Why the GOP has issues with minority outreach

I received an email a few days ago, and the tactlessness of it has been bothering me for quite awhile. First there is the use of the racial slur. Then there is the message is that it is somehow bad or shameful to lose to an African-American. (offensive language & images behind the cut)

Image One

Then there is this image of the Clintons and Obama that was sent out.
Image Two

Both of these images went out to a large distribution list. Is it any wonder the GOP has issues with minority outreach?

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  1. Groseclose says:

    While I agree that the GOP has problem with minority outreach, I am not sure why either of those pictures support that premise. Are most readers assuming because the emails were denigrating to Obama that the creator of this email was a Republican? Frankly thats a leap! And if GOPers are willing to take that leap so that they may condemn the Party’s outreach efforts , then therein lies the problem–the self-fulfilling prophesy that frames the GOP efforts.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Pretty lacking in anything that could remotely be labeled humor, but the second one looks more to be commentary about the racism of the Clintons camp, not a comment about blacks.

    I think the racial thing is a two-way street. For as many overt white racists I know, I know as many overt black racists. If all everyone does is look for the racist insult in everything, race will continue to be something of concern for the small minded of the world. If, on the other hand, it was given the same consideration of a blond joke, the issue would just go away. The fact is that people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton do not want it to go away.

    As for minorioty outreach, if blacks vote 90% for the Dems, no matter what, what reason is there for Reps or even Dems to work for their votes?

    If blacks even had a remote possibility of being a “wildcard” in any election, they would wield emmence power on both sides.

  3. Chris says:

    Because a good number of care about their economic freedom and prosperity, the world in which their kids will grow up, and the economic opportunities they will have.

    Limited Government Conservatives (vs “Government run by Conservatives is Great” conservatives) need to fight for the idea that government isn’t the solution in the battle of ideas with the left (and the afore mention other conservatives).

    Denigrating a racial group to make cheap political jokes doesn’t help in that battle of ideas. Its kinda like Al Qaeda blowing up Iraqi civilians. Sure it might give them a sick satisfaction, but its really self defeating in the long run.

  4. Burdell says:


    I googled “Bettye Chambers.” If she’s not a Republican then she needs to quit hanging around with them.

    Of course, if these pictures are her idea of “humor,” maybe the Republicans should quit hanging around people like her.

  5. juliobarrios says:

    I think the first pic is worse then the second. Since the second picture is titled “Clinton picture of WE have a dream” you could argue it’s satire based on how the Clinton’s have introduced race into the Primary.

    Luckovich does it all the time.

  6. Doug Deal says:


    When you reply to someone, you should mention their name in your post. However, it looks like you might be answering my rhetorical question of “why should Reps or Dems…”, or you are replying to Tommy’s question about why she would send that out to people she doesn’t know.

    I did not ask my rhetorical question to be answered, just to bring to mind the reason why blacks are ignored by the big two parties. Politics are driven by the economics of votes, and no one is going to invest huge sums of money for no change in the vote totals.

    I think the Republicans need to sell their message (well the small government one anyway) to the black community, but few in politics these days are willing to work for anything, no matter the potential reward. If a poll doesn’t show instant support for plan x or plan z, it is immediately abandoned.

    Until everyone wakes up to the fact that way too many people obsess about the relative melanin content of a person flesh, “race problems” will never go away. But it is so much easier to control people with hatred and righteous indignity than ideas.

  7. Chris says:

    Doug –
    But it is so much easier to control people with hatred and righteous indignity than ideas.

    Good point. See: Rove, Karl

  8. Doug Deal says:

    I was going to add his name, but edited it out before I posted.

    I pretty much dislike everything about Bush and his cronies. Karl Rove was hailed as a genius because he “won” two elections and Republicans maintained power in Congress through most of that time. He, in fact, was an idiot who nearly lost 2 presidential elections to people who would have lost 60-40 to Reagan and 55-45 to any decent candidate.

    I have never defended the Republicans, especially the spineless lot we see today, but I will not stand by and let Democrats act as if they aren’t much worse at pretty much everything.

  9. NonPartisanGA says:


    Alas sooner or later the minute someone accuses someone white of being racist, along comes someone else that feels compelled to make the point that there are black racists too.

    Its that same knee jerk reaction a child has when a corrected by their parent to say about their sibling “he did it to!!” as though that makes it OK – NOT!

    I do not excuse ignorance by racists in either group and I do not believe in punishing people for their thoughts a la “hate crimes”.

    The reality in America however is that white America in the majority of cases holds the power. Hence the effect of racists who happen to be white are more likely to have a huge impact on those they despise when it comes to making hiring choices, finding business partners et cetera. They will always find a reason why they did not choose an otherwise qualified black candidate.

