An apology…….

In retrospect I probably should not have identified the source of those emails. I was not aware there was an “effort by some to have her removed from her position within the 9th District GOP”. I make it a rule not to get involved in petty disputes that pre-date my joining an organization. For that I apologize.

Updated on 3/2 to add: I’m told by several reliable sources that her apology was dated 2/25 – 3 days after the email was sent and 4 days before my original post.


  1. You don’t owe anyone an apology.

    If not for you IDing her, she might not have ever written that apology note — which was actually far more revealing (and damning) than her e-mail forwards.

    Forcing politicians to explain themselves is a good thing.

  2. Bill Simon says:


    “Damning?” Pull your head out of your rear-end…you’ve been sleeping with too many camels.

    (Oh, dear! Am I “racist” now, Andi?)

  3. gatormathis says:

    I submit that this race thing is something that will never end, nor be the same.

    Every “race” (of which the United States has many, and will have more as time goes on), has its own achievers, over achievers, under achievers, sorry slackers, theives, rogues, classes, regular folks, and any other designation of catergory, contained within the ranks there of.

    With the advent of technology, people will be “photoshopping” and distributing material of all sorts for all sorts of reasons.

    From obscene to politically correct and incorrect, religous, and so on and on, the proliferation of everything will only increase.

    All this said, it dosen’t mean people will be neither respectful or considerate in subject matter or distribution. They will from time to time puch the “send” or “enter” button, on items they will regret.

    Apologies will be given, feelings will be hurt, and insight into a person’s thinking will be unwittingly given, with lasting repercussion.

    I commented in a thread sometime earlier that people will have to be more careful from here on out, because “secrets”, just sho ain’t what they used to be.

    All things said or done, may be held against you. With the internet, You Tube, and all the cameras abounding (ask Brittany Spears), there won’t be many private moments left.

    And I won’t never forget one afternoon, years ago, as I was pulling a load of peanuts through a predominately African-American neighborhood, at a slow rate of speed, and spied something off to the right.

    There standing at the edge of the yard, was the little “jockey-man” statue, arm outstretched with the little horse-tie ring and all.

    And I guess, not to be outdone, the resident had gotten some “flesh” colored paint, and had him a little “caucasion” jockey-man holding court in his yard.

    I still remember all the chuckles the “good ole boys” got from that one, saying “I rekkon anybody can get em one of those jockey mens”.

    When I saw the shots shown in the thread previous the other day, I reminisced about the little jockey man, and thought, next we’ll be seeing a picture with Obama standing in the yard and looking at his little “Hillary” jockey out by the drive.

    One thing about the Democrat primaries, Hillary has went from thinking she was going to be easily annointed, to taking on that “rode hard and put up wet” look…….

    It is hard to imagine anyone having the strength to campaign for nomination non-stop, as hard as the candidates have the last two months.

    And they have months, yet to go.

  4. rugby fan says:

    “you’ve been sleeping with too many camels.

    (Oh, dear! Am I “racist” now, Andi?)”

    Well, if you are linking someone who has a vaguely Middle-Eastern name to stereotypes than yes.

    If you don’t believe what you said then you are just sick.

  5. Bill Simon says:


    Truly, based on the crap that I’ve seen Andi publish over the years regarding Republicans, it is Andy who should be apologizing to me.

    Oh, but that’s right, Andy…take the consistent Left-Wing stance of “Who, ME? Racist? A bigot? No, no, no, not me…I’m so innocent…I write the ‘truth’!”

  6. rugby fan says:

    I don’t think Andy has ever claimed anything you have said he has.

    However, you write something that is truly racist (or just sick if you don’t actually believe it) and you immediately become offended and cry over something not relevant to the matter at hand.

    Then again, we wouldn’t expect any sort of reasoned debate or consideration of issues from you Mr. Simon.

  7. Donkey Kong says:


    Not to pile on, and I typically enjoy your remarks, but I agree it was out of line. Ad hominem remarks such as that do absolutely no good whatsoever.

