Frivolous Lawsuit Alert

Darn those illegal lotteries. Maybe NBC should agree to give some money to send middle class white girls to UGA and then the State of Georgia can recognize this as a legal lottery.

When a Forsyth County couple sent 99-cent text messages trying to win a prize on the NBC game show “Deal or No Deal,” they engaged in illegal gambling and should get their money back, a lawyer told the Georgia Supreme Court on Tuesday.

So should all other Georgians who sent text messages in the show’s “Lucky Case Game” and lost, lawyer Jerry Buchanan said. A judge hearing the case has estimated the bounty could reach tens of millions of dollars.

The unusual federal lawsuit, which seeks class-action status, was filed last year by Michael and Michele Hardin against NBC Universal Inc. and two other companies affiliated with the show.

The case is before the state Supreme Court because Senior U.S. District Court Judge William C. O’Kelley asked the justices to answer two questions: Does Georgia law allow losers of an illegal lottery to recover the money they lost? And, if so, may the losers recover that money from the lottery’s promoter or organizer?


  1. gatormathis says:

    Main question being:

    Would the participants be able to keep the money if they had “won”?

    And secondly:

    Would same idiots kept the money, or would they considered the ramifications of their luck “illegal gambling”, and declined or returned such funds?

    Last but not least:

    The problems usally start because someone blew a lot of money punching a cell phone, and don’t want to pay the bill, which may be unusually high.
    So, where are they going to get the money to pay this lawyer?

    The last question, which must be asked:

    Are these people left alone, possibly with sharp objects, household cleansers, electricity, and other dangerous items in their place of residence?


  2. gatormathis says:

    No doubt Bro. Bill, the phone. It’s the single most dangerous item out there.

    Why, there’s been times, I was simply sitting around, minding my own business, not doing anything.

    Then a buddy would call (on a phone), with some crazy, fun sounding idea………and…….oh well…….here we go again……

    Know whut I mean Vern………

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