    Yes there is reverse racism which is interestingly enough automatically assumed to be against white males. This again is the exception rather that the rule AND white males usually still have other options in spite of clear unfairness.

    Bottom line is its wrong for anyone to be racist, and one act does not excuse another, BUT there is a disproportionate day to day difference in magnitude of the impact on classes of people by racists that are white.

    Its the failure of conservative whites to acknowledge this reality that does indeed prevent inroads into republicans garnering support in the black community. It does not take long even on this BLOG to read racially offensive posts ADMITTEDLY by a small minority of those commenting. (I suspect there are others savvy enough – not to put their inappropriate assessments in writing)

    The failure by conservatives and the GOP to condemn racist acts, supports the false perception by blacks that the party is inherently racist.

    It also means that black conservative republicans often choose to stay in the closet for fear of retribution from other blacks without any hope of being defended by the GOP.

    My observations, from my vantage point, through my eyes….Galatians 3:28

  10. Doug Deal says:


    Oh sorry, I did not know that I was apparently part of the big white conspiracy where we meet to figure out how we are going to beat down other races. It is the adversarial group think that you exhibit here that is at the very heart of racism. Stop thinking about people as monolithic groups defined by their skin color, and perhaps the future will look a little brighter.

    If you look for the evil in people, that is all you will ever find.

  11. Big Man says:


    How about this…the first picture is only a satirical farce to remind people that the Clintons were never deserving of the “Pop Star” notoriety that was assigned to them by the mainstream media, nor by all of the exceptions that have been allowed them over the past 17 years. Instead it reminds people that they have never been, nor will they be anything but, ignorant southern Arkansans (Not New Yorkers) who have played the game of politics very well in getting minorities (blacks in this case) to think that they care more about them than they do for themselves and they have convinced the majority (90%) that their support enables them (the Clintons) to continue taking the lead in bearing the cross for all of the suffering that Blacks have endured in this Country. The Clintons have built a multimillion dollar lifestyle on the premise that they were the most caring people (for minorities/blacks) on the face of the earth and until she ran against a Obama, no one in the media had ever questioned if they were sincere in their, so called, connection with black community or simply using them for their political and personal multimillion dollar gain. Nor were their “Smear and Burn” tactics ever questioned, or acknowledged when it was used against Republicans, but when they attempted these same tactics on Obama, it came back to bite them in the backside. If you read anything more than that, perhaps you need to check yourself for the utilizing race to make a personal/political point against someone like Bettye Chambers. Racism is simply acknowledging race for a perceived personal gain; by demeaning tactics or by holding a higher regard for a specific ethnic group for any reason. Bettye Chambers only forwarded an email that made fun of an “ignorant” white woman from Little Rock, Arkansas. You on the other hand are using race with an intent to label and discredit Ms. Chambers because of your personal/political bias and/or gain. So I ask you…who is the racist here? Look in the mirror and you might see Al Sharpton looking back at you…

  12. Rmurphy says:

    FOlks, SHe’s a jerk that doesn’t respect people, and I don’t care if the jerk is the sender of this email or Louis Farakan, the point is, we need to not associate ourselves with them> What racial group has more racists in it is irrelevant to the matter at hand./

  13. boyreporter says:

    Hey, too much handwringing, too much analysis, too much hairsplitting in these posts about whether the GOP is racist or not. Clearly, the Southern branch of the Republican Party IS racist and always has been. The Dixiecrat-spawned GOP got its way in recent decades strictly because it gave a warm welcome to racists leaving the Democratic Party over civil rights issues. Now, this is not to say that EVERY Republican down here is a racist, but it is to say that the now-dominant Southern wing of the Republican Party has a shameful past to reckon with…and they ain’t reckoning with it. So today’s cardholders, whether they call themselves social conservatives (read: suspicious of anyone not like them) or fiscal conservatives (read: hypocrite) or just plain old Big C conservatives, they are tacitly approving of what their party elders did for party success: sell their souls. Remember: conservatives sat on the sidelines or actively opposed racial integration. The whole problem starts there.

  14. Rmurphy says:

    Um. .actually, check your history on who voted for what on the civil rights amendment and get back to me. .

  15. shep1975 says:

    Actually, for most of 100+ years, the Southern Republican Party was made up of blacks and “scalawags,” white Southerns who cooperated with Reconstruction. After the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Southerners started voting GOP on the federal level, but still Democrat on the state level. Georgia is a prime example.

    Strom Thurmond did switch to the GOP on the basis of the 1964 and 1965 Civil and Voting Rights Acts, but there was hardly a strong Southern swing to the GOP amoung other elected officials.

