A Lament

I would like to post this small lament. Last year the Macon Telegraph sent to Atlanta Travis Fain, one of their regular reporters, to cover the General Assembly.

This year, they did not.

Last year Georgians were treated to some of the most sustained, regular, in-depth, and insightful coverage of the General Assembly that has ever been placed on the printed page.

This year, not so much.

The AP coverage fails to cover the nuance and depth of the issues, let alone the behind the scenes personalities Travis covered so well. Dick Pettys’s stuff mostly resides behind a firewall.

The Telegraph did us all a great service last year. Not so this year.


  1. Rep Doug Collins says:

    Travis did a wonderful job presenting the issues last session and I for one miss his reporting.

  2. Donkey Kong says:

    Not a Bluestein fan? He’s a nice guy and a fellow UGA grad…though I didn’t read Fain much and can’t compare the two.

  3. boyreporter says:

    Okay, this is boring. So let’s hear (read) someone deny the GOP in the South has racist origins. It is the beneficiary of the fact that Southern racists in the Democratic Party switched sides. The GOP welcomed them because attracting votes was more important than ethics, humanity or common decency. Until the Southern wing of the Republican Party admits this, it can’t be taken seriously as belonging to the Party of Lincoln. Come to think of it, though, who the hell around here who votes Republican gives a damn about Lincoln?

  4. EAVDad says:

    AP does a fine job for AP is intended to do — provide information on an ongoing and fast basis.

    Travis Fain is one of the better political reporters in the state and has a great writing touch. Just read his blogs on the Telegraph website. Good stuff.

    The AJC has good reporters too — although not as many as they used to — who do a comprehensive job covering the Capitol during the session.

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