  8. Donkey Kong says:

    BTW, it doesn’t matter what he says at CL. I don’t waste my time read at CL ever since they named a good friend and man I really respect their “Scallywag of the Week” or whatever its called. Be a bigger man.

  9. Donkey Kong says:

    Hey Andy,

    For the first time in a while, I perused your blog. There was a caption to a picture with the name Vernon Jones, but the picture was of Snuggles. Who is this Vernon Jones? Just a little advice from a guy who dabbled in media in the past — you may want to correct the caption soon before it starts to hurt your credibility.

  10. Bill Simon says:

    Fine, Rodney Carmichael…writing ON THE LOAF’S WEB PAGE.

    SO, the Loaf obviously knows the whole story about the Clintons and their feelings toward Black America. That is (once again for the umpteenth time), the Clintons are of the mentality that the AA voters OWE them their allegiance. That is the definition of the “plantation mentality” that THE CLINTONS have about their former supporters.

  11. Donkey,

    I captioned that photo of “Vernon Jones.” Please don’t tell me I was duped. It will be the saddest day in all my 387 years as a journalist.

  12. Bill Simon,

    I’m not one to pile on, so I’ll just comment on Andisheh as a writer and a co-worker. The guy’s one of the most understanding and open-minded people you’ll ever meet. Your assumption that he “despises whiteys who don’t toe his left-wing socialist line” is so loaded with sensational language that it’s laughable.

    Your “joke” about Andisheh sleeping with camels — never dreamed I’d type those words — was also disappointing to read. Like Donkey Kong, I usually enjoy reading your comments on this site. From here on out I’ll overlook ’em.

  13. Jimbo says:

    It matters not that she apologized. That was just damage control. I received the offensive email but did not receive her apology.

    Chris Farris was right in posting the email. He put on notice that racism in emails was not being tolerated by the GOP. He lessened the possible impact and damage of the email to the GOP.

    The spin many of you are putting on that email to protect Mrs. Chambers is amusing. If someone you did not liek sent out that email, would you still be defending them?

    The email was offensive and Mrs. Chambers should have just deleted it and not sent it out. I don’t even know her and I received the email so it was not just sent to a few friends.

    Most that read that email will infer that the Clintons are humiliated to be defeated by a neg..
    How is that not racist?

  14. Bill Simon says:


    Yes. You know why? Because to spend time playing the Left’s politically-correct game of “gotcha” for every possible instance of ASSUMING what is going on in someone’s mind is to NOT have a functioning brain.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    “How is it not racist?”

    Here are several questions: HAS Barack Obama played-up his ethnicty at all?

    2) ARE the Clintons mad about losing to someone whom THEY think in their hearts “owe” them an allegiance of some sort?

  16. rugby fan says:

    I love how Bill is trying to turn this into a battle against “the Left [sic]” when even “the Right [sic]” is coming out strongly against this.

    He is the only one defending a racist comment. Interesting.

  17. John Konop says:


    Bettye Chambers’s have hearted apology letter was more telling than the e-mail. The letter demonstrated her lack of sensitivity to the issue.

    Once again she is party official and used party information to spread the hate mail. This is even more troublesome since she is in charge of communication. Do you not see the problem?

  18. Bill Simon says:

    “hate mail?”

    John…you can claim you are a “conservative” all you want, but your actions demonstrate differently.

    Her “letter” demonstrated that perhaps she doesn’t know how to address the un-addressable, not that it is anything “telling” about what she truly believes.

    AND, yes, John…I see a problem…the problem being that too many people in the world are too wrapped-up in trying to divine “racism” where there isn’t enough to rise to the level where YOU like to take it.

    I have Red Foxx CDs I listen to on occassion…does THAT make me a “racist?”

  19. Bill Simon says:


    Let me ask you something: You state that you cannot post on here under your “real name.”

    I guess that means that part of your fear would be you would be exposed for STEALING paid time from your employer for the time you spend posting on here during the work hours your employer is paying you for, right?

