pass the decision over to the people to vote on then Sonny will have no say so.

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