Piedmont DA gets prison and probation, will pay restitution for payroll tax theft

Update: All right, maybe I spoke too soon about all the rest of GA’s DAs being good folks….

From the AJC:

Tim Madison, who oversaw prosecutions in the Piedmont Judicial Circuit about 50 miles from Atlanta, resigned last July at the height of a GBI and State Attorney General’s Office investigation. Madison also was sentenced to six years of probation and ordered to pay $40,000 in restitution.

Madison pleaded guilty to two felony theft counts, one count of violation of oath of office, four felony counts of making false statements and writings and one conspiracy count.

For 24 years, Madison headed the DA’s office, which had jurisdiction over Barrow, Banks and Jackson counties. He entered his plea before Senior Superior Court Judge Robert Mallis at the Banks County courthouse in Homer.

“Today’s sentencing will go a long way towards removing the tarnish from the judicial circuit in the Piedmont Circuit,” Attorney General Thurbert Baker said in a statement. “The criminal actions of a few have cast a pall over many, but the prison sentence given to Madison today reflects that the corruption was attributable to individuals, not the entire system.”

You know, it goes without saying that the vast majority of our DAs aren’t criminals who violate their oaths of office, head up conspiracies, and lie to investigators (a moment here to insert a shameless plug for the DA in my beloved Fayette County, Scott Ballard, whom I think is probably the best of the crop).

As a District Attorney, the point is kind of to put the people who do that stuff away — NOT to be one of them.

Good riddance, Tim Madison. Enjoy living the next six years alongside the people you locked up for crimes, while you were busy being criminal yourself on the side.


  1. JSBarrington says:

    There you go Jeff. Stand up for the DA that testified as a character witness for a convicted child molester.

    That’s one heck of a DA you have there!

    [sarcasm intended]

  2. Jeff,

    This may surprise you, but I happen to agree that Fayette County is the home of the finest DA in the State of Georgia. 🙂

    I sure that Dad will appreciate your kind comment.

  3. bowersville says:

    Poor Tim. Like so many in a place of authorty/power. He baited his own trap with liquor and women and caught himself using the public monies to support his habit.

  4. Icarus says:

    I know Scott, and he is a good man.

    It’s quite rare in this day and age to see someone do what he thinks it right, knowing full well that is is also very bad politics.

  5. JSBarrington says:

    David, I do not know you, but I would expect nothing less 😉

    I have no doubt that he will appreciate my comments of truth.

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