Georgia Democrats say No Way to 175 New Taxes by Republicans

Republican Tax Plan Undermines Education, Breaks Cities and Counties, and Increases Taxes on Working Families and the Elderly

House and Senate Democrats today announced their strong opposition to HR 1246 and HB 979 which is the Republican Tax Plan that puts 175 new taxes on Georgia’s citizens.

“Democrats are not against tax reform. We have our own property tax cut plan but we cannot and will not support tax reform that undermines education, breaks cities and counties, and increases taxes on working families and the elderly in Georgia,” said House Democratic Leader DuBose Porter (D-Dublin). “The Republican Tax Plan puts 175 new taxes on Georgians – from grits to putting you in the grave. The Republican tax plan is not just a new tax on food but a laundry list of 175 new taxes that would include haircuts, auto parts, ATM fees, home improvements – all would be taxed under the Republican Tax Plan.”

According to House Democratic Caucus Chairman Calvin Smyre (D-Columbus), “Right now, Georgia is entering tough economic times. Families are starting to feel the pain of the Republican recession. Republicans in Georgia have been poor stewards of your money, and the only answer they offer is to create 175 new taxes. And what are those taxes? If you go to the barber shop of the beauty shop, you will be taxed. If you go to a lawyer to have a will done, you will be taxed. If you take your car to the shop, you will be taxed. If you have a death in your family, the funeral services, the digging of their grave will be taxed. When you go to get your taxes done, you guessed it, you will be taxed.”

“On behalf of my Democratic colleagues in the Senate, we’re pleased to stand here in solidarity with our friends in the House Democratic Caucus,” said Senate Democratic Leader Robert Brown (D-Macon). “We Democrats outlawed taxing groceries nearly a decade ago, and we are not about to allow the Republicans to tax groceries now. The kitchen table should never be taxed.”

The Georgia Democratic Legislative Caucus released the following list of the 175 new taxes under the Republican Tax Plan.


  1. JRM2016 says:

    Hey Andre!

    Why are House Democrats unwilling to let the people of Georgia vote to declare English the Official Langauge of the State of Georgia (HR 413)? What are they afraid of? Democracy?

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Progressive Dem,

    When you tax income, you are doing the very same thing. Taxing all of one’s income in the form of income tax is the very same thing as taxing it when it is spent, only with sales tax; at least you aren’t taxed on what you don’t spend. You Dems seem perfectly willing to tax the money someone is to pay for health care or private health insurance, why do you suddenly concern yourself now?

    One day you Dems will actually have ideas again, and your platform will be something other than a big negative sign placed in front of the Republican platform. Until that day, be comfortable on the sidelines.

  3. Doug Deal says:


    Perhaps, and it will be deservedly so, but it should be because the Democrats have actually done something to merit leadership, not because the Republicans have become just as bad, more recently.

    That is all the Democrats on every level have. Look how bad the Republicans are, lets go back to our failed ideas from the new deal, the 60s and 70s.

    I would love to have a choice when I go to the polls. I would love to have any faith in the Democrats’ ability to ever hoist mantle of leadership in any elected office at any level. But they have done everything to lose that faith and nothing to gain it.

    Bobby Kahn oppitimizes the Democratic party the way he spews innuendos and half truths against Republicans, yet gives a pass to the horrible excesses, corruption and racism of the Democrats.

    Unless you are willing to fight the problems in your own house by people who supposedly carry your own banner, you have no right to critique that of the other side.

  4. dorian says:

    I disagree. The republicans have come up with stupid idea after stupid idea. First time since reconstruction we’ve had them in power, and what? If I came up with a tax that said you had to pay me $1.00 on greenhouse gasses every time you farted, you don’t get to criticize me because you don’t have an alternate way to tax farts? Maybe, farts just ought not be taxed.

    I’m not, in any way, defending the democrats. My personal philosophy is that there isn’t a hairs breadth difference in the lot of them, but they are on the right side of this issue.

  5. JRM2016 says:

    I sure wish someone with front page posting status or on this thread could explain to me why we cannot get a statewide up or down vote on making English the Official Language of the State of Georgia.

  6. Ms_midtown says:

    The Dems now have a statewide campaign slogan, the Dems need to all run on 2-3 issues and keep their message in the media.

    “We Democrats outlawed taxing groceries nearly a decade ago, and we are not about to allow the Republicans to tax groceries now. The kitchen table should never be taxed”

  7. Rogue109 says:


    Per O.C.G.A. § 50-3-100(a), isn’t English already designated the official language of the State of Georgia?

  8. AubieTurtle says:

    Don’t worry boys and girls. If the Democrats retake control of state government, nothing will change except all those little R letters after the politicians’ names that use to be D will once again become a D.

    How many times can one change their political party to match the changing direction of the political winds? My guess is that in Georgia, you can “see the light” as many times as you want. Just make sure you have a P.O. Box in your district.

  9. IndyInjun says:

    It is nothing short of amazing that the Georgia GOP Congressional delegation continues to push a far-more damaging Fair???tax which simultaneously puts a 30% tax on Grandma’s nursing home care and a $trillion forgiveness of back taxes by companies like Shell Oil, who funded the charade.

