Let the Gaudy Begin!

Jekyll development can be ostentatious and gaudy thanks to the State Senate.

A Georgia Senate panel torpedoed a trio of proposals Thursday that could have scaled back an ambitious plan to redevelop state-owned Jekyll Island.

The Senate Economic Development Committee defeated measures that would have limited hotel prices and restricted construction on parts of Jekyll, a 7.5-mile barrier island which is required by law to remain 65 percent untouched.

State Sen. Jeff Chapman said he authored the measures to combat “wildly unpopular” plans to create hotels he said were too pricey for average residents to enjoy.

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  1. The Comma Guy says:

    I know many don’t care or seem to, but turning a state park into another Reynolds Plantation makes me sad. If you want to pay $Texas for a beach vacation, Sea Island is only too happy to take your money and let you play on their golf courses. I guess this is the group of folks who want to show Bill 3 up for hosting the President and other world leaders a couple of years ago and not spreading the wealth.

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