Drinks Flowing Through the Senate

Maybe Sunday sales have a chance.

The Georgia Senate on Tuesday voted to let larger stadiums sell beer on Sundays and let limousine drivers offer their passengers cocktails.

Lawmakers didn’t take up a hotly debated measure that would pave the way for grocery and convenience stores to sell six-packs on the Sabbath. That measure was bottled up in a Senate committee last session. But a key supporter of the Sunday sales bill said that strong Senate support for the two booze bills on Tuesday gives the effort fresh momentum.

Maybe if the people of Gwinnett County riot over Sunday sales we’ll get it. That’s the whole deal with this stadium exception.


  1. Shakin the bush boss says:

    The stadium bill was not opposed by the Christian Coalition, which apparently doesn’t see sales on Sunday in a ball park as “sinning” at the same level as picking up a bottle of wine at the grocery store and driving home and enjoying the same game on tv. OK…right?? Jim Beck, who previously called supporters of Sunday sales legislation “merchants of death”, offered that the organization made a distinction between products offered in a controlled enviornment (ie ballpark) and other sales. Mr. Beck has obvisously lived a kept life and has never attended a Braves game or at least stayed beyond the 6th inning when things get a little interesting. This is the same group that sent letters in support of the English as the official language. Why do they care…the last time I checked the Old Testiment was written in Hebrew and the New Testiment was writeen in Greek. Oh well….

  2. Tekneek says:

    More hypocrisy from the government. Whatever religious reason there may be for not selling beer on Sunday is trumped as long as you are buying a professional sports ticket or at a restaurant that has been allowed to pay a bounty to the government for special Sunday sales. Maybe they will let grocery stores in on the fun as long as they up the margins on them just for Sunday (since we know these products are likely high-margin items at sporting events and restaurants already).

  3. Tekneek says:

    Aside from what I mentioned above, are these the same people that want free markets and less regulation in other situations? A little consistency would be nice.

    Arbitrary limitations on the sale of alcohol is not a free market. Either you should be able to sell it or not. Not only on certain days or within particular hours. If the marketplace truly does not want access to alcohol 24/7, they will not go out and buy it 24/7.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    The state should allow counties to make that decision. As Republicans, don’t we believe in local control?

    If it is allowed to sold in one venue, then it should be allowed to be sold in other venues.

  5. Chris says:


    The state senate if full ot too many men who are afraid of a girl – Sadie Fields.

    And to girls and women everywhere, you have my apologies for the insult.

  6. Shakin the bush boss says:

    Jim Beck is a clown. Sadie took most of his members when the Christian Coaltion morphed into the Christian Alliance. Now they are in a contest to “out Christianize” each other.

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