Jeepers Creepers

I just think this is kind of creepy. We’re going to weigh all the kids in school twice a year. Are we then going to send the fat ones to re-education camps or just take their parents’ state benefits away (or the kids) if the little porkers don’t lose weight?

Creepy. And from Republicans.


  1. joltenjoe says:

    What is even more scary is if/when the Dems finally get the “everybody get government insurance” passed, the will be asking for this also…

    Repubs/Dems all the same these days.

  2. Demonbeck says:

    We could give them government mandated liposuction and then create our own fuel to power the Georgia State Patrol

  3. StevePerkins says:

    Libertarian or not, I don’t really see the big deal here. When I was a kid, the school screened us for scoliosis (sp?)… and in elementary school they would have a dental hygienist come in once a year to teach kids how to brush and floss because literally half of them had never been taught by their parents.

    You already have to step on the scales if you participate in ANY kind of athletics. I got weighed in as part of normal PE class, they just weren’t writing it down. Even under these rules, an individual child’s weight isn’t reported to anyone other than the parents. All data is processed in the aggregate. I fail to see the privacy issue.

    As for fat kids getting ostracized… well, for one thing, they’re ALREADY ostracized. Obesity is the last physical characteristic on earth that it’s still politically correct to mock, so fat kids already catch all the heat that used to be directed to people based on race and religion. Secondly, the more fat kids a district has, the more likely they that district is to RECEIVE money for PE, not lose it… so I don’t buy the argument that schools will have incentive to ostracize or boot out their fat kids.

    I just keep going back to my memories of half my classmates not knowing what dental floss is. Out here on the Internets, we’re a relatively educated and affluent bunch. However, among the general public, I think it’s often underestimated to what degree most parents SUCK. I have no problem with kids and their parents being told how much they way. What, if anything, they do following that wake-up call is up to them.

  4. joltenjoe says:

    So in otherwords, even though you consider yourself a Libertarian, you think nannystatism is ok.

    Why? Because “MOST” parents “suck”.

    Such is the Rhetoric of Nannystaters.

    Kinda like “Give up your liberties for safety!”

    There will always be an excuse for any group.

  5. Dave says:

    There shouldn’t be any “state benefits” for the little snaggle-tooth hogs in the first place! Sheeeeeeesh! If the parent’s can’t pay for the care of there own kids, it isn’t my job to make sure the fat little s**t doesn’t come down with type 2 diabetes. Enough of the womb to the tomb crap!

  6. Tea Party says:

    Best Line on a Friday:

    “little snaggle tooth hogs”

    Best Line overall:

    The government knows what is best for me.

    Support the government.

    Your killin’ me here! ! ! !

  7. StevePerkins says:

    Forcing you to lose weight is nanny-state. I fail to see how telling you what your weight is rises to that level. This sounds like an overblown tempest-in-a-teacup is all I’m saying.

  8. aardfark says:

    I would agree with this measure 100% as long as it includes every member of the General Assembly.

    Overweight legislators should be fined and have all compensations garnished until they lose a pound or 10.

    /what’s good for the snaggle-tooth hogs….

  9. Steve,

    The problem I have with this bill is contained in this paragraph from the story:

    Once collected, the data would be provided in aggregate form to the state Board of Education and the averages would be posted on each school district’s Web site for the public to inspect.

    Individual districts could then decide what – if any – steps to take in its physical education curriculum.

    I’m sure some, perhaps most, districts will do nothing because it costs money to add new programs. However, I can see a wealthy district creating a good ‘ole fashion progressive program to monitor students food intake and visiting the students home to see just what these parents are doing to make their kid so fat.

  10. Donkey Kong says:

    My God, why can’t these legislators spend time cutting our taxes, increasing the efficiency of state agencies, curtailing abortion on demand, and reforming the state tax code (in a decentralized, non-GREAT-plan manner)?

    Oh. Right. That would make them conservative.

  11. bowersville says:

    Barack Obama, “We can’t keep feeding our children junk all day long, giving them no exercise. They’re overweight by the time they are four or five years old and then we’re surprised when they get sick…” (Drudge Report)

    It’s nice to know our state Republican governing body is in step with the national Democratic movement. Especially in a Presidential election year.

  12. Donkey Kong says:

    You know, my gut instinct was that this was a bad thing, but if we are going to have public education, this isn’t that bad of an idea. It’s this line that helped change my opinion:

    Individual districts could then decide what – if any – steps to take in its physical education curriculum.

