Beyond Bumper Stickers: Saving Jekyll Island

It’s gonna take an Internet to save Jekyll Island from the nasty grasp of the kinda developers we, ahem, grow here in Georgia. They might as well pave it all over this weekend unless people intent on preserving even one sea oat can move beyond bulky bumpersticker slogans and into 21st century communicating methods. From Political Insider:

This ad will be appearing in the AJC and other newspapers across the state sometime this week, lamenting the defeat of three bills by state Sen. Jeff Chapman (R-Brunswick) that would have “prohibited development along the park’s remaining beachfront and promoted Jekyll Island’s affordability for average citizens.”

The ad offers up names and phone numbers of the Senate Economic Development Committee, whose members voted down the legislation last Thursday.

Continues the ad: “If you are among the thousands of Georgians who are angry because their wishes for Jekyll were discounted by Sen. [Chip] Pearson’s committee, hold on to that anger for 244 days.”

David Egan, leader of Initiative to Protect Jekyll Island, said the group will be churning out bumper-stickers, too — “Remember in November Who Killed the Jekyll Bills.”

HINT: Newspaper ads make great cat box liners. Facebook and a blog are great (FREE) places to start that social media ball rolling.


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Beaches, Ic hon, beaches. But then come to think about it, there could be sharks in the ocean near the beaches that would eat up “the children.” So maybe they’d best just do Sonny’s bidness down there and go ahead and bulldoze the whole thing and turn it into a gated golf course “exclusive” community… for “the children” of course. And the children’s “future.” (Which is of course even more important than “the children.”)

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Not a great idea. I hear kids are treated very inhumanely at The Cloisters. Left to fend for themselves all day long with only a 20-something Swedish au pair who just lets ’em watch too much TV while she’s busy tanning and texting her local boyfriends about what Savannah honky-tonk to meet-up at later on that night, when she can “borrow” Hampton Robert E. Lee Warner Walker III’s Mercedes and sneak out that is.

  3. Old Vet says:

    The real story here is the fact that members of the authority are so arrogant that they’d call a state senator a liar to his face, in an open committee meeting. And that the committee members would tolerate such action! Not even the most smug lobbyist has even thought of such a thing, yet here are Sonny’s rich boys feeling so sure of themselves they act like playground bullies even in senate meetings. It’s made worse by the fact that what Senator Chapman said about their keeping secret books and lying about it is absolutely true. Of course, they’re above the law and have ignored open records requests, so it’s hard, but not impossible, to prove. Truth being a defense against slander, I wonder if they’d open their books to defend against a lawsuit.

  4. Hank Reardan says:

    affordability for average citizens. What!
    Then go some where else.( like panama city) If you own the property then you should be able to sell it to the highest bidder. If you dont like it then maybe Chapman should get some people like Spacey G and others to pitch in and buy what the want to save. Who are we to decide what people do with the property they own.

  5. Romegaguy says:

    I would guess that more people are apt to see the ad in the AJC and in real media than in Al Gore’s internet blogs.

  6. Hank Reardan says:

    Sorry spacey I spend most of my time making money and taking care of my family. Maybe one day when I have more time like you democrats Ii will spend it on my blog.

  7. Rogue109 says:

    “Hank hon, I know if I owned property as butt-ugly as your blog I’d just give it away.”

    Ah, the “SpaceyG Charm Offensive” is back!

    Interesting post, though (really).


    old vet you and your treehugging incompetents need to get a life. If it were not for the governor and the board the island would be caving in. If you libs would put 10 % of the effort towards crediable issues as you do with your wacked out campaigns against whatever is fodder of the day our counrty would be a better place. Why don’t you and your carnies take your circus on the road like to…. Alaska that would be beneficial to all concerned we will not have to listen to your repulsive whining and you clowns can drown in your own dribble. Enough you bunch of WIMPS its not our fault your mothers did’nt show the love and you were a hall monitors in school.

  9. JSBarrington says:

    Oh yes, Jeff Chapman has been such a leader on the Jekyll Island issue. Let’s see…

    1.) The Senator who represents the island didn’t even get selected to be on the committee because as the Governor stated, “it would be a wasted seat”
    2.) Chapman proposed 3 bills and he barely managed to get them heard by his colleagues in committee.
    3.) Chapman has distorted the record on revenue on the island.
    4.) Chapman is obstructing progress for his district

    what else? Instead of being a leader on this issue and be a cheer leader for good economic development, Chapman has just tried again and again to halt progress.

    If I was a voter in his district, I would be disappointed in his lack of leadership.

    No one is proposing turning Jekyll into another sea island, they just want to make it attractive to “average families.” To be honest, you could pay me 100 bucks a night and I probably wouldn’t go there now.


