Sticking up for Bettye Chambers.

While I agree with Chris’s larger point that when the GOP does stupid borderline racist or offensive things it hurts the Party’s standing with African-Americans, I will stick up for Bettye Chambers. She’s a fine person and valuable member of the GOP in this State.

I think the effort by some to have her removed from her position within the 9th District GOP is petty and counter-productive.

Here’s an email apology Bettye sent out at the urging of Hall GOP Chair Paul Stanley:

Dear Members of the 9th District

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that some people were offended by the content of an e-mail which I forwarded to friends on Friday evening, February 22. Paul Stanley of Hall County wrote me that he felt that it might be considered by some as racist. He copied 9th District Chairman Kevin Harris, and Kevin said that he had received some complaints on this. Please be assured that the 25 long-time conservative Republicans who have forwarded this to me are not at all racists. None of us judge a candidate by his/her color or gender, but rather by the content of their character, their platform and their record. We are all so focused upon keeping extreme liberals like Hillary and Obama out of our White House that e-mailers sometimes get carried away, I guess. If this offended anyone, I am truly sorry. Perhaps I am naive, but I did not consider it racist. Please note that this was not sent by me as Communications Director of the 9th District but just as an individual to friends — just as it was forwarded to me by many people. This one has been forwarded by so many people across the country that no one has any idea of its origin.

Please feel free to let me know at any time that you feel that anything that I send out for the district or that is posted on our website is inappropriate. Your suggestions for website content is always appreciated. It would be much better to tell me instead of complaining to Kevin, since he is very busy performing his duties as District Chairman — and doing an excellent job! I did appreciate Paul sending his opinion directly to me.


  1. heymaker says:

    The telling comment is the fact that 25 longtime conservatives emailed that thing to her.
    Which of course means that it can’t be racist. Because, after all, 25 longtime conservatives emailed it to her.

  2. PegM says:

    It is heinous that Bettye has been singled out for this “hit list”. I have received the same cartoons from about five different sources and just grinned and deleted. I for one, think she has nothing to apologize for. If folks cannot take satire…so be it.
    Bettye is one of the most important and hard working conservatives in this state and it is distasteful that anyone would besmirch this fine lady.

  3. Principles before Politics says:

    I too received this forwarded email from many people including Bettye. If anyone actually believes that Bettye Chambers is a racist then he or she should definitely sit and talk with Bettye and will soon believe differently. I feel that there is more to this story and it is not about this email but perhaps it was a good reason to attack Bettye. Bettye apologized and I believe it was genuine. She deserves another opportunity. Her service to the GOP (whether with Hall Co, 9th District, FRW, or the many other organizations that she is involved in) has done far more to benefit the party than this thoughtless email has done to harm the party.

  4. John Konop says:

    “I guess. If this offended anyone, I am truly sorry”

    Sorry Buzz you guys do not get it! This letter only further demonstrates the point Chris made in his post. Anyone not offended needs real help!

  5. John Konop says:


    I saw on your site that you are outspoken about illegal immigration. I was very outspoken about the issue years ago. Yet the issue was about exploitation or workers and tax payers to me not race.

    People like you who promote or turn a blind eye to racist comments or photos change the conversation from the issue to racism. Your attitude fuels the fights over issues like affirmative action over equal opportunity.

  6. ramblinwreck says:

    You and I share the exact same views on illegal immigration and it appears almost everything else.

    However, I thought the photo was amusing because of the way the Democrat party has pandered for decades for the black vote by making empty promises and implementing programs that didn’t elevate anyone but simply fostered a never-ending dependence on big government. Now that a personable, charismatic (although lacking in substance) black candidate comes along and poses a real threat to the Dem status quo they’re in a quandary about what to do. The Democrats are now hoist on the petard they’ve created over the last 40 years. That’s why I thought it was amusing.

    I believe you can find a lot more bigots (we need to re-visit the definition of racism before labeling people as having racist predilections in a blog) in Obama’s church than you’ll find among the people who thought that picture was funny. I can name a dozen or more people (Condi Rice, Herman Cain, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Lynn Swan, etc.) I’d vote for any day over the current crop of presidential candidates from either party. It’s about the ideas and the character of the individual to me, not race. If you want to fault me for not being hyper sensitive about stuff like this then I guess I’ll have to plead guilty but I don’t think it makes me or anyone else who relished the irony implied in the picture a racist.

