The squeaky wheel and Tom Wagoner

The annexation fight begins in Bibb County.

More than 150 people packed the cafeteria at the Carter Elementary School on Tuesday night to voice their opinion about Macon Mayor Robert Reichert’s proposal to annex about 13,000 Bibb County residents into the city.

I expect a large number of people will vote against annexation. More power to them. But I’ve gotten lots of emails from county residents who say they plan to vote for annexation. They all take the same view that Tom Wagoner expressed last night.

Only one man – Tom Wagner – attempted to make an argument in favor of annexation, but his remarks focused largely on property taxes and the various proposals for tax reform making their way through the state legislature.

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  1. Doug Deal says:

    It looks like nothing will happen without a vote of the people effected, and that really is the best way to proceed.

    If the annexation did go through without a vote, what are the odds that those 10,000 new residents would back Reichert in the next Dem primary after they had a couple of years to pay their new property tax bills?

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