    Well stated JS the senator has placed himself on an island no pundt intended. He has left the reservation and will look back on this issue as his undoing. He has allowed himself to be a puppet for a bunch of nuts and is an embarrassment to the party and should step aside.

  11. JSBarrington says:

    The role of a Senator or any elected official is to sit down and bring everyone to the table– to reach a suitable compromise that makes everyone happy.

    Jeff Chapman is not at the table with anyone– he is lost in space– fighting invisible monsters.

    Earth to Jeff, earth to Jeff…

    It is displays like this that have and will always prevent Jeff Chapman from being involved in any rational, reasonable debate.

  12. The Comma Guy says:

    Isn’t one of the problems the fact that WE really do own Jekyll? I thought that it was a state park. And what has happened is we have allowed the current leadership to section off a portion of the people’s land to the wealthy. And if they are allowed to change $Texas for their condos and rental properties, what is stop the others from increasing as well?

    Georgia has so little coast line that is accessible as it is. Why are we selling it off?

    What did Bill 3 do to irk Sonny & Company?

  13. mangomama says:

    That is a wonderful “WELFARE FOR DEVELOPERS” program that you have in Georgia. What does it take to apply for the benefits?? I know lots of Florida developers that are looking to come your way after they ruined our state.

    Wake up, Georgia politicians, Jekyll belongs to the people, not a greedy few. Chapman is a hero to the few “real” Republicans left who believe in conservation of our lands and natural resources for future generations.

  14. Mae says:

    The real question is whether there is accountability in GA politics or not. Georgians by the thousands have been saying that they want Jekyll to be the best it can be without losing its main public beach, yet the bill (SB 427)that would have protected that very beach was voted down by every single Republican member of the Economic Development Committee. Georgians, deserve to know who voted against the bill. What’s the problem with casting some light on who voted aagainst the bill? I would think the senators in question would welcome the chance to have the public know how they voted – they must b proud of their chocie or they wouldn’t have voted as they did. Right?

  15. msbrash says:

    I have been a lifelong member of the GOP and I am appalled at what I have seen concerning the Jekyll development. It’s not very far from my backyard so I am holding my breath, praying the bulldozers will leave us alone. This is outrageous that this is happening with a state park. The JIA needs an overhaul. Why is there not an investigative reporter all over this?
    For the first time. I am voting Democratic in November and I am voting against the very people who are supposed to represent me. I saw it mentioned that Senator Chapman’s job is to find compromise. They don’t want compromise, they want their way. I am happy to say Senator Chapman is representing what his people feel concerning Jekyll.
    We are having this same problem all over the coast. We need to vote these guys out and save us!

  16. long memory says:

    I remember when the causeway was built to go to Jekyll. It was built with public funds, Georgia taxpayer money. I remember when there were only two motels on the beach. I remember when Jekyll was a prison. I remember the mandate to keep this park accessible for average Georgia families. I have see the data on the visitation numbers and I would not believe the Jia if they told me that the sun was up. They call Chapman a liar, but they don’t tell us where the money went, the money that the state auditor shows was taken in at the entrance to Jekyll. They have lied so much they can’t see the truth. My Senator is on that list. I called him approximately 20 times about this issue. He never acknowledged my call, never explained why he disagreed, or even recognized that I am alive. You think I’m not going to remember who he represents when elections come? His office told me that they had received upward of 300 calls and only 3 of those were against the bills. So unless someone can give me a reason to think otherwise, I have to assume that he flat doesn’t care what the people of his district think. What should he expect from the voters?


    Here you guys need some cheese with your whine ??? Get over it! All 600 of you vote the way you want but move on, the real Georgians are sick of your rubbish !!!Your no more than a bunch of throwbacks from the sixties looking for a cause and a free meal ticket!!!!

  18. Outraged-in-Atlanta says:

    I don’t recall ever being so embarrassed at being a Republican.

    The developers have developed every square inch of good, valuable SE Georgia ocean-front property they could get their hands on. Now, they have the JIA in their pocket — and strong allies in the Governor’s office, in the State Senate and elsewhere. Our elected officials have sold us out.

    Sure, Jekyll needs a bit of a facelift, BUT the most valuable part of the Island should not be for sale or subject to destruction by developers. The part the Island that the JIA wants to place in private hands is the MOST valuable part of the whole island — the beachfront. This is an outrage and an affront to every Georgian and every visitor to the Jekyll Island STATE PARK.

    “Remember in November?” You bet!! Let’s not wait until November to start work on “excusing from office” those who have done us dirty.

    And, thanks Senator Chapman for your work on the behalf of those of us who enjoy the peace and tranquility of Jekyll Island.

