Odd bit of partisanship

I have now gotten this from three different people. I didn’t run it after the first time because I couldn’t verify it, but I can confirm these are three different people, so I think this is worth pointing out. Keep in mind, however, this is tip line information.

In the Jeanette Jamieson story about her tax evasion issues, her home town newspaper mitigated the story by running a list of other residents in the town who were also being looked into by the Department of Revenue for failing to pay texes.

Apparently there was just one problem: none of it was true except as applied to Jeanette Jamieson.


  1. bowersville says:

    Why are you Republicans in Jamieson’s district not burning up this board and furnishing the links to The Toccoa Record verifying these stories? They(the links) are there. Are you hoping the rest of us will tote your water?

  2. bowersville says:


    There is an interesting read at Georgia Women Vote titled “Should Progressive Bloggers Give Democrats a Pass” and Amy paraphrases Gail Buchner.

    My bet, the Democrats give Jamieson a pass, and the Republicans in Jamieson’s district lie down and whine “Whoe is me.”

  3. Rpolitic says:

    I can tell you as someone who helped a candidate up there against Jeanette that it is a dangerous place. It is the only race I have worked where a truck load of dead chickens dumped on the front yard was a minor event. The woman has something going on up there and the powers that be protect her.

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