From the Tip Line: Bridges out, Austin to run for seat.

We received this from the tip line:

A flurry of recent announcements from a number of Habersham County politicians has shaken up the local political scene.

Mixed in all of this was the quiet announcement this week from State Rep. Ben Bridges of Cleveland that he would not seek re-election this summer.

Bridges was first elected in 1996 to represent Habersham and White counties and was re-elected for five additional terms. In all, Bridges has served hearly 12 years. His current term ends Dec. 31, 2008.

Habersham County Commissioner Rick Austin announced last week that he would run for the State House of Representatives in District 10, currently held by Bridges.

[UPDATE] You can view the campaign announcement here.


  1. Independent conservative…independent from Glenn Richardson perhaps? I’m reminded of an old story about Tom Murphy – he would tell Democratic members that he’d come to their district and campaign for them or against them, whichever one would help more. Can you imagine Richardson ever making such a politically selfless offer such as that, even as a joke?

  2. Rpolitic says:

    There was not that much selfless about Tom Murphy when it came to politics. It was all about the Democratic party and consolodation of power.

    Did he do it differently then Glenn sure but was he just as brutal and in some ways worse. Absoulutely.

    I spent more than 7 years working with the former minority party and got a first hand view of his power grabs and desperate need to keep his big chair.

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