The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

We might Hillary Clinton say just that later tonight as this morning’s Real Clear Politics average show her up in Ohio. I also received this from Insider Advantage via SpaceyG:

March 3, 2008 — A new InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research poll of Texas runs contrary to most surveys of the state’s Democratic presidential contest. We show Sen. Hillary Clinton with the lead. Only PPP, a Democratic polling firm based in North Carolina, also shows Clinton leading. All other polls over the race’s final days have Obama leading.

Our survey of 609 likely Democratic primary voters was conducted March 2. It has been weighted for age, race, gender and political affiliation. It has a margin of error of +/- 3.8%. The results were:

Clinton: 49%
Obama: 44%
Undecided: 7%

What about this? Is Clinton’s campaign coming back to life? Will John McCain clinch the GOP nomination tonight?


  1. Doug Deal says:


    If she wins Texas (even if narrowly), Ohio and Rhode Island, things could get very interesting. The Obama lovefest seems to finally be ending, and his campaign does not seem able to adjust to the new terrain. If Obama seems to be crumbling, it could be bad for him in Pennsylvania in 6 weeks.

    The Florida debacle will also come back to haunt the Democrats. If Florida and Michigan delegates were seated, Hillary would currently have the lead, and the popular vote with just Florida would be a lot closer. How can the Democrats expect to win a battleground state like Florida when they don’t even count their delegates at the nominating convention.

  2. Clinton badly needs a win but close losses still keep her in the delegate battle though if she doesn’t at least win Ohio the pressure for her to withdraw will be enormous.

    I think you’re right about Florida, I just don’t see how they can undo what’s done. Seating the delegates is a problem at this point.

  3. Icarus says:

    It just warms my little soul that the Dems are trying so hard to find a way to lose an election that has been majestically gift-wrapped for them by the GOP.

  4. drjay says:

    i know we all keep up w/ it and pay attention to stuff but is joe blow from ocala or homestead really going to base his vote on the fact that the dems did not seat convention delegates from his state 3 months earlier?

  5. Doug Deal says:


    It might survive as a meme. “Democrats don’t want your votes; they did not even allow you to select their nominee”. As results go in Florida, even if this only had an effect on only 1-2 percent of the vote, it could be enough to flip the state one way or the other. It would be particularly effective if Florida delegates are the difference between Obama and Hillary.

    The Democrats are fools to have elected Dean as Chair, and it is paying huge dividends to the Republicans. How could anyone have thought it was a good idea penalizing entire delegations of states as big as Michigan and Florida to protect a state as relatively insignificant as Iowa?

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