Recapping the LPGa convention

Doug Craig has the details of yesterday’s Georgia Libertarian convention that took place yesterday in Atlanta:

Allen Buckley will be our US Senate candidate. John Monds and Brandons Givens will be our PSC candidates. Last night was the first time I had meet John Monds. I was impressed. That might be the race I am most excited about because he lives in Grady County (very far south) we will have a chance to reach people that have had very little chance to meet a Libertarian candidate in that part of the state.

We also elected a new chairman, Daniel Adams. I have known Daniel Adams. I am looking forward to his next two years in the party.He is one of the guys who could cause me to get more active than I have been in the state again. BTW for you Ron Paul guys he was one of the players in the Athens area so if you are looking for a party where your views are respected Daniel Adams would be a great guy to get behind and support.

Congrats to Daniel Adams! Daniel has been a frequent commenter here for sometime now. He brings professionalism and a business approach that is sorely needed in the party.

It is good to see that the LPGA is reaching out some to outside groups like the Americans for Prosperity. When I was chairman of the party, I received a few nasty e-mails about my enthusiasm for that organization.

Overall, it looks like the party took a step-forward.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    “LPGA” = Ladies Professional Golf Association.

    It’s either sheer brilliance (possibly to leverage off of the well-known “LPGA” acronym) or sheer stupidity by the Libertarian Party of Georgia to use the same letters of “LPGA”.

  2. boyreporter says:

    Libertarians are Republicans who want to call themselves something else, something that they think will make others see them as special. Libertarians know they can’t win elections and are thankful for that, because then they’d have to work, to govern, to take positions that actually had consequences, from which result people would be able to judge the Party’s success or failure. It’s more fun to reject both major parties and sit in the bleachers tossing beer cans at both teams and preening about knowing a “better way.” Libertarians are AV geeks who actually have no idea that showing the movies in assembly is really not all that cool. Let the Libertarians take one reasonable position (one that the average guy can get behind) on one major issue to show they really want to win elections. Don’t hold your breath. Holding extreme positions assures their continuing role of clinging to the fringe so they won’t have to produce. It’s all about the “party” (the fun part) — not about the Party (the hard part)– not about winning in the marketplace of ideas and therefore possible winning some elections.

  3. boyreporter says:

    I suppose. Principled in a “pox on both your houses” manner, which is a way for you folks to continue looking on from the outside. No getting one’s hands dirty, just nagging.

  4. Jason Pye says:

    There are many libertarians involved in policy matters (Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation and the Club for Growth). There are libertarians in Congress (Jeff Flake and Ron Paul, though I hesitate to call him a libertarian, immediately come to mind).

    The Libertarian Party, as a opposed to libertarians, has its issues. The party has been co-opted by anarchists and pot heads and driven serious, difference making individuals away from the party. The issues go deeper then your rant. There are individuals working in the party in hopes to turn the ship around, like Bob Barr for example, but there is much resistance and that is one of the things that ultimately led to my resignation as chairman of the party early last year.

    I’ve gotten involved with the Republican Liberty Caucus to work to get small government ideals back inside one of the two major parties, but I maintain my membership in the Libertarian Party.

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