Sonny Perdue: Repeat Offender

The Ethics Commission has been busying itself of late going after repeat violators who fail to file campaign disclosures and fudge reimbursements.  Though they’ve become expert sleuths at figuring out how many miles a legislator can drive in one day, they’ve overlooked one glaring omission by this state’s Repeat Offender in Chief.  So I decided to help them out by filing a complaint.

Perdue PAC, set up as a slush fund for the Governor’s dormant re-election account, hasn’t filed its required end of year report for 2007, even though at least 3 other Georgia political entities reported making a contribution to the PAC.  Governor Perdue, not content to be the first Governor in modern history to be found guilty by the Ethics Commission and not ready to stop at being the first Governor in history to appoint a Chief Operating Officer likely to be found guilty of violating Georgia’s ethics laws, is apparently openly contemptuous of the law as his PAC willfully ignores open government requirements.


  1. GeorgiaValues says:

    Bobby Kahn has taken the definition of sore loser to a new level. Under his watch, the Democratic party in Georgia lost virtually every contest it had. He managed to blow an incumbant US Senate race, an incumbant Governor’s race, and give up both House and Senate Majorities. Given national incumbant releect historic percentages, this record is hard to believe.

    Mr. Kahn continues to try and demonize Governor Perdue and grasp at straws to try and discredit the man whose most stunning upset showed the world that Mr. Kahn was the best thing that could have happened to the Republican Party in Georgia. In 2006 he held a press conference on West Paces to attack Mrs. Mary Perdue for her volunteer work to refurbish the Governor’s Mansion without using taxpayer dollars.

    Bobby Kahn represents the Democrats in Georgia very well and is as irrelevant as they are. As another one of his candidates said while serving as Lt. Governor before he too was crushed by Sonny Perdue “cry me a river” Bobby.

  2. Doug Deal says:


    I love how you Democrats always propose solutions, instead of simply demonizing the other side. Otherwise everyone would begin to think that you are bankrupt of ideas.

  3. CobbGOPer says:


    Can you fill me on on “The Thread that Shall Not be Named?” I’ve been on the site intermittently lately, and keep seeing reference to this thread, and would like to know what the heck it’s all about…

  4. drjay says:

    i do not like that the font of this post is different from the rest of the blog and will not give it any credence until it conforms to the tradtional style of the rest of the website…

  5. EAVDad says:

    Well, this is pretty good stuff for a blog, but the author of it saps its credibility.

    Bobby…better to leak this to someone than be the person authoring it. Looks like sour grapes.

    And of course, no Democrat would do ANYTHING that would violate ethics laws, of course. (Dripping Sarcasm Intended)

  6. CobbGOPer says:

    And as for Sonny, well, yeah, he probably should be a little more vigilant in keeping up with his disclosure filings, and hopefully this complaint from BK will force him to do so.

    I’m just sick of Sonny. His accomplishments are negligible, it seems like he’s always trying to raise our taxes (or at least do very little to reform our taxes), he hasn’t exactly been great on spending, he’s gotten us exactly nowhere in regards to the water crisis, his biggest state initiatives involve encouraging fishing (ironic with how useless he’s been on the water issue), and he continues to treat us like morons or heathens for wanting to buy booze on Sundays.

    I think I speak for alot of Georgians when I say Isakson for Governor – 2010!

  7. SouthFultonGuy says:

    Bobby Kahn is beginning to sound like he has an obsession like Andre Walker’s with Fulton County Vice-Chairman Bill Edwards (no less than 60+ posts about Edwards on Andre’s BLOG).

    It must be that latent Acquired Situational Narcissism gene many democrats have manifesting itself in their cerebral cortex.

  8. curt flood says:

    Bobby Khan’s post on this blog is certainly a breath of fresh air. His case against the Guv goes unchallenged by his naysayers. And while Khan (and most other folks posting here) is unabashedly partisan, the issue here is: how those in power hold the rest of us, and our state’s laws and rules, in utter contempt. Yes, Perdue is doing what Democrats did when they were in power, except more flagrantly. And somebody needs to call him on it. So what if it’s BK (or George Anderson)? Is it better to let the powerful get away with it?

    Isakson would be a killer candidate for Guv, if he’d give up his safe Senate seat. BK and I would be among those on the top step applauding if he did that.

  9. DeltaHouse says:

    Give me a break! The utter lunacy of this ethics complaint underscores the pathetic and ineffectual nature of the Democratic Party. I find Bobby “shakedown artist” Kahn’s lecture on ethics in government laughable. I know it seems like a million years ago, but if I remember correctly there were some stories about you misusing your governor’s office suite to illicit campaign contributions. Anyway have fun in the wilderness of the minority and please Bobby of the Mancha keep up the battle against the windmill.

  10. Redcatcher says:

    Johnny would be a fool to give up his seat in the exclusive gentlemen’s club in DC. Why come home and fight those in the homestate club (Ga Leg.) when he can stay in DC and have it made. Unless he can’t stand the thought of being in the Senate with a super majority of Dems.

  11. juliobarrios says:

    “Unless he can’t stand the thought of being in the Senate with a super majority of Dems.”

    I think you hit the nail on the head. If the GOP has less than 40 seats in the Senate then they become just as irrelevant as their House of Representatives brethren.

    So he can cap his career off as a very relevant Governor of Georgia or become as an irrelevant US Senator. He’s 64 now and would be 67 when he became Governor. Add two terms and he’s 75 when he retires. I don’t know if he plans on being the next Strom Thurmond or Robert Byrd of the US Senator, but assuming the answer is no then Governor is not a bad move.

  12. Bill Arp says:

    Get a life you have allready ruined the democratic party. that means that you should go away and quit screwing up every other democrats life…you are the definition of a loser.


  13. Martiros says:

    What are Dems to do to win in GA? Go to the right and fail at out-Republican-ing the Republicans (a la Kathleen Sebellius) or Jim-Webb-ing it by sticking to their values but wrapping their values under Georgia values?

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