Dominoes are falling.

While I was out running errands several people emailed that Sen. Nancy Schaefer has made it official, she will challenge Cong. Paul Broun. It was also mentioned in the comments in this thread a half an hour before our friends at the Political Insider posted their article.

Wasting no time Terry Rogers and Jim Butterworth, both of Clarkesville, and both Republicans, have announced they will seek the now open Senate district 50.


  1. MountainThinker says:

    I’d say we’re looking at Sen.-Elect Jim Butterworth, unless Carol Jackson decides to try one more time. Given Mr. Butterworth’s resume, the fact that he’s the Chairman of Habersham Co.’s Gov’t, and a presumably high net worth/ability to significantly self-finance, will mean Primary victory, followed by triumph in the General unless Jeanette Jameson or Carol Jackson take him on, in which case it’s all about style…

  2. bowersville says:

    MT, does Carol still live in Demorest or has she moved back to White county? If she lives in Demorest she will most likely run on the D side. If she runs, I can’t see Jameison or Powell jumping in. I’m asking about Carol’s residence because I don’t know.

  3. MountainThinker says:

    Well she’d run on the D-side regardless. I also hear that Ben Bridges isn’t going to run for re-election (in White Co. for State Rep. for those who don’t know)…

  4. bowersville says:

    I understand the “regardless”(as does anyone else originally from Habersham which I am.) Who’s running for Bennie’s seat?

    Maybe Carol will stay at home in White county and run for Bridge’s seat. That’s her best bet. Jamieson is tainted with her failing to pay state income taxes, Powell can’t win outside Franklin or Hart.

    I think Butterworth will wipe out all comers. I talked to several GOP party leaders and members around the Hart/Franklin area and they are shocked with the Scheafer announcement. Or better, they were taken off guard.

    Butterworth needs to get down here as quick as his schedule will allow.

  5. GPBirchby says:

    Interesting thing is Butterworth claims to have put his “heart and soul” into serving Habersham County – he, however, was ready but a few month ago to call quits to politics. Apparently the commission was too much for him. His entry into this race seems rather opportunistic and self serving – not serving the people of Habersham. Habersham County Commission is too much but the Georgia State Senate is a good fit? I don’t think so!

    Democrat or Republican, we can do better than Butterworth.

    Just my 2 cents. For the record, I am biased as I serve as the chair of the Habersham Democratic Party.


  6. Principles before Politics says:

    MT & B’ville,

    I seriously doubt that Carol Jackson will be running for office again anytime soon. She didn’t even garner the most votes in White County (her home county) when she ran against Schaefer the last time. And, I wouldn’t proclaim Jim Butterworth the winner of District 50 Senate either. Rogers filed his DOI with the ethics commission back in January.

    I think the GOP’s stronghold on North Georgia is too strong for a serious contender on the Democrat’s side.

  7. hopehab says:

    Butterworth is all about Butterworth. He will double talk. Yes he can work a room, but he tells you what he thinks you want to hear. He is not one to follow through unless it benefits his ego. We need someone that has the best interest for the region and not oneself representing us.

  8. bowersville says:

    “His entry into this race seems rather opportunistic and self serving”

    You have it backwards. Mr Butterworth was asked to run for the seat because we believe he is the best to serve the needs of the district, not just Habersham as you deem so important.

    Full disclosure: member of the GOP and in good standing.

    BTW George, who are you putting on the ballot? That resident of White County Carol, that tax evader Jeanette, or that no votes outside Hart and Franklin Powell.

    It has to be a given that no elected Democrat from Habersham will run because there ain’t none.

  9. bowersville says:

    Oh yeah, that’s just my 2 cents worth, but there still isn’t a Democrat that holds elective office in Habersham.

  10. steelfist says:

    Habersham County Commissioner Rick Austin announced last week for Ben’s seat and has been actively raising money. He is getting strong support in the community. Here is the host committee so far for his kickoff on March 25.