  7. SugarHillDad says:

    Buzz, I am most curious about your comment, “I think the effort by some to have her removed from her position within the 9th District GOP is petty and counter-productive.” Who is trying to remove her? I think your post and her “appoligy” are both an attempt to distract from the issue.

    Look at her “appoligy.” First she says, “some people were offended by the content of an e-mail which I forwarded to friends.” I got the email and I know who Betty is but we are not friends, I barely kknow her. Are Chris Farris and her friends? Betty has been emailing people for years. Most of which I bet she is not friends with.

    Then she says, “Please be assured that the 25 long-time conservative Republicans who have forwarded this to me are not at all racists.” Why does she have to through anyone under the bus? And if it really was 25 no it does not make them racists but they may all be bigots.

    Then she says, “e-mailers sometimes get carried away, I guess.” First she should have said spamers but that is not my point. She says I guess, meaning she does not really mean what she is saying. So is the appoligy even meaningful?

    Then, “Please note that this was not sent by me as Communications Director of the 9th District but just as an individual to friends — just as it was forwarded to me by many people.” Again she claims to send it to only her friends (not accurate) and blames others for sending it to her first. If she is the communication director and she has sent out this what else has she sent out that may have offended others? I know she has emailed many things attacking John McCain even though she is, “so focused upon keeping extreme liberals like Hillary and Obama out of our White House.”

    When you put things in writing it is very important to be ready to accept your writing. These are just a few of my thoughts.

    Finally we in the Republican Party should know that you should never ever say the “N” word(s) or email it. I wonder what Reps. Willie Talton or Calvin Smyre would have thought if they would have received that email?

  8. John Konop says:


    In business we have a saying perception is reality. By having party officials spread the e-mail around it fuels the perception problem and diverts the debate from issues to racism.

    In any win-win relationship one must understand and appreciate the other person’s reality. If I am insensitive to their perception of reality I will end up with a dysfunctional deal. This concept is in the book “Art of War”.
    The greatest generals you never heard of because they use war as a last option. Antagonizing people only fuels the fight and does not solve the problem.

  9. ramblinwreck says:

    Excuse me but the “N” word wasn’t used in the picture. If we’re not going to use the word in the picture any more then I insist that going forward I be referred to as a European-American instead of Caucasian or, heaven forbid, WHITE.

  10. SugarHillDad says:

    ramblin, I challenge you to go into one of the black frat houses one day when you are down at tech and start quoting the shirt. Good luck with that.

  11. Tea Party says:

    I emailed the set of pictures to a longtime friend, a Conservative Charlestonian, Russian-Jew.

    He remarked:

    I do not know who sends this out but it aint right.
    Funny but not right.
    kinda of light weight compared to what conservstives take daily.
    I see a lot of bumper stickers
    “Some village in Texas is missing thier idiot”

    This is racism. It is wrong. It hurts the GOP.

    @John If perception were reality, the railroad tracks would actually meet in the distance… But I agree with your points…

  12. Rick Day says:

    We are all so focused upon keeping extreme liberals like Hillary and Obama out of our White House that e-mailers sometimes get carried away, I guess.

    As opposed to….slightly less extreme liberals like John McCain?


  13. A couple of things for you “SugarHillDad.”

    1) I think you know full well who is trying to remove Bettye Chambers from her position within the 9th District GOP.

    2) The “N” word as you put it, was not used in the email. I suppose some of those who are trying to have Bettye removed are saying it was but that, like the fact that you’re from Sugar Hill, is not accurate.

  14. Chris says:

    While the term “negro” might not be offensive as the other n-word with two g’s, some people do find it offensive. Even if the image was not intended to offend, the fact that some find it funny brings up a larger issue of lack of sensitivity within our party.

    Political Correctness is stupid, and often counter productive. But that doesn’t mean we should go out of our way to be deliberately offensive. GodHatesTrash was banned from this blog for being offensive (without substance). When a close friend of mine (who is gay) told me he found the term “flaggot” offensive I stopped using it. I don’t believe that is being PC. I believe that is showing respect for others.

    Yes there are some people who can find offense in anything. I tend to ignore those people. Even though I support giving them amnesty, I still refer to illegal immigrants as illegal immigrants.

  15. I agree Chris. We should all be careful not to be deliberately insulting to people.

    My objection to SugarHillDad was that when one says someone used the “n” word that is universally understood to mean a particular word, which was not used in Bettye’s email.