    The purpose of this is to improve the PE curriculum the school offers. I know ultimately this is the government that is conducting this measure, still, in schools, its not a bad idea.

  13. Dave says:

    50 laps everyday around the basketball court in the gym oughtta do it!! You don’t need any PE “curriculum” to do that either.

  14. Donkey Kong says:

    But Dave, you would make the fat kids feel bad because they are slower than the others. And we just can’t let kids think that others are better than them in anything.

  15. Dave says:

    Funny thing is, the others are better. Ok, then let’s slaughter them and have them for lunch! How’s that!?

  16. Dave says:

    LOL! Well hell, they took PE out of most schools a long time ago. I’m not sure how old you are but I used to have PE in each grade from 1st through 10th. It’s no wonder we’re getting fatter!

  17. Bill Simon says:


    How about morning calisthenics piped-in on every cable TV services’ public access channel?

    Let’s write a new bill requiring that!

  18. Donkey Kong says:

    I had PE in each grade until high school, when I only had it for one year. Granted, I went to a private school. But, hey, we still had fat kids, and they knew they were fat, and that’s the way it was. Until high school, that is, when football forced them to lose weight and they got in shape. What we need is more kids playing football outside rather than on their Wii (sorry Erick…).

  19. Donkey Kong says:

    Or, while we’re in the mood for new taxes, why not a fat tax? For each point of body fat over a maximum level on a kid, parents must pay an additional tax. That oughta teach them. After all, those other sin taxes such as cigarette and alcohol taxes do so well in curbing behavior our government says is harmful.

  20. Dave says:

    Give me a crusty old coach with a whistle making these kids do real exercise for one hour a day. We’ve got retired military personnel who would be a god-send for this. No notes from parents excusing fat little Chauncy from PE because of some made up excuse! Trust me mommy, he ain’t got a overactive thyroid!! He’s just a pig!

  21. gatormathis says:

    “Only in America will you find obese people living in poverty.”

    A quote I remeber reading somewhere, but don’t rember where.

  22. gatormathis says:

    clarification on above comment, it is not meant to infer only poor people are overweight.

  23. Loren says:

    Libertarian or not, I don’t really see the big deal here. When I was a kid, the school screened us for scoliosis (sp?)… and in elementary school they would have a dental hygienist come in once a year to teach kids how to brush and floss because literally half of them had never been taught by their parents.

    I don’t recall any hygienists, but I definitely remember the scoliosis tests. And when I was in elementary school, they also annually tested our eyesight and hearing. Merely weighing students and reporting to the parents doesn’t bother me any more than those tests. As was pointed out above, the big concern should be what the school chooses to do with that information (for instance, I don’t recall the school ever publishing aggregate information about students’ spines or eyes).

  24. StevePerkins says:

    Good Lord, this thread is retarded. Occasionally a Ron Paul guy will say something about fiscal policy and devaluation, and be met with a chorus of guffaws and “you’re so crazy!” comments. Then the state plans on simply telling parents how much their schoolchildren weigh… and there’s a chorus of outrage, with comments suggesting that this is the “slippery slope” to fascism or communism or whatever.

    No one has really pointed to anything outrageous in this bill. The concern rather seems to be that this step COULD lead to another step, which COULD lead to a further step, which COULD eventually lead to someone daring to say that you porkers oughtta eat fewer Twinkies. But because of that inference on top of an inference on top of an inference, we gotta rise up and nip this thing at the bud now!

    Remind me again who’s wearing the tin-foil hats on this site?

  25. Bill Simon says:

    Well, Steve, it actually all started with the concept of Original Sin…THAT was the First Step to leading to the downward spiral of society…. 😉

  26. Chris says:


    I oppose this bill because the statute doesn’t require the local school to destroy the individually indentifiable BMI information after the data is aggregated.

    And I do make the slipperly slope arguement, because after all Social Security Numbers will never be used as a national ID number. FDR promised us that.

    I also think its a waste of money, but in the grand scheme of money wastes its not much to get worked up over.

  27. Tekneek says:

    The problem is using the school system as a government laboratory. Not that there are many people left that are naive enough to think that government schools are really about education. They are all about control and indoctrination.

  28. Bill Simon says:


    You are correct. Would you also agree that the Religious Right is not really about “religion,” but about control and indoctrination as well?

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