Jeanette Jamieson in the doghouse

She owes $45,000.00 in back income taxes. The state is giving her till March 15th to pay up. Her back taxes span eight years.

What this suggests to me is that Article 2, § 2, ¶ III of the Constitution has no teeth. It says that someone who owes taxes to the state is not eligible for office unless they have committed to a payment plan. The catch, of course, is that they must be “adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction.” So, we can have tax absconders who have gone eight years, but unless they’ve been hauled into court, they can keep deciding how to spend taxpayer money that they themselves have been avoiding paying.

By the way, this is a bipartisan problem. Jamieson is just the latest.

UPDATE: Following up on the comments, two additional points. (1) Ms. Jamieson is a tax accountant. Holy cow! Do you want her doing your taxes? (2) Will George Anderson take action, given the constitutional bias against tax absconders serving in the legislature?


  1. Martiros says:

    As long as we’re having people who don’t have to pay taxes regulate Georgian taxation, let’s just let hand the Georgia Tax Code over to Wesley Snipes.

  2. NorthGaNative says:

    The irony of this is that Ms. Jamieson, by profession, is an accountant, and more specifically, a tax accountant.

    It is laughable that she has been re-elected by such an apathetic constituency.

    The last campaign against her made the mistake of attacking her for this tax evasion, but without an understanding of the district. They didn’t grasp that the voters in that area are far more concerned with having a Representative who looks after their interests in Atlanta and is successful at getting legislation essential to the district passed.

    So, rather than taxes or personal issues, success against Jamieson will be pointing out effectively, that SHE AIN’T EFFECTIVE!

    The average resident of Stephens, Banks and a hair of Franklin have no idea the impact of a Republican majority house. They have been shrewdly convinced that seniority is the basis for merit, and she has that one locked down.

    And with the local paper wrapped around her pinky, no one has informed the voters that she was stripped of all leadership roles and her position Education, Human Relations and Aging and Ways and Means is clear evidence she isn’t even receiving crumbs from her own caucus.

    Tax evasion is a crime (at least it would be if I tried it), and should be treated as such not on the campaign trail but by a non-hypocritical State Legislature and Attorney General.

    Every elected official in the state should be examined for failure to pay taxes, of any kind. These are the ones directly responsible for levying said fees, they should be the first to pay.

    But who cares what I think, I’m just an ignorant tax-paying voter…

  3. Martiros says:

    Question though — aren’t there like… Justices and like… law-enforcers to make sure Ms. Jamieson isn’t eligible to be relected due to violating our Constitution.

    Do I smell an Ethics Complaint from George Anderson?

  4. NorthGaNative says:

    Addendum: Just remembered, the previous campaign mentioned her PROPERTY TAX arrears. They didn’t catch the income tax default.

    She says in the ajc article that she has paid her federal income taxes…funny how she sees the federal taxes as an obligation but not her state taxes: income or property.

    I guess she, for one, really wouldn’t support the Fairtax…it would actually hold her accountable!

  5. gatormathis says:

    this really is silly.

    there is something called “gualifying” to run for public office.

    there are “qualifying” features such as:

    residency of the district,


    not being a felon,

    not holding other offices,

    and others I’m sure, with taxes also being addressed.

    With the office being up for renewal every 2 years, it is pitiful that this situation has went this far, without her qualifiction for office being challenged.

    Payment plan? deduct it from her legislative salary at least puh lease………….

  6. Martiros says:

    I think it might be best if we hold a retroactive primary to apply to all those years when she wasn’t supposed to hold office. Who wants to replace her for Rep. of her district for the years 1998-2007 in the Georgia Assembly Recordbook?

  7. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Don’t expect an ethics complaint. Failure to pay taxes does not violate the Ethics in Government Act, especially after its most recent rewrite by a Republican legislature. (Not that this ever stopped George Anderson.)

    The Joint Legislative Ethics Committee would have jurisidiction over any allegation that it is a conflict of interest for a tax accountant defaulting on her state tax to sit on the committee that considers enforcement of tax laws.

    George, you can find the JLEC rules at Actually, anyone can find the rules there but who else really has any interest in making sure that elected officials follow the laws they themselves pass?

  8. StevePerkins says:

    First Wesley Snipes tries to get out of paying taxes, and now Jenna Jameson too? What is it with actors? And what does this have to do with Georgia politics? I’m so confused.

  9. Icarus says:

    I’m hoping with the upcoming release of “Zombie Strippers”, Jenna Jameson will be able to clear up her tax problems soon.

  10. Romegaguy says:

    She should see if Larry O’Neal could drop some legislation to create some kind of tax relief for her and only for her…

  11. Ms_midtown says:

    gator mathis is on to it
    read this filing document at the sec of state

    Candidiate swears to the following
    “I am not a defaulter
    for any federal, state, county, municipal, or school system taxes required of such officeholder or candidate if such person has been finally
    adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction to owe those taxes, but such ineligibility may be removed at any time by full payment
    thereof, or by making payments to the tax authority pursuant to a payment plan,”

  12. gatormathis says:

    I do so much appreciate you going the extra length to find that link. I didn’t know that document was available online, but did know you have to affirm a few certain things before you could qualify to run for office.

    I also thought something about taxes was in the midst of it.

    Nice job!!……….makes me feel a “tench” smarter even…….

  13. Tea Party says:

    Would anyone care to know how quickly the State posts the names on the Georgia Dept of Revenue back tax “Daily Emabarasser List?”

    Even if one is actually paying on their approved payment plans, they post the names.

    Sickens me to hear of this sort of nonsense.

  14. bowersville says:

    I take issue with apathetic constituency. IMHO that is not the issue at hand. First consider, it is an obligation to do no harm. At least JJ can do no harm, she is in the minority. Who has run against Rep JJ the last 3-4 times. It has been a holier than thou or an ex-lawman. These counties are fiercely independent, resent government control and until the local GOP comes to grip with that, they will loose.

    Again, IMHO, this has to be turned on JJ and proved that she got special treatment because she is a state representative. How? Follow up with the DOR or the AGs office or the local DAs office and determine whether or not she got a special deal. In other words, I pay my 8 years in back taxes without a penalty and without prosecution and you agree not to prosecute. I can hear Jeanette now, saying “I’m struggling paying my taxes, I know you are too and I’m doing my best to lower your taxes because as you know, I can’t pay mine. After all, look at the GOP. They raised your property taxes because the state failed in its obligation to pay its fair share of the public school money, they upped your state income taxes, raised the state budget from 13 to 21 billion. Yes, that’s billion with a B. Who can pay it? I know I can’t, can you? And now what do the revenuers do, they’re after me because I can’t pay my taxes without borrowing and because I care about you. Are you next?” Get it?

    NGC, I’m not trying to start a word war. I’ve lived in NG since ’66, resident of Habersham county when JJ was 1st elected and now I’m in Hart. The same thing is going on with the GOP in Hart. Its going to take a native of the district that understands the holier than thou appearance doesn’t cut it and also the I know better than you what you need attitude isn’t getting it either.

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