  16. griftdrift says:

    “kinda of light weight compared to what conservstives take daily”


    Not THAT’S funny.

    Apparently your car doesn’t have a radio.

  17. John Konop says:

    Buzz Brockway

    In all due respect Why do you not consider the e-mail racist or extremely insensitive? Do you think a party official should use a party e-mail list to spew hate mail?

  18. Dave Bearse says:

    Swap the heads of Huckabee and Boortz for those of the Clintons, and Herman Cain’s head for that of Obama’s. I adamantly oppose the fair tax, but I would find nothing amusing about that image.

    Conservatives that widely circulate such images as amusing exemplify a pup tent, not a big tent mentality.

  19. BubbaRich says:

    ramblinwreck and anyone else saying that
    the pictures weren’t racist:

    What, exactly, is funny about the picture of Chelsea? Can you explain what is funny, why somebody would find that picture funny, without appealing to any racist impulse? I don’t believe you can, but it would be interesting to see you try.

    The second picture is funny on one side because it is calling the Clintons racist. I suspect this is funny to Certain People because many of Clinton’s political opponents are actually racist and are tired of being told that they are. And it is a side benefit to many of them that the cartoon contains a racist visual that many of them get in trouble for.

    So you get to laugh at the Clintons for a ridiculous accusation, laugh at Obama for being a lawn jockey, and nobody can tell you you’re a Bad Person.

    But that’s just the second one, that does, at least, have some political commentary in it. The first one is less “cryptic.”

  20. BubbaRich says:


    With everybody saying that, you sound slightly less insane to the general public when you call very conservative Senator McCain “extreme liberal.”

    But in reality, those who can read know that you are extremely insane by saying that.

  21. Doug Deal says:


    How about producing someone who thinks the first image is funny, besides the person who originally sent it? We can all agree that one person, the creator of image #1, has some kind of bigotted predisposition, but you cannot go any firther than that without more evidence.

    Since it was attached to the same email as the second, there is no certainty that the point of the various forwardings was to forward the first or the second image. I cannot see how anyone could think that the first one is funny.

    The second one can be argued to be a poignant, and perhaps shockingly accurate political commentary on how the Clintons view blacks. If anything it denigrates the Clintons (by accusing them of having racist attitudes), not Obama.

    To me, the belief that Democrats seem to hold that blacks cannot be successful without the direct intervention of the government is about as racist as things come. On the other hand, the belief that more Republicans hold, that everyone can compete on their own merits regardless of their race is not.
    One day, we can ony hope that this “soft bigotry of low expectations” among Democrats will end.

  22. Jimbo says:

    I received the emails and I live in the Sixth District not Ninth.
    I did find them offensive and deleted them.

    I did not know she was an offical with the Ninth GOP District. Shouldn’t a district GOP official have the political acumen to know better than to send out such an email and not make such an error in judgement?

    As long as she is an official with the Ninth District, the Democrats will make it an issue…

  23. gatormathis says:

    I ain’t get it.

    So I don’t know whut the hell’s going on.

    On the subject of bigotry, what’d that dude ever name his baby?

    I hope he didn’t use one of those bigoted, three place names…………..

  24. aardfark says:

    I agree with GOP Girl about the apparent lack of common sense.

    That Bettye Chambers or someone in a similar position does not have enough sense to simply skip forwarding this is a little troubling.

    Sometimes a laps in judgment points to a much larger overall inability, and no amount of “I’m sorry” can make up for lacking leadership character.

    So if you’re in an area directly influenced by Bettye Chambers-type individuals, it’s up to you to make the correct assessment about their ability to do the job and then to act accordingly.

  25. Bill Simon says:

    Screw it…I’ll define what it ISN’T: It ISN’T vulgarity or jokes in “poor taste” which is what this PhotoShopped e-mail was.

    I’m tired of self-proclaimed “conservatives” claiming things are “racist” when, in fact, they ARE NOT.

    Was it “off-color”, yes. But “racist?” NO!

    Look-up “off-color” (which is meant to be a non-gender term, John) in Wikipedia:

  26. heymaker says:

    Depicting a black presidential candidate as a lawn jockey isn’t racist … not at all.

    Suggesting that losing to a lowly “Negro” is worse than just plain losing … that’s not racist either, right guys?


    Somebody ought to preserve this thread in amber.

  27. Bill Simon says:


    WHAT IS “RACIST?” Define it before you seek to accuse people of committing it.

