In Case You Missed It…David Shafer on the Giant Show

This morning, Duluth state Senator David Shafer appeared on The Giant Show to talk about his resolution to establish a boundary line commission that would correct an 1818 survey which wrongly marked Georgia’s northern border at about a mile south of the 35th latitudinal parallel.

Senate Resolution 822 unanimously passed the Georgia Senate yesterday on a vote of 52 – 0.

The Giant Show, which is aired mornings on Project 9-6-1 (WKLS-FM), marks Sen. Shafer’s latest appearance on local Atlanta radio to talk about his efforts to fix Georgia’s borders. Shafer has also appeared on The Regular Guys radio show on February 12th to talk about his resolution.

Audio of Shafer’s interview with The Regular Guys can be heard by clicking here.


  1. Rick Day says:

    Fix the borders.

    He is going to ‘fix’ the ‘broken’ borders.

    You guys think you can do ANYTHING, don’t you?

    Where is the Border Jesus ™ when you need Him?

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