Pension Parity Sought by Retired Black Police Officers

Anyone in the General Assmebly care to comment on what the hold up might be?

A “whites only” sign was still hanging on the precinct house water fountain in 1964 when James Booker joined the suburban College Park police force. He soon learned it wasn’t the only thing off limits to Georgia ‘s new black recruits.

Until 1976, black officers were blocked from joining a state-supported supplemental police retirement fund. Today, white officers who entered the fund before that year are taking home hundreds of dollars more every month in retirement benefits than their black counterparts.

The now-retired black officers have been lobbying hard to change that, but eight years after they began an effort to amend the state constitution and give them credit for those lost years is stalled in the Legislature. The Georgia Constitution prohibits the state from extending new benefits to public employees after they have retired.

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  1. Goldwater Conservative says:

    You know…a good law suit could take care of this. And I know that the new Georgia GOP (former Democratic Segregationists) know all about “grandfathering” in people given certain circumstances.

  2. boyreporter says:

    Yes! But given the opportunity to do the right thing, guess what the Georgia GOP (former Democratic Segregationists) is likely to do. Just like all the other opportunities to step up to the plate and hit one for common decency, the new-style, self-congratulatory “wool hat boys” will simply do what comes naturally: nothing good.

  3. jm says:

    I saw this on I did not see this in any of the other local news outlets (using WSB, AJC, 11Alive RSS feeds). If they aired it/reported it/posted it then I missed it. If they didn’t, then its a shame. The link to the link comes from the LA Times.

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