I Come Bearing Presents

Thought I was gone for good, eh? Not so fast. While elsewhere in cyberspace, I found THE coolest tool for digging-up dirt on Congresspersons… and the people who contribute to ’em… I mean, uh, love ’em. The site’s Influence Explorer, but you’ll need the magic word to log-in. Man, are you soooo gonna waste the afternoon now!


  1. SouthFultonGuy says:

    Very interesting…

    Influence Report for Representative John Lewis [D, GA-5]

    John Lewis (GA) is receiving five times as much money from PACs than Individuals in 2008

    Lewis (GA) is receiving more than ten times as much money from Out-Of-State donors than In-State donors in 2008

    Lewis (GA) is receiving nearly three times more money from Business donors than Labor donors in 2008

    Of the 15 member GA delegation, Lewis ranked eigth in the amount of earmarked dollars he secured.

  2. rugby fan says:

    Need (more) proof Paul Broun wasn’t sworn in?

    The below is what I get when I enter his name.

    Influence Report

    Unfortunately, a report could not be generated from your submission.

    If no Organization or Legislator was matched with your content, you may need to add one manually or you may choose to start over.

  3. Icarus says:

    A real gift would be 20-30 posts on the thread that must not be named, (at least until we officially name it the thread of dreams).

    It is, after all, for the children.

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