    Jan & Hoyt Ausburn
    Ashley & Ray Cleere
    Carol & Doug McDonald
    Nancy & Tom Bowen
    The Honorable & Mrs. John Foster
    Joey Homans
    Dot & Carroll Irvin
    John Long
    Manna To Go, LLC
    James Mellichamp
    Quality Electric
    Ginger & Wayne Seelbach
    Southern & Associates
    David D. Stovall
    Barbara & Ed Strain
    Eddy Arial
    Vicki & Chet Barrett
    Pam & Chip Brooks
    Nathan Burgen
    Shelly & Drew Echols
    David Foster
    Robin & Alan Irvin
    Lisa & David Nicholson
    Shirley & Ted Roberts
    Terri & Mike Roberts
    Dr. & Mrs. Kurt York

  11. GPBirchby says:

    Hmm, Democrats from Habersham… Commissioner Tommy Irvin, Judge Ann Jarrell, Dick Martin …

    Nice story though about Butterworth being asked to run. Don’t buy it. I believe we are citizens FIRST. What’s most important to me is our community. Seems you’re more concerned with party politics. The thing is you don’t have much to be proud of aka CRAZY Nancy!! She is shamless and an embarassment to Georgia!

  12. GPBirchby says:

    Opps … forgot to mention Bridges. Look into his history. There is a real criminal who hid behind his badge and used his office to abuse people.

  13. juliobarrios says:

    Tommy Irvin doesn’t hold office IN Habersham. He’s got Fulton, Dekalb, and Clayton counties to help ensure his place as the Strom Thurmond of Agriculture Commissioners.

    I don’t know Jarrell or Martin, but know Judges don’t go on the ballot as partisans. Otherwise we’ve got a few GOP Judges down here in Fulton that would go down in flames if you put their party affiliation next to their names – Campbell and Schwall instantly come to mind.

    So if you’ve got to mention Irvin and a Judge as shining examples of the strength of the Democrat party in Habersham, then I’d say you need to just pack it in.

  14. GPBirchby says:

    Before you comment, you might want to check you facts. Right or wrong (I think it’s wrong) judges do run partisan in Habersham and Martin is not a judge. As far as Commissioner Irvin, his history in Habersham speaks for it’s self.

  15. bowersville says:

    Ann Adams Jarrell, two generational and respected names in Habersham. Ann ran the office for years as an employee before being elected and flawlessly I might add. If you’ve been around awhile you know the background of the office before we elected Ann. I don’t remember the party affilliation of the former judge, but Lee had to go. I suspect Ann will hold the office as long as she wants it. Because Republican hacks like me will cross over in the General.

    So this partisan hack voted for Ann when I lived in the county and would do so again.

    As for Ben Bridges, he’s not seeking re-election and Oakey Dover-D put out all that info trying to defeat Bridges and it failed the smell test.

    For Senator Schaefer vacating the 50th for a 10th Congressional bid, the jury is still out on that one. But a Republican will remain in the 50th Senate, count on it.

    What elected position does Dick Martin hold? The last I heard of him he was in law enforcement at a PD in Habersahm County. If memory serves me, Clarkesville.

    As for Tommy Irvin. The name Irvin in Habersham speaks for itself. H*ll I even married one. But I doubt Tommy will seek re-election. By appointing Terry Coleman as a deputy a while back, I bet Terry will run on the D side.

  16. bowersville says:

    Disclaimer: The speculation on Tommy is just that, pure SPECULATION on my part. I have no direct information and don’t know whether or not Coleman is still affiliated with DOAG.

    What I do know is Tommy is getting up in age.

  17. juliobarrios says:

    First of all I didn’t state Martin was a Judge and I looked up Ann Jarrell. I didn’t realize she was a Probate Judge which is light years away from being a “Judge” You don’t even need to have a law degree to become a Probate Judge.

    When I said Judicial elections in Georgia were non-partisan, I was referring to real Judges like State, Superior, State, Appeals, etc..

    To refer to a statewide elected official like Tommy Irvin, who happens to RESIDE in your county, as an indicator of Party strength in that county is utterly ridiculous.

    We might as well start talking about the great opportunity Republicans have in Fulton County because Karen Handel lives there.

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