  19. Beachlover says:

    My bumper sticker would read: Redevelop the Senate: Remove Pearson’s Mob.

    They ignored the voters. Voters, ignore them on election day!

  20. SE Georgia resident says:

    I live in SE Georgia and have always considered Jekyll Island to be MY state park. It’s a near-perfect place about to be destroyed in the name of ‘improvement.’ Let’s not have to look back and see that we had Paradise and replaced it with pricey hotels and condos.

  21. Old Vet says:

    It looks, realistically, like the fix is in and Jekyll will become a gated community. I admit my unworthiness to enjoy Georgia’s park, as evinced by my miserly pay check.
    I’ve lived in good ole Ga six decades (excluding an overseas vacation paid for by Uncle Sugar). It’s a backwater run by snake handlers and petty flim flam artists. Never will amount to anything.

  22. LyndaB says:

    Will someone please tell me at exactly what point elected officials became “leaders.” These people are not our “leaders,” they are our SERVANTS. They are supposed to be representatives of the people. It should send up red flags when only developers and elected officials support this plan. The people are clearly against it. The only fair thing to do at this point is to put the development of Jekyll Island question as a straw poll on the November ballot. That would prove how unpopular this plan is in this state. Or don’t the politicians have the guts to do that?

    For what it’s worth, JSBarrington…I AM a voter in Senator Chapman’s district. And I am not disappointed in him…I am proud of him and thankful for his efforts. He is the only politician that has the guts to stand up to the money interests and has clearly proven himself to be a man of the people. I would dearly LOVE to see this issue on the ballot!

  23. cheekyelf says:

    I’ll definitely Remember in November. It’s just sad to think that those in power care only about what’s in it for them. Nobody is opposed to revitalizing Jekyll Island, but why is it necessary to put that development on the only part of the beach that is available at high tide. I guess those of us that can’t afford the high priced beach front real estate that we, the taxpayers, owned prior to revitalization, had better check the tide tables before we head out to Jekyll.

  24. TerryM says:

    Count me as another lifelong Republican (I have actually staffed campaign headquarters, made phone calls,etc.) who is disGUSTed and embarrassed at this outrage. I will no longer support the Republican party at all, and I plan to vote against everyone who had anything to do with making Jekyll Island a refuge for the rich instead of a state park for the average Georgian. And, yes, I am a native Georgian, and I live in Georgia. I and my relatives votes, and we remember.

  25. Hollybluff says:

    I am very proud of Senator Jeff Chapman. He is truly representing his constituents in trying to protect Jekyll Island for all the people while Governor Perdue, the JIA, and the Pearson committee are looking out only for their rich developer friends. Why did Porter and Croy react so rudely and defensively to inquiries about Jekyll’s monetary accounts and about methods of counting visitors. My mom would say, “The bit dog always hollers.”
    I will definitely be one of those who remembers negatively the committee members who voted down Sen. Chapman’s bills and others who have not stepped up to the plate to protect Jekyll as a state park. Lt. Gov. Cagle and Rep. Jerry Keen, are you listening? Jekyll Island is truly a gem. Please do not give it into the hands of those who will ruin it for all time. This is not like a new tax rate which can be rescinded later. A village with condos and timeshares etc. between the road and the beach will spoil forever what is now a beautiful expanse which inspires me every time I am lucky enough to see it. Please, please do not ruin Jekyll for all time.

  26. hldrum says:

    Great to see all of the comments which indicate understanding of The Jekyll Crisis.

    The primary issue is destruction of the environment through over-development.

    The secondary issue is quality of leadership provided by yet another controversial Governor-appointed board.

    If you care about the environmental protection of The State of Georgia, please look carefully at this website:

    Please contact the Governor and legislators who refused to bring the Jekyll issue to light on the legislative floor. Plan to express your dissatisfaction at the next election, or, better yet, run for office and do it yourself!

  27. Bull Moose says:

    I can’t believe that a middle road compromise couldn’t be found.

    The overcommercialization of Jekyll Island is not a good thing for our environment, our coast, or anyone else.

    Yes, Jekyll needed sprucing up, but this just completely changes the character of the entire island and it’s purpose.

  28. kturnerga says:

    I am not a tree-hugger or a Democrat but I want the beach at Jekyll Island protected. Jekyll Island does not need to be priced out of ordinary citizens’ means. It is a state park designed for all. No, I don’t want to see cheap motels or have it turned into a state-owned Panama City Beach. But blotting out the beach with condos won’t solve the issues of old motels. Someone will come along and replace the lodging facilities- and without putting lodging out of reach of all but a few. Hit those phones and tell your legislators to protect Jekyll from over-development.

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