    To say that the historic roots of the GOP in the South is one of racism is ignorance, plain and simple. What’s more, it’s not good journalism, boyreporter.

  16. Chris says:

    I thought Strom left the Dems after Truman’s ’48 platform calling for civil rights. He ran in ’48 as a Dixiecrat and when the regional 3rd party thing didn’t work out he switched to the GOP.

  17. Bobby Kahn says:

    This isn’t that complicated. From Nixon’s southern strategy to Perdue’s racist use of the flag, the Republicans approach has been rather clear.

    Then there’s the voter ID bill and the gutting of predatory lending legislation. Have I mentioned how proud we as Georgians are of Hans von Spakovsky and the work he did as Assistant AG for Civil Rights at the “Justice” Department?

  18. NonPartisanGA says:

    Ug Deal,

    1) I did not accuse you personally of any conspiracy so do not misquote me.

    2) saying “For as many overt white racists I know, I know as many overt black racists. ” is a monolithic generalization too.

    3) I did not indite groups wholesale and if you read what I wrote you’ll see I qualified the generalizations for example “ADMITTEDLY by a small minority ”

    4) I did not use the word evil nor am I looking for it.

    5) The reality of life for the victims of racism and generalizations is they do not have to go looking for it as though they have a chip on their shoulder.

    When you are followed around stores like you are going to steal, or have white women clutch their purse when you pass by then perhaps you’ll acknowledge perhaps we are not in a color blind society.

  19. Doug Deal says:


    Jessie Jackson once said in the speech

    “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

    This is has nothing to do with racism, and does not make Jessie Jackson a racist. Recognizing that per capita that perpetrators of violent crime are more likely to be black than white is a reality. Whether or not it is an attractive one, is irrelevant.

    This has nothing to do with racism, or any kind of genetic differences between any group, but it has a lot to do with the cancer that race baiters have created in the culture. One that suggests the perpetrators of violence are victims of some sort of oppression from outside forces instead of bad people who need to be punished.

    Unlike most of you, I grew up in a poor neighborhood, and I have experienced all of these so called “racist” actions. Before I could afford a car better than an old 77′ Monte Carlo, I used to get stopped by police once a month for things so egregious as “turning to widely”, “touching the double yellow line” and “accelerating a little too quickly”. Once I got a decent car, police stops completely disappeared. As a kid, shop owners would keep an eye on me and my friends as well.

    This things have a whole lot more to do with experience than racism. To think that a man in a business suit worth several hundred dollars is going to steal a 40oz bottle of bud is foolishness. To not suspect that a teenager wearing a trench coat in the middle of summer , hovering around the alcohol cooler is not up to some sort of thievery is equally foolish.

    People strung out on drugs generally do not have the ability to make car payments on a Mercedes S class. Meth-heads are likely to be driving rusted out 77 Monte Carlo’s. It is in no way surprising to me that a cop would choose to pull over the latter to investigate.

    It is only those looking for racism that find it in every action committed by reasonable people. Most people are too busy and have more important things to think about than to spend their days looking for ways or oppressing minorities.

  20. shep1975 says:

    And Bobby, how about the mail pieces that the Georgia Democrat Party put out in 2002 claiming the Republicans were trying to silence blacks and bring back 1960’s style segregation? What about the fliers in 2000 the Democrat Party put out against Doug Stoner when he was running as an independent after Randy Sauder’s switch claiming he was a realitive and sympathizer of J.B. Stoner? And Doug was and is one of your own. What about the John Lewis, Andy Young, Shirley Franklin radio ad for John Eves?

    Once again, congrats on losing the Governor’s mansion, House and Senate. You were the best Party Chair the GA GOP ever had.

  21. NonPartisanGA says:


    Why are you assuming that if Jessie Jackson said something that would persuade me or prove it is true?

    This guy is a race warlord who hijacked the civil rights movement to line his pockets by blackmailing corporate America.

    Jessie Jackson is not my spokesman or the spokesman for black America. I can only presume you were trying unsuccessfully to insult me by draging the Pulpit Pimp into the discussion for your defense. Is the logic here because a black man agrees with your argument it must be true?

    DD I can wear a three hundred dollar suit and still have the security guard follow me around a department store – so drop your nonsense about the merits of racial profiling.

    It is easy to form conclusions in a vacuum lacking life experience or thinking from afar you’ve got it all figured out.

    You can rationalize all you want, but until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes, don’t profess to deny my real life experience.

    Acts 17:30

  22. Doug Deal says:


    You seem to be hopeless convinced that white people are out to get you, I cannot help you with that. Maybe one day, you will try not looking for the worst in others, you will see the best and have a better view of people in general.

