I missed this Democratic Party bit

Apologies to Andre if he already posted it, but Decaturguy notes that Jane Kidd and the Georgia Democrats will not be giving voter files out to Democrats who are challenging Democratic incumbents.

Look, GOP or Democrat, I think there are plenty of times the establishment candidate needs to be challenged from within. And when the party becomes a protector of the establishment, it stagnates into defeat. See, e.g. the national Republican Party.


  1. Icarus says:

    Must have had one too many hurricanes, Erick. I can’t believe you would accuse Jane Kidd of being niggardly with her dissemination of voter files.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Republicans are not really all that forthcoming with voter files either. Maybe this would make since if they were not freely provided by the SOS (according to their website) to political parties (and news organizations) for the purpose of distributing them to their candidates. From my experience the party organizations act like they are national secrets.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    It’s fascinating to watch Erick see-saw from year-to-year in how he views things. Guess that means hs is “growing-up”.

    Contrast that concept with the likes of Andisheh Nouraee who will, likely, never grow-up from his stagnated view of the world.

  4. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Doug…no. The SOS does not provide voter files. You can put together who voted in what primary, but the party keeps track of all communication that is made with voters.

    In my opinion though, it is about time Jane Kidd “grew some.” She has been running that party like a charity since day 1…and it is going to keep costing Democratic candidates for that very reason. The Party is a business. Outside of the policy positions held by the organization or the candidates…the job of the party is to get people elected, not to represent a cause. Jane Kidd got there because of her liberal agenda, and she is killing the southern democrat.

    I should make a correction from my comment about voter files. I am actually not sure if the Republicans use the same databases that the Democrats do. I have not been involved in a Republican campaign in many many years. They have been winning all over the state and the nation for years so I can only imagine that it is put together well.

  5. Chris says:

    GC – The RNC has a database that it allows to be used by local candidates. It integrates the SoS database, public sources (ChoicePoint etc), and IIRC also buys lists from affiliate groups (NRA, GRTL, etc).

    The idea is that one candidate can send a pro-life piece to 123 Elm St, and a pro-gun piece to 125 Elm St and have those pieces directly target the issues that matter to that household.

    When control of who gets to divy up 20 Billion or 4 Trillion dollars is on the line, no expense is to little. It also why politics will become more and more partisan and rude in coming years. The stakes are just to damn high.

  6. Doug Deal says:


    He said voter files, which I usually use in context with SOS voter information files. If he meant the value-added lists that the parties keep , then that is a different story, but the Dems and Reps should at least be giving out the SoS stuff to all candidates.

    The SoS information is the most important single piece of information. It gives the voter’s name, allows you to match up with their history in primaries and the GE. Without this information, the other stuff is unuseable fluff.

  7. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Well then, I do agree with you Doug. Come on now Chris, the direct mailing industry get much more interesting than what a campaign office is capable of. Three words: Data Mining Companies. You are absolutely right about the matter of control though (Chris). Politics is going to end up being a middle class industry pretty soon. There is so much more money to be made, but it is being spread too thinly. There was a time (now I am aging myself) when raising enough money to win a campaign would earn you a home in the vineyard…now you are lucky to earn $50k…not to mention how difficult it is to get land rezoned once you get a few people in office that can make appropriations. It still happens, but people find out about it much easier now a days.

  8. CHelf says:

    There are plenty of partisan vendors who do the same thing. They will collect voter files but only give them out or sell them to those deemed ‘worthy’. Or you can always go with the non-partisan vendors like Aristotle (shameless self-promotion). The key in these lists is the one holding it having the ability to run NCOA and phone updates to make these lists worth the time and money. Added enhancements are always a plus as well.

    In the end, partisan vendors usually have strings attached or will just be selective about who gets their data. It’s all about power.

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