    Or, is it more easy to just toss accusations/insinuations?

    If you need some industrial equipment to pull your head out of your rear-end, let me know. I know a construction foreman who’d be happy to help you.

  28. Romegaguy says:

    I didnt realize that Paul Stanley is a Republican and lives in North Georgia. Maybe he and Gene could do a fundraiser at some time

  29. John Konop says:


    While ‘racism’ most commonly denotes race-based prejudice, violence, discrimination, or oppression, the term can also have varying and hotly contested definitions. ‘Racialism’ is a related term intended to avoid these negative meanings. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, racism is a belief or ideology that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially to distinguish it as being either superior or inferior to another race or races. The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines racism as a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race, and that it is also the prejudice based on such a belief.[1] The Macquarie Dictionary defines racism thus: the belief that human races have distinctive characteristics which determine their respective cultures, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule or dominate others.


  30. Bill Simon says:


    Sooo…if I happen to be an equal-opportunity insulter (be the person white, black, Andi, Robert Trim, Hillary Clinton, or WHOEVER), then I certainly cannot be found guilty of being a “racist.”

    A smart-ass, YES.

    You sound like you want to join the Thought Police, John. Free speech is FREE SPEECH.

    The cartoons themselves were a representation of the CLINTON CAMP and their “plantation mentality” that they (Bill & Hillary) thought the blacks OWED them their support over any other candidate.

    The Photo-shopped image was accurate to those of us not of the Islamic Fundamentalist ilk that went after Rushdie.

    If you don’t understand the humor as it APPLIES to the Clinton Camp, then you have not been paying attention to the political landscape.

  31. Bill Simon says:

    The above comment applies to Konop, Hey, Bobby Kahn, Fark-o, Andi, Chris Farris, et al.

    By the way, Chris Farris, the Libertarian Party is calling you back….

  32. IndyInjun says:

    GOP Girl wrote; “Some people just don’t use common sense.”

    It looks here that there are a lot in the pitiful remnant of a ‘Grand Old Party’ that is left who don’t HAVE common sense.

    Glenn Richardson is Exhibit A.

    Rasmussen just posted a poll showing the GOP brand to have fallen 10 percentage points behind the Dems.

    Doing stupid things like saying Barak HUSSEIN Obama ad infinitum is going to get their asses kicked worse than 2006.

    Ridicule of one’s opponent in such mean spirited ways, when your own have failed monstrously when handed all 3 branches of government will fail…..Something about people in glass houses throwing stones, or men on gasoline barges firing flaming arrows come to mind.

    GOP, you’re doing a heck of a job.

  33. Chris says:


    The LP has its own issues. See the Ron Paul newsletter scandal.

    And quote to me where I called Bettye a racist. The only time I used the term race was to define “negro” as a racial slur. Using a racial slur doesn’t make one a racist. Otherwise Chris Rock would be up there with David Duke. 🙂

  34. IndyInjun says:

    “The LP has its own issues. See the Ron Paul newsletter scandal.”

    Ron Paul is a REPUBLICAN, the only one running under that banner who meets its principles.

    He isn’t going around emphasizing Obama’s middle name as party to a year 2008 GOP lynch mob, though.

    I predict that all of the GOP attack dogs are only going to give each other rabies this time out.

  35. Bill Simon says:


    Due to YOUR ignorance about the image, and what it meant (i.e., it was not a “racist” commentary on Obama’s success), YOU caused this entire furor by wondering out loud “Gee, no wonder the GOP has a problem with minority outreach.”

    The PhotoShopped image had ZERO to do with the GOP. It was a pictorial on the fact that the Clintons thought they could corral all of the African-American vote for THEM. It’s called just desserts on the Clintons and their self-absorbed mentality that THETY were due something from the black voters.

    That’s why I invited you back to the LP. You don’t appear to be very politically aware of what the hell is going on.

  36. John Konop says:


    A party official of the GOP sent the e-mail out to a party list and was in charge of communication. How you do not get this blows my mind!

  37. Bill Simon says:


    NO, John…how YOU don’t get it blows my mind. There is no “right thing” when one is acting out of childish ignorance of the world around them.

    You and Chris are like the fire-alarm pullers in a crowded theater who see someone flick their BIC.

  38. Hank Reardan says:

    Chris farris
    The Ron Paul news letter. Last time I checked Ron Paul was running as a Republican.I dont know how big of a deal it was but it was not a Libertarian proplem.

