Befuddled by the Barr/AJC marriage.

Georgia native Robert Stacey McCain expresses disdain for the AJC and shock at Bob Barr’s blogging there:

The subsequent decline of the Atlanta papers was foreshadowed the day they announced that move (naming Rheta Grimsley Johnson as Lewis Grizzard’s successor – Buzz) in 1994. Perhaps other papers in the U.S. have lost more circulation or ad revenue, or laid off more of their staff. But all this has happened at the AJC during two decades when the Atlanta metropolitan area has experienced astronomical growth in population and wealth. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has declined for one reason and one reason only: It’s a lousy newspaper that gets worse every day.

Why Bob Barr would associate himself with such a third-rate publication is hard to understand. Maybe he should try to pitch his blog to the Marietta Daily Journal. Yeah, Otis Brumby is a tight-fisted tyrant, but at least he never foisted Rheta Grimsley Johnson on his readers.


  1. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    um, poor argument Mr. McCain…doesn’t having Barr with the paper immediately improve it?

    I understand the concept of always supporting strenght, but come on, I’ll stop by and read the AJC more frequently just to see what Barr has to say.

  2. drjay says:

    wow–maybe he took the job b/c they are paying him–maybe they added him to improve their product–you seem to harbor a lot of resentment over a poor personnel decision from 13 years ago–the ajc is still one of the 20 highest circulated in the country–higher than the san fran chronicle, baltimore sun and even the miami herald that te dave barry you seem to adore so much works or worked for…it seems an odd thing to have such a strong opinion about…

  3. StevePerkins says:

    I have to agree with the earlier comments… this Robert Stacey McCain guy sure does have a strange bug up his $%* about a columnist he didn’t like from one-and-a-half decades ago.

    Besides… it’s now “shocking” and “outrageous” for someone to take a job with a company that isn’t run very well? If I lived by that rule, I would have spent the bulk of my career unemployed.

  4. SpaceyG says:

    Robert McCain has some serious “letting go” issues. I mean… Rheta Grimsley Johnson?! What a howler she was. Only reason I remember her is that my Charleston cousin spells her name “Rheta” that way too. (It’s pronounced the conventional way, as in “Rita,” but only people from historical places like Charleston can get away with such outlandish spellings of their names.)

  5. StevePerkins says:

    A little off-topic… but if you’re a man, and you’re middle name is “Stacey”… why would you go by all three names? Generally, the only people who are known by their full names are Presidents and serial killers anyway.

  6. Icarus says:

    “So, can we start referring to you as “CJ”, Chris?”

    No, he remains rat bastard farris, which is still suitable for serial killing.

  7. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Besides Rusty Kuntz (yes, sounds painful), my all time favorite baseball player’s name, simply because it 3 names and it rhymes is Billy Joe Robideaux.

    Dick Trickle is always a crowd pleaser too.

  8. drjay says:

    in the spirit of konop…

    Rheta Grimsley Johnson is an award-winning reporter and columnist for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who now writes her column three times a week for King Features Syndicate.

    Johnson travels the country in search of stories, frequently reporting from her native South, with datelines from Washington, D.C., to Iuka, Mississippi.

    From 1980 until 1994, when she joined the Journal-Constitution, she was a reporter and columnist for The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tennessee, and Scripps Howard News Service. She has earned numerous awards for her writing, including the National Headliner Award for commentary in 1985 and Scripps Howard’s Ernie Pyle Memorial Award for outstanding human interest reporting in 1984.

    She was Scripps Howard Writer of the Year from 1983 to 1985. And in 1991, she was one of three finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. In 1989 she wrote Good Grief, the authorized biography of Charles Schulz.

    Johnson is a 1977 graduate of Auburn University and winner of the 1974-75 National Pacemaker Award while on the staff of The Auburn Plainsman. She was formerly married to Jimmy Johnson, creator of the Arlo and Janis [1] comic strip that appears in many U.S. newspapers.

  9. AubieTurtle says:

    Why the AJC? Because he wants to reach as many readers as possible. Like it or not, the AJC is the biggest print media in the state. He’s already shown he doesn’t care about what else is in the paper he gets published in by doing a weekly column a little while back for Creative Loafing. Barr isn’t active in politics anymore, at least as a candidate so this is his best way of addressing the public at large.

  10. Hank Reardan says:

    There is a rumor at
    March 04, 2008

    Posted by Eric A. Garris at March 4, 2008 03:59 PM

    I hear that Ron Paul and Bob Barr will be meeting soon to discuss a possible independent or third-party ticket, and possible cooperation in other political and educational efforts. Great news!

  11. liberator says:

    Barr is a Libertarian now. What if he was the LP nominee? I’ll bet he could give McCain and Obama a run for their money?

  12. curt flood says:

    Count me among those who found Rheta G. Johnson a VAST improvement on the woefully ignorant albeit beloved (not surprising) Mr. Grizzard. Barr’s presence is a barely-visible bright spot on a newspaper that is sadly and increasingly irrelevant. The fact that Barr brightens that paper says a lot. Ugh.

  13. AubieTurtle says:

    Hank, you left out a “W” in the URL… or was that a sneaky political commentary on the current presidential administration?

    Barr, like Buchanan, became much more interesting once he left office and stopped being a party line toeing partisan.

    Hmmm… Barr on the LP ticket, Sonny on the GOP ticket, McKinney on the Green ticket, who can we get home grown for the Dem ticket?

  14. boyreporter says:

    I’m with you, Curt. I never became a real fan of Grizzard’s “replacement,” but I think Lewis stopped being funny decades before his demise. In his later years, he was angry, spiteful, backward, ignorant (always was ignorant), way-way Far Right…and not funny. Just sorta mean. He ran out of material early and then leaned on social commentary that he was ill-equipped for. But I know lots of people worship his memory, and I too think the early Lewis was hilarious and insightful.

  15. Icarus says:

    O.K, I don’t have any of those fancy front page posting privileges, so I guess this thread is the closest think I can find where this might fit.

    I just read a story on, regarding the Federal Narcotics Task force and the results of their success:

    “He credits last year’s spike in area burglaries, robberies and car thefts in part to criminals forced to pay more for their illicit drugs.

    If law enforcement someday succeeds in breaking up established drug territories — the real sign of success from a metropolitan perspective — it could mean a similar spike in murders, as drug organizations vie for a larger market share.”

    Full Story Here:

    I’ve never cared much for the idea of legalizing drugs, but Barr has indicated since his switch to the Libertarian party that our federal policies are worth revisiting in this area.

    We’ve also been told that the current “War on Drugs” and the associated mandatory minimums lowered crime rates across the board.

    Now we have federal agents blaming the spike in crime on their successful efforts? And if they’re really good, we can hope for more murder too?

    Anyone care to make sense of this for me?

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