They Said It! Ousted Clayton School Board Member Norreese Haynes

“Clayton County is a colorful county full of honest and proud people. You won’t see any of us at the swanky Piedmont Driving Club or the Atlanta Steeplechase. We are, however, a hopeful people, trying to build a better future for our children. We need less finger-pointing from the likes of Mr. Mark Elgart and SACS. Our people understand the “rough and tumble” side of politics where opposing views have to compete in the marketplace of ideas. Our school board does not need to be a “garden club,” serving tea and crumpets.”

You can attribute that quote to former Clayton County School Board Member Norreese Haynes in response to the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS) recommendation that the Clayton School System lose its accreditation effective September 1, 2008.

Just so the white folks here at Peach Pundit won’t get accused of racism, let me go ahead and translate what Norreese Haynes was saying:

We don’t need no white folks coming down here to Clayton County telling us black folks how to run our schools.

Man, Norreese Haynes just doesn’t get it. And you know, the worst part is that this fool is seeking to have an injunction put in place to prevent his removal from the Clayton County School Board. As if being heckled and booed on his way out the door wasn’t enough, Haynes must want to test the patience of the public by trying to remain in office.

Just like SpaceyG said, “Clayton County School Board – giving Metro Atlanta the gift of ongoing entertainment!”


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Think I’ll toast me up one of those fine white people crumpets right now! I know I hid me some somewhere. Maybe behind Jr.’s case of PBR…

  2. Thanks for the translation Andre. 😉

    The problem for Mr. Haynes and his buddies is that there are plenty of Black people upset with the situation as well.

    This is not a black v. white issue.

  3. jm says:

    When I was teaching, and SACS came by, it was a diverse committee that visited our school. The school I taught in had a majority black student body, and diverse faculty and administration. SACS has rules; they are spelled out. If you don’t folow the rules, you don’t get to keep your accreditation.

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