    One would think they would have taken the chilly reception for GREAT as a hint.

    Citizens buying ‘tax reform’ from either DC or Atlanta branches of the GOP are the same kind of folks who buy fire extinguishers from known arsonists.

    The Dems should use this foolishness as a battering ram against the GOP, a party with a death wish.

    It is a GREAT and totally FAIR strategy, eh?

  10. dorian says:

    One presupposes Indy that the republicans care one whit about how much the average Georgian is taxed. I’ve never thought this was about taxes. It is about a power grab by Richardson visa vis taxpaying Gerogians. If it passes, anyone care to wager a fall 2009 release of “I, Richardson”?

  11. Bill Simon says:


    But…I seriously doubt that the Dems would be against these bills if they had been proposed by a Dem Speaker or a Dem Governor.

    Therein is the fallacy of Dems claiming they are against ANY taxes, new or old. They LOVE taxing working people; they just couch in different terms.

  12. Progressive Dem says:


    Let’s frame the issue around liberal versus conservative ideas and not Democrats and Republicans. The legacy of liberals is very proud and positive. On the big issues of our time, liberals have been correct: Cold War, Viet Nam, Civil Rights, equal rights for women, protecting the enviornment, nuclear proliferation, human rights, expanded health care for the disabled, elderly and poor; transportation, and keeping the executive branch in check. The Democrats have had plenty of good ideas and when they regain a consistent message they will return to power in Georgia.

  13. IndyInjun says:

    “…..when they regain a consistent message they will return to power in Georgia.”

    Or when the GOP becomes utterly repugnant in its arrogance and greed.

  14. Doug Deal says:


    How were liberals “correct” on the cold war? Surrender to Russia at the first opportunity, because Communism was inevitable? I am glad we chose “wrongly” on that issue. How were liberals correct on “keeping the executive branch in check”? Is that by expanding its power through executive fiat and the use of executive orders a la Bill Clinton, or threatening the independence of the Judiciary by attempting to pack the Supreme Court like Roosevelt? Yes, liberals were right on all of these issues. Luckily, for the sake of freedom, the Conservatives convinced us to take the wrong path.

    Here is just a sample of the ideas that liberals such as Obama are floating around.

    Simplify Tax Filings for Middle Class Americans: Obama will dramatically simplify tax filings so that millions of Americans will be able to do their taxes in less than five minutes. Obama will ensure that the IRS uses the information it already gets from banks and employers to give taxpayers the option of pre-filled tax forms to verify, sign and return.

    Great, a stronger big brother, watching each and every expenditure, just to make tax filing easier.

    Expand Service-Learning in Our Nation’s Schools: Obama will set a goal that all middle and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year.

    I think they had some sort of involuntary servitude like this back before the civil war. This program sure has a certain amount of irony to it.

    Require 100 Hours of Service in College: Obama will establish a new American Opportunity Tax Credit that is worth $4,000 a year in exchange for 100 hours of public service a year.

    Obama wants to force people to work, and then pay them $40 an hour? If there are 10 million college students, isn’t that $40 Billion in benefits alone? How many people will he sentence to jail if they don’t want to work, or will he just expel them?

    These programs will indeed bring the left and right together, but no one had any idea that he meant into forced labor camps.

  15. Tea Party says:

    Whew, I a gone a few days to keep my GOP from taxing the stew outta Dunwoody, and y’all erupt into a full blown ideological food fight!

    Bear with me, there is a correlation to the thread topic . Both the Dunwoody bill, SB82, & more egregiously, statwide implications of SB83 Property Asset Transfer, are new tax bills originating from the Senate.

    Does anyone else see that the Senate is creating tax bills? Since when did that start? Did I miss something?

    Understandably, the House is so tired of the topic of Dunwoody.

    As Rep. Austin Scott jokes about ‘watching his back’, one hopes the poorly budgeted, historic ‘do-pass’ bill will wither on the floor.

    Despite the red herrings of ‘self-determination’ and ‘right to vote’ nonsense, this is ANOTHER GOP tax bill. Literally, an invoice to Perimeter Community Improvement District businesses.

    First time in history we witness the Resurrection before Easter.

    Thank you for your indulgence; I see a consumption tax as neither progressive or economically sound. I firmly believe that “thems’ with more, should pay more.”

    This tax affects folks equally, we all have to eat. Obviously, the more dough you have doesn’t mean you eat any more. So the tax is proportionately adversely affects most people, we all have to eat regardless of what percentage of income or wealth your net worth may be.

    Are we to believe that consumption habits shall remain the same after this tax change? I think that is folly, people that can avoid a consumption tax, will avoid a consumption tax.

    Which means that, business in Georgia will suffer as people figure out ways to buy out of state.

  16. IndyInjun says:

    “Which means that, business in Georgia will suffer as people figure out ways to buy out of state.”

    Upon which the full power of the Department of Revenue to audit individuals for USE tax will be pulled off the shelf, dusted off, and put into play in the same manner as the IRS operates.

    Buying out of state does not remove the liability, it only escapes imposition by the seller.

  17. Tea Party says:

    Great foil, Indy,

    Yep, the ‘use’ tax police will get shiny new powers to make sure revenues are paid.

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