  20. Bill Simon says:

    John, Part 2

    You live in the wrong part of town. Move to Midtown where you can live amongst all the folks who can be as “sensitive” as you think everyone should be in the world.

  21. Bill Simon says:

    Rugby, Part 2

    On the other thread, it is Groseclose who first made the observation that the cartoon was not about “racism” but about the Clintons’ mentality. AND, GC is a Left-winger.

    Doug Deal also concurred with the same observation.

    The fact that Konop and Ferris are too naive about the whole issue to be able to discern the difference merely means they don’t have a clue.

  22. John Konop says:


    You can call define me as you wish. If you think taking into consideration how another person walks in his shoes is not conservative so be it. If you think because I am against gay bashing I am not conservative so be it.

  23. Bill Simon says:

    John, Part 3

    “Gay bashing”….so, you’re equating the forwarding of a depiction of the irony of what is going on in the Clinton household as equivalent to “gay-bashing?”

    THIS type of argument is what leads exactly to the “dumbing-down” of society.

    When we have people like you who want to DECIDE for everyone else what should pass muster on the “allowable humor scale”….that is truly the beginning of the end for a free society.

  24. Bill Simon says:


    I’ve been in politics for 12 years…much longer than YOU have. You don’t have enough knowledge or experience (like Chris farris) to understand things in any other light than what is on the surface of matters…and, “surface” observers generally should stay out of politics because they end up getting their “feelings hurt” because of their ignorance and naivete.

  25. rugby fan says:

    “I guess that means that part of your fear would be you would be exposed for STEALING paid time from your employer for the time you spend posting on here during the work hours your employer is paying you for, right?”

    No its because my boss doesn’t want employees to blog under their real names. Partly so that my boss is not embarrassed by the beliefs of his employees.

  26. jsm says:

    In the three threads on this topic, I have failed to see some things mentioned:

    First, portraying Hillary with implied shock that she could be beaten by someone of another race really is demeaning, no matter which minority race is mentioned. Even if racist undertones exist within the Clinton campaign, there are better ways to address such a claim.

    Second, this seems to show a generational gap. I know people of generations previous to mine that just don’t seem to grasp the serious effects of this type of “satire.” I’m not trying to bash these folks, because I truly believe they are good-hearted folks who simply miss the hurt that is caused. However, it is not okay to find humor in demeaning a person or a group of people solely because of skin color, even if it is meant to be ‘innocent’ in nature.

    Third, we must always take the high road. While I will not hesitate to classify a person based on his or her actions, I cannot poke fun by demeaning someone due to innate characteristics, which are beyond a person’s control. As a conservative, I endeavor to stay above the fray when race is brought into any issue and to focus on substance within any argument.

    I hope this has been a learning experience for those involved.

  27. rugby fan says:


    Society has determined that certain phrases are racist. If you chose not to accept those that is fine. But when you are labeled as a racist, don’t be surprised or upset.

  28. Bill Simon says:


    OhhhhhhHHHHhhhhhhhh…”society” has determined that “Negro” is a racist term.

    I did not know that…AND…I did not get the memo. I am not, however, going to “apologize” for not knowing, Rugby.

    I will, simply, go forward with the knowledge now that the term is a racist term and avoid it in the future.

    DO keep me apprised of any other terms that become:

    Anti-White Guy
    Anti-Rugby players
    Anti-Soccer Moms

    …and, I shall make every effort to comply with Society’s new norms.

    I’m counting on YOU, Rugby…you shall be my guide dog to lead me out of the wilderness.

  29. whitemalevoters says:

    We fail to see how Hillary Clinton is a racist. We also fail to see how Bill Simon is a racist. Last time we checked, Bill Simon didn’t wave around his confederate battle flag and claim it was because he was proud of his “heritage”. Last time we checked, Bill Simon wasn’t involved in Civil War re-enactments.

    How can Bill Simon or Hillary Clinton be racsists?

  30. Bill Simon says:


    Ya just had to ‘splain it to me…which, again, to go to JSM’s point about “generational gaps,” tell someone WHY they are a whatever, rather than just slinging the accusation around.

    Had you done that, you would have demonstrated the same patience I show on so many OTHER subjects on this blog. 🙂

  31. Doug Deal says:


    So people should stop giving to ? Negro, a term that I do not use, at least has a definite meaning, while African American is senseless. I once heard an speaker refer to “African Americans in the United Kingdom”. The term African refers to all people of African origin, which includes Egyptions, White South Africans, Morrocans, Tunisians and many others. Or are you making the racist claim that those people are not African?

    Negro, is the Spanish word for black and refers to blacks of all origins, not just Africa. Most race warlords do not seem to realize that a fair number of blacks come from islands, as well as the near east.

  32. John Konop says:


    Do you view every Democratic as a mortal enemy? Are we not all Americans? I have political differences with many people I still I like is that not possible for you?

  33. Bill Simon says:


    WHOM do YOU think I “dislike?” Now that you have presumed it from reading my arguments, name me/us/PeachPundit the list of people you think I “dislike?”

  34. rugby fan says:

    “Now that you have presumed it from reading my arguments, name me/us/PeachPundit the list of people you think I ‘dislike?'”

    ASH comes to mind.

  35. Bill Simon says:
  36. Bill Simon says:

    Dudes…I rarely develop personal animosities strictly from a blog like this SIMPLY because this is not personal. Stop taking it as such.


  37. Bill Simon says:


    If beating Tech allows the UGA whiners to have solace in their hour of LOSING the opportunity to get the SEC Title, then I am happy to oblige you. If it saves some pheasants from getting blown out of the sky because people like Jace are allowed another outlet for their frustration, we Techies are okay with that.

  38. Bill Simon says:

    Oh…in that case, “No”, John..I do not view every Democrat as my “mortal enemy.”

    HOWEVER, I do view people who are ignorant (be they GOP or DEM or none of the above) as the mortal enemy of success.

    Your hysterical piling-on regarding slamming Bettye Chambers for her mere forwarding on of a cartoon demonstrates just how ignorant YOU are.

    Your constant blame about the GOP being this, that, or the other, demonstrates more and more how signficantly immature you are about politics and people.

    Quite honestly, except for your fiscal views, you sound like a whining, ninny-bob liberal when you go hysterical over blaming Chambers for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG.

  39. John Konop says:


    I think rugby fan’s major party affiliation is rugby and beer drinking. I think you should take a deep breath and relax or have a beer with rugby fan on Sunday. This may upset Bettye Chambers, if so we will all read about via e-mail.

    I wonder what that cartoon will look like?

  40. Rick Day says:

    Its threads like this that give me hope that the Republican Party will eat itself alive.


    Then we will all smoke Camels, afterward.

  41. Chris says:

    Rick –

    Alas, after the GOP eats itself from the inside out, the majority ruling democrats will outlaw smoking because its causes the US Health Service to run over budget.

    They will also outlaw alcohol, fast food, and driving over 30mph.

    Careful what you wish for. There are worse things than gridlocked government (See: United States 2000-2006)

  42. Bill Simon says:


    They will not outlaw cigarettes. They love the tax too much ON the cigarettes.

    AND, when the Cuban cigar market opens-up, they will love taxing that market even more.

  43. Bill Simon says:


    Have you read about the new research on smoking? They’ve discovered that if you actually insert the lit end into the mouth that you get a better, purer nicotine kick.

    Check it out, and let us know how that works for you.

  44. Icarus says:

    Wrong Bill.

    They will outlaw cigarettes. They don’t want the competition for the newly legalized (and heavily taxed) weed.

  45. Bill Simon says:


    I suspect you think Bugs Bunny and Road Runner cartoons contain too much violence for the children, eh?

    Did yo march with Tipper Gore in the 1980s about explicit lyrics?

  46. John Konop says:

    rugby fan

    Is your sponsor (import) Heineken or (American made) Coors? And how much beer do you drink during membership meetings? And what is the cover charge? Remember Jace is almost ready to join.

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