Friedman Foundation Likes Special Needs Vouchers

They say Georgia has the second best school choice program in the Country:

A new report by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, “Grading School Choice: Evaluating School Choice Programs by the Friedman Gold Standard,” grades the nation’s 21 existing school choice programs based on how well they live up to the standard of providing school choice for all.

At the head of the class is Florida’s McKay voucher program which earned top marks for providing options to the state’s special needs students. The other top graded programs were in Georgia, Arizona, Vermont, Ohio and Maine. Minnesota’s personal tax deduction & credit received the lowest grade.

The Friedman Foundation’s grading system is based on the following criteria:

* Solid Purchasing Power. Programs that provide students with purchasing power comparable to the resources available to the public school system are graded better than those providing only a little money to help students seek educational services outside the public system.

* Minimal Student Restrictions. Programs that extend school choice to all students are graded better than those that discriminate on the basis of income, residence, disability or other factors.

* Minimal School Restrictions. Programs that make it easier for schools to participate, without imposing unreasonable regulations and restrictions, are graded better than those that limit school options.

Hat Tip: Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s Friday Facts email.