  39. Jace Walden says:


    The GOP is a f*cked up organization. Even more f*cked up than the Democratic Party. Both parties are full of race pimps, class warfare promoters and individuals who do not respect individual freedom. It’s time you realized that.

  40. Bill Simon says:


    I’m surprised YOU aren’t on here defending someone’s right to free speech…or, for someone’s right to have a different sense of humor about someone else’s depiction of their sense of humor.

    WHERE is your outrage about THAT, Jace?????

  41. Jace Walden says:


    D*mn, you’re so f*cking smart. Why do I ever bother arguing with you? You are the SMARTEST person to ever post on a blog. Jesus Tap-dancing Christ, Bill. I wish I was as smart as you.

    I never said she doesn’t have a right to say any of that. I never even said she was a racist. I didn’t say anything of the sort. All did was get on your case for constantly defending the indefinsible GOP.

    Whether you like it or not, Bill, your party is just as full of race pimps, populist f*cks, and fear mongerers as the Democratic party.

    I’m not mad at you or anything…I just wish you could see it.

  42. Bill Simon says:


    Right….I “ALWAYS” support the GOP…right…that’s me….that’s why everyone in the GOP loves me…’cause I “support” every single thing all Republicans ever do…yeah…you got me pegged, Jace….

  43. Bill Simon says:

    Jace, Part 2

    I have no quibble with your accusations about the GOP…however, Bettye Chambers ISN’T a racist, and THAT is why I have written what I wrote in this thread.

  44. Jace Walden says:


    Cool man. I have no quabbles with you either. Sorry I was cussing so much. I just came off a week with the military in the Republic of Georgia. I cuss a lot more when I’m doing stuff with the Guard. I’m in the process of re-acclimatizing to this Georgia.

  45. Jace Walden says:

    And what I meant by constantly defending the GOP, you took it the wrong way.

    You do criticize the GOP, but you always seem to do it on your own terms. When one of these “lefties” do it, your rebuttals seem to be nothing but full-throated partisan comebacks. A lot of times, lefties are right about the GOP. Just like a lot of times, GOP is right about lefties.

  46. Doug Deal says:

    Bill and Jace,

    This is a spontaneous lovefest unheard of since the closing of a certain thread that shall be left un-named. (For the children!)

  47. IndyInjun says:


    Thanks for the cultural adjustment, I was beginning to worry.

    I wonder how many gazillions of times we will be treated to Barak HUSSEIN Obama before November, by the swift boating Rovites.

  48. Indy,

    Are you aware Rove is out there saying it’s a mistake to use Obama’s middle name as a pejorative? Are you also aware that Clinton supporters like Bob Kerrey have used Obama’s middle name as a pejorative?

  49. Jace Walden says:

    To Whom it May Concern: (Rugby_fan, Icarus, Doug Deal, Bill Simon, Dr. Jay, IndyInjun, Donkey Kong, et al.)


    Although I am not a member of the committee (and deservedly so); and although I do not claim to speak on behalf of the committee (and deservedly so), I propose that we choose this very thread to carry on the dream.

    Clayton can shut down a thread here or there. But he can’t shut down all of them. We will continue to fight until he recognizes our triumph or until WordPress crashes, or until we get to 10,000 comments.

    After all, was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

    What say you?

  50. IndyInjun says:


    I am just saying that it will be used and abused by the cadre of swift boaters ad infinitum. If it is too Rovian for Rove is beside the point.

  51. Bill Simon says:

    Somewhere…in some town in Japan 5 or 10 years from now…someoneis going to stumble upon this utterance of that famous Animal House line, as well as Chris Ferris’s original comment repeating it…someone who has, like Jace, never seen the movie…they are going to read that snippet and think “Who is teaching these stupid ‘Americans history? No wonder America is having their lunch eaten by other countries. Soooooo stupid….

  52. Jace Walden says:

    Bill, I have seen the movie. I saw it about 2 weeks ago. We established this in the thread of dreams. I’ve already shifted my focus to other classics. Next on my list is “Caddyshack”.

  53. Icarus says:


    You’re late.


    We may have to insist you quit your selfish “serving the country” stuff so you can focus on matters at hand, for the children.

    Scroll back a few days…

  54. Chris says:

    I’m pretty sure “Was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor” has been quoted somewhere other that PP between Animal House’s release and my Fred Thompson post.

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