    Just try it for one month. Try not assuming that the people you deal with have some sort of agenda against you. Try approaching them as friends. At the end of the month, if it doesn’t make people seem friendlier, go back to the old hate-filled way.

  23. rugby fan says:

    “Uh-ohh…the politically-correct Police are going to be after meeee…..words…oooohhhhh…baaaaaddd”

    So words have no meaning Bill? Are you trying to imply that? Because there are several slurs I could type about you that I am sure you would consider offensive.

  24. Bill Simon says:


    I realize Lefties like you tend to be clueless about this concept, but: FREE SPEECH is an equal-opportunity playing field.

    Slur-away. It’s not like I’m going to cry myself to sleep over what YOU tell me.

    And, who are you, again? Oh, yeah…someone with so much guts that he fakes return e-mail addresses EVERY single time he writes me with some “secret insider information.”

    Go for it, Rugby. Let it allllll out.

  25. Bill Simon says:

    Chris Farris,

    I wish you would get a clue as to what things mean, and don’t mean.

    The cartoons themselves were a representation of the CLINTON CAMP and their “plantation mentality” that they (Bill & Hillary) thought the blacks OWED them their support over any other candidate.

    The Photo-shopped image was accurate to those of us not of the Islamic Fundamentalist ilk that went after people like Saloman (sp?) Rushdie.

    If you don’t understand the humor as it APPLIES to the Clinton Camp, then you have not been paying attention to the political landscape.

  26. IndyInjun says:

    Bill Simon:

    Did you ever see the Jesse Jackson spoof about “Reparation H?”

    Anyone else?

    Did you laugh?

  27. rugby fan says:

    “I realize Lefties like you tend to be clueless about this concept, but: FREE SPEECH is an equal-opportunity playing field.”

    Free speech doesn’t mean you have the right to offend whomever you please.

    I like how you simply assume my political ideology because I choose not to offend people.

    Now its interesting that you claim I send messages from a fake email considering we have never had a problem communicating through email.

    Would love to post under my own name, if only my job allowed it.

  28. Bill Simon says:


    I have read your material for months. You’re not a centrist, and you’re not a right-winger. Ergo, that leaves very few directions possible.

    I recall one conversation, but I recall another time I tried to respond, and it was a no-go.

  29. John Konop says:


    The personal attacks on rugby fan are not cool! You can disagree with any of us on the issue but other than rugby fan trying to push me kid out of soccer and into rugby and beers he has always been a stand up guy!

  30. Bill Simon says:


    Truly…this is fascinating…I engage in tough discussions with Rugby, and YOU wade-in with the observation that I am “personally attacking” him!

    HELL, I don’t even know that he is a “he!” He might be a woman for all I know.

    I’m sure YOU will then interpret that as a sexist, misogynist attack from me against Rugby!

    YOU think calling someone a “left-winger” is a “personal attack?”

    You don’t know Jack Sh*t about things, John. And, I say that after knowing you 2 years…you STILL don’t know anything about politics or commonsense IN politics.

  31. rugby fan says:

    “other than rugby fan trying to push me kid out of soccer and into rugby and beers he has always been a stand up guy!”

    I believe that shows my fine upstanding character actually.

    “You’re not a centrist, and you’re not a right-winger”

    Thank you for edifying me on my beliefs Bill. Glad to know you understand my beliefs more than me.

  32. John Konop says:


    You are right I am a father, husband, friend and businessman before being a politician! When I first met you Bill I told you the issues mean more than party or politics to me. In your world I may have my priorities out of whack, but in my little world I sleep better at night!

  33. rugby fan says:

    “I’m still waiting for the slurs, my man.”

    Some of us respect people and try to be decent humans and won’t type them under any circumstances.

    If you can’t understand that I apologize.

  34. boyreporter says:

    Been away for a while, so just noticed the responses to my post about the Southern wing of the Republican Party having racist roots. It doesn’t matter that post-Civil War Republicans ’round here were black. It doesn’t matter that some (liberal) Republicans supported civil rights acts. What matters is, there was no viable Republican Party in the South during the turmoil of the civil rights era UNTIL conservative (read, segregationist) Democrats left and the GOP filled the racist void. That is the source of today’s solid GOP South: tainted seed.

  35. Icarus says:

    “…is like trying to fight wars with ping-pong balls.”

    My Navy buddies tell me they get extensive training in this type of warfare during shore leave in Thailand.

  36. boyreporter says:


    The way you constructed your sentence, it appears that you consider your attempts at “truth” and “facts” to be mere ping